New York Jets Power Rankings: Where Various Sources Rank the Jets After Week 6

Rocco Constantino@@br_jets_reportContributor IOctober 16, 2012

Oct 14, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) hands off to running back Shonn Greene (23) during the second half at Metlife Stadium. The Jets won the game 35-9. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE
Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

After a thorough bludgeoning of the Indianapolis Colts last week, most pundits agree that the New York Jets should move up the NFL power rankings significantly.  Most pundits.

Fans who take a cursory look at the standings see that all four teams in the AFC East appear to be tied for first place with identical 3-3 records.  However, according to, the Jets hold tiebreakers over all of their AFC East rivals and currently are considered the division leader.  

As the NFL creeps towards the season's midpoint, the Houston Texans and Baltimore Ravens are the only teams in the AFC with winning records.  

The Jets hold convincing wins over the Buffalo Bills and Indianapolis Colts and gave the Miami Dolphins their only home loss thus far.  With so many teams at .500 or worse currently populating the AFC, that should be more than enough to boost the Jets solidly into the middle of the pack in the power rankings.  

Here's a breakdown of where different sources are ranking the Jets after Week 6.

Source: Associated Press Pro32 Power Rankings

Jets' Rank: 21

Rank Compliments: Rich Gannon, one of the 12 football experts whose votes make up the AP Pro32, ranked the Jets at No. 13.  Gannon works as a CBS analyst and has been the color man on multiple Jets games this year for CBS.  Cris Collinsworth had the Jets at No. 20 in his poll.

Rank Complaints: The Jets came in four spots below the Dolphins, who were ranked at No. 17.  Also, what have the Cowboys done to be consistently ranked ahead of the Jets?  They come in at No. 19 in the AP Pro32.

Source: Shutdown Corner Power Rankings, Yahoo Sports

Jets' Rank: 17

Rank Compliments: The Jets are ranked ahead of the Cardinals and Bengals, two teams they weren't even close to last week.  The Jets moved up 10 spots after beating the Colts, the biggest move by any NFL team.

Rank Complaints: The Jets are still ranked below the Dolphins, a team they beat at their own place.  This is the case in just about every major power rankings poll, though.

Source: NFL Power Rankings, SB Nation

Jets' Rank: 13

Rank Compliments: The Jets move up eight spots to No. 13 this week.  SB Nation had the Jets ranked at No. 21 last week, which was high compared to other polls.  Ranking them ahead of the Steelers, who beat the Jets earlier this year, might be a bit of stretch.

Rank Complaints: The Dolphins come in at No. 12, one spot ahead of the Jets.  To be honest, neither team is on the brink of being a top-10 NFL team, parity or not.

Source: Pete Prisco's Power Rankings,

Jets' Rank: 23

Rank Compliments:  The Jets remain ranked ahead of the Buccaneers, who also had an impressive win over a poor team last week.  

Rank Complaints: The Jets are the lowest ranked team in the AFC East in this poll despite the fact that they are 2-0 in the division and currently in first place.  Prisco still doesn't see fit to move the Jets ahead of the Bills, who looked like they didn't even belong on the same field as the Jets on opening day.  The Bills are ranked at No. 21 while the Dolphins come in at No. 15.  

Source: Brian Billick's Power Rankings, Fox Sports

Jets' Rank: 18

Rank Compliments: Billick has been a non-believer in the Jets since before the season.  For proof, see the accompanying video.  However, he comes in this week with one of their highest rankings.  Billick moved the Jets up nine spots, one spot less than the Seahawks who were up 10 spots as his biggest mover.  Billick has the Jets ranked ahead of the Bengals, Chargers, Rams and, believe it or not, the Dolphins.

Rank Complaints: This is about the high-water mark for where the Jets should be this week.  The only complaint would be that the Lions are ranked ahead of them, but that's nitpicking.  

Source: Hank Gola, New York Daily News

Jets' Rank: 22

Rank Compliments: Gola has the common sense to rank the Jets two spots ahead of the Bills.  He also has them closer to the Dolphins than most polls, with Miami ranked just two spots ahead at No. 20.   

Rank Complaints: There are a number of teams with questionable resumes ranked ahead of the Jets.  That list includes the Cowboys, Rams, Lions, Redskins, Bengals and Chargers.  The Jets shouldn't be ranked ahead of all of those teams, but it's not without question that they could have been ranked ahead a couple of them.

Source: NFL Power Rankings, ESPN

Jets' Rank: 23

Rank Compliments: ESPN's five-person panel voted to move the Jets up two spots this week.  Of all reporters, Jamison Hensley had the Jets ranked the highest at No. 21.  None of the voters had the Bills ranked higher than the Jets.

Rank Complaints: Reporter Mike Sando inexplicably voted for the Colts ahead of the Jets.  Was he not watching last week's game?  Maybe he picked up a newspaper from 2008?  The consensus had the Jets as the second-lowest ranked 3-3 team in the NFL.

Source: NFL Power Poll,

Jets' Rank: 19

Rank Compliments: The Jets and Seahawks were the two biggest movers in a poll voted on by a 13-person panel.  Each team moved up six spots.  The poll has the Jets ranked higher than the Dolphins, Lions and Rams.  Those three teams are generally ranked higher than the Jets in other rankings.

Rank Complaints: The Cowboys and Redskins are both ranked higher than the Jets, which is fine.  However, they are ranked convincingly ahead of the Jets based on's points system.  The poll awards 32 points for a first-place vote, 31 for a second-place vote and downward from there.  The Jets have 180 points, the Cowboys have 214 points and the Redskins have 221.

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