The Dynasty Manifesto: The Moment We've Waited For... One-On-One With AkD

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 11, 2009

Announcer :Folks across the nation have asked for it and they wanted it, so they'll get it. For the first time ever the Dynasty Manifesto will interview the great AkD tonight! (Audience screams). Manifesto Chairman DKA will sit with AkD in what will be a ground breaking encounter tonight.

What a year 2009 has been so far. Christian returned!....and no one cared, The Rock is finally returning to Disneyland, Randy Orton is a nut job, HBK has money again, Jericho is still calling everyone hypocrites, Hogan needs another paycheck, it's just crazy. Now to the show. Welcome Dynasty Manifesto chairman...DKA!!

Chairman DKA: Hello AkD, it's a pleasure to finally meet you, how did you find time between school, sports, social activities, and popping out articles like a maniac to come on tonight?

AkD is booed at and paper planes are thrown at him as he says how great Shelton Benjamin is.

AkD: These people are too mean to me, like dude...what did I do? I'm speaking my opinion and when I do...they get angry. (AkD starts to sob).

DKA: It's alright, he has a tissue...go on.

AkD: Thank you, well it's been a long month, heck it just started. I'm working hard on Oscillating III, but I have no idea for a release date. I'm thinking of a new series Straight from the vault, but work is--

DKA: You are quite the dresser I see, did anyone tell you not only does your name seem similar to mine, but pose a striking resemblance to me as well?

AkD: I never thought about that much I guess. I've been watching RNN and that Le Blanc is really one heck of a cool guy.

Getting here was a pain in the you know what. When I arrived, I had to go through security. Men circled me so I wouldn't get assassinated. I heard the Manifesto got--

DKA: You son of a...don't you dare! My manifesto invites you to the show and you have the nerve! Maybe I should have invited that guy who has pretends to be six guys and talks to himself...THAT IS ENTERTAINMENT!

AkD: I'm sorry DKA, didn't mean to upset you..Just Sayin--

DKA: YOU HAVE SAID THE FORBIDDEN FA-LABA-LABA-UUUNGISH WORDS!!! GO! GO! To the back and wash your mouth in the soapbox! Then beg Kumar and the 3,071 gods for forgiveness!

Commercial. Did you know? The Dynasty Manifesto has more ratings than ECW's last five weeks combined?  "Sup guys I'm--- (Camera crews rushes to return to the show)

DKA: We're back! I would like to apologize to AkD for the way I treated him before the break. Could you please come back out AkD?

AkD: Thanks, I prayed to as much Gods as I could, I hope Kumar forgives me. When I came to the building, they was this really cool classy guy in a sports car with a nice lady, the license plate read.."Swell".

DKA: What is your outlook on the Le Blanc situation over at RNN?

AkD: I've got to say that it is getting out of hand over there. The Ultimate Assassin and Hulk I hope he delivers some justice man. Hulk needs to be brought down. Horrible grammar, It's so bad Rowdy Ray can't even look through it....if he can't, then lord have mercy. There's constant spamming, my bulletin board is jammed pack. "Sup Guys"...ahh, the agony.

DKA: How are you doing handling your new fame? What did you think of RAW this week?

AkD: Well I never thought of myself being "famous", but I've made some great friends lately. One good friend and writer called me Cinco. I'm like "hey! I'm Cinco! That's about a Nickel, know what I mean.

As for RAW, I wanted you guys to Manifesto the Triple H/Orton I was really waiting. Smackdown was manifestoed well, but I believe I know a man who can write a better series.

DKA: Maybe the man with the gripes can take over right now, we're on the run from the assassins and we have to continue running test determining if Vladimir Koslov is man or machine.

RNN Reporter: There is word that men are on the way.

DKA: What, what do you speak of? Speak up boy?

RNN Reporter: D-assassination X

AkD: Who the Hell is that?!

DKA: They're a group of renegades who want to regress the world's communication back to cave paintings.

AkD: Why??

DKA: They can't spell (The audience gasps). They go around breaking news and then say they have two words for you.

AkD: Goodness, what are they?

DKA: Nobody knows, the faction can't spell them. I guess they'll be on their way here tonight. In the meantime, any outlooks on the rest of your peers?

AkD: There was this one guy, I mean like a zombie. He was "NEED VOTES FOR BRACKETS, VOTE NOW." I had no idea what he was talking about, do you?

DKA: Sounds like baloney, go on.

AkD: There's this other real cool guy, like me, he's been Down Since Day One. I heard Uno is going to court because Vince is suing him. Judge Ron Johnson is going to rule the case. I hope he gets prosecuted. Sugar Shane Howard is the prosecutor but I don't like his chances.

DKA: What are you talking about? The man is a teacher out of Harvard with a teaching degree, he teaches better than Matt Striker!

AkD: I know he teaches well, but they are 13 men on the jury.....all named Berg. I have faith in Howard though. Uno needs to be Condemned, I See No Evil, but the man is clearly Behind Enemy Lines. This isn't a one time trial with Uno, Howard will need 12 Rounds to put him away.

DKA: Who is representing Uno, who's his attorney?

AkD: Berg Cochran.

DKA: Sugar Shane vs Berg Cochran?! Remember when he got O.J. Berg off his case?! My goodness Berg Cochran. He let some of the worst matches and events in WWE history get off scot-free. Wrestlemania IX, Hogan vs Slaughter, JBL vs Punk rivalry...that bastard. I'll be watching the case on RNN television, I hope it shows.

Reporter: D-assassination X is here.

DKA: ?Yllaer waht teh hcek si goning no aruond hree? (Enraged) FIX THE TELEPROMPTER!!

Reporter: I can't; their grammar has taken effect.

DKA: My goodness, AkD, I'm not the right man to handle this, go stop them!! Manifest the Dynasty, word life.

AkD: I don't know what will--

Reporter: Sir! Spam is in our system! My cell phone, my bulliten board, My Myspace, my Facebook, my Yahoo!, Hotmail, and Gmail!! It's everywhere. I'm spammed! I spammed. I can't control anything anymore hurry you--

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.................... Transmission lost.

Looks like Le Blanc isn't the only one in trouble, Is this the end of the Manifesto, DKA, and AkD?


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