Canadiens, Rock Bottom's and Much More: Top 25 Finishers; Part II

KumarCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2009


This is part two to the Finishers list, and if you missed part one, here's the link. I hope you enjoy this, and remember, it’s not only based on the finisher, but it’s also based on how the fans reacted to it as well…


11)  The People’s Elbow, The Rock, WWE- The Rock arguably is the best wrestler in history, and you pair him up with this finishing move? An elbow? THE elbow? Anyways, every time the Rock throws that elbow band out to the fans, synonymously, every freakin’ fan in the arena gets up at once, giving the Rock a pop most superstars would wish for in a lifetime.


10)  Spear, Goldberg, WCW/WWE- This is what started the trend of almost every power guy having the Spear in their moveset. Sad part is, though, only Goldberg and maybe Lashley pulled it off good enough. Goldberg would prepare, look, and then almost brutalize his opponent with a full-body spear. Hell, if you look at the way Bill jumped to it, he jumped into the friggin’ spear, and his legs are leanin’ up like he’s compiling a backflip. That’s more than just a Spear. Every time he does it, it looks like the opponent is practically dead. This is, in my mind, the best pure power finisher I’ve ever seen.


9)     Canadian Destroyer, Petey Williams, Independent/TNA- This move is, simply put, a much, much better Tombstone Piledriver. Petey Williams is the creator of this move. It’s probably the most powerful finisher EVER to come out of TNA. Hear me Nash? I’m talking to you! Do I really need to explain more here? Here’s a video to show you this amazing Flip Piledriver.


8)     Figure-4 Leg Lock, Ric Flair, WWE/WCW/NWA- The Nature Boy has popularized this move so much, that now-a-days, there are so many people using it, you don’t know if it’s a finisher of theirs, or a tribute to Flair. For 35 years, Flair used it during his legendary career to defeat so many wrestlers. It’s not the best Leg Lock in Wrestling, no, that’s coming up later, but it is the most Legendary. Hey, for anyone who reads this article, NEVER try this move at home. I don’t care if you do an Angle Slam through 4 Tables, but this is hard as hell, and hurts a ton. Believe me (this did happen to one of my friends), you’ll break your ankle if this is even slightly botched.


7)      Crippler Crossface, Chris Benoit, WWE- Just about every wrestler has used some form of a Crossface, from Shawn Michaels (in tribute), to Shelton Benjamin (in his amateur days), to even John Cena (the STFU).  But no one has mastered this move, and how it comes about, better than Chris Benoit.  This is one of those submissions that just about anyone taps to, and since it’s so easy to access, the fans don’t get sick of it if Benoit did it six or seven times in a match.


6)      Stone Cold Stunner, Stone Cold, WWE- This wasn’t the best finisher, or the best applied, but Stone Cold made you know when and where he did it. The Stunner is a piece of Wrestling History that anyone who’s watched will remember. When that kick comes in, no matter how fake that looks, we know what’s coming next. Stone cold has a couple variations, most where he flips the opponent off first, but this right here (watch at about 7:55) is my favorite, just by the way JR called it (Big Mistake, Champ, Big mistake!!!!)


5)     RKO, Randy Orton, WWE- The best main-event finisher in the WWE today. Strikes anytime, anywhere, and on any surface. Randy Orton has perfected this move to its maximum, and the best part is that in a matter of two simple seconds after Orton gets in the ring, someone’s locked in and has fallen victim to the RKO.


4)      Sharpshooter, Bret Hart, WWE/WCW- This is easily the best Submission move ever, and Hitman was the best at it. If someone got out of this hold, it was rare, and the wrestler who got out was pushed more than Hart. Hart put every bit of emotion he could, and along with the pain and suffering, this move will always be remembered.


3)     Rock Bottom, The Rock, WWE- The Rock’s intro to the People’s Elbow was this inverted side slam. In the ring, you didn’t know the set up to the Bottom, mainly because Rock never had an orthodox moveset.  You could find a Rock Bottom after an Irish Whip, outside the ring, inside the ring, backstage, as a counter to the Stunner and Pedigree, or even by itself when the opponent is just that groggy, LOL.


2)    Sweet Chin Music, Shawn Michaels, WWE- Many say this is Numero Uno here, but really, this is just immortal. Shawn basically overdoes the acting here, but it could be used anywhere, just like the Rock Bottom. Of course, there’s the traditional set-up here, but really, though, Shawn can plant some tunes anywhere, like say…backstage, or to Kurt Angle, for trash talking him. Whenever HBK does it, it’s remembered by all of us. Have you ever seen the pins afterwards?  Besides, since when did a Superkick sound so damn good?


1)    720 DDT, Jody Fleisch, Independent/ROH (2006)- YOU FIRST HAVE TO SEE THE LINK>>> (here)This is probably going to surprise many, many people, but really, if anyone is able to execute this move, they should be getting paid more than an Indy guy does. Jody Fleisch is known for his risk-taking, highflying moveset, and this move caps everything off. If you want to see a great match, see Jonny Storm vs. Jody Fleisch on YouTube, and you’ve got yourself probably the best Indy match ever made. Considered a Top-Rope move, Jody actually springboards backwards, does the 720, and then executes the Snap DDT. Usually, he takes it to the chair, but the reason this gets number one is because of the skill it takes to do even a 720 off a springboard.  Yeah, many guys can go 720 off the top rope, but from a springboard? No way in hell. The fans love it, I love it, and you’ll fall in love with it too, if you watch...

IF ANYONE DISAGREES, COMMENT. Hell, you guys, give me your favorite finisher. Thanks to Brendon O’Neill, AkD, and of course…