Aggregating the Hottest NY Knicks Season Predictions from Around the Web

Andrew BurtonCorrespondent IIIOctober 23, 2012

Aggregating the Hottest NY Knicks Season Predictions from Around the Web

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    The New York Knicks have a lot to prove this season—evident from all the predictions that can be found on the web, from win total to playoff expectations.

    With the 2012-13 season quickly approaching, the New York Knicks have an abundance of naysayers to silence, and it's going to be an exciting—and full—season.

    Last year, the Knickerbockers finished seventh in the Eastern Conference. This season, however, things will be different for New York. 

    Let's shed some light on a handful of bold predictions from around the web on the New York Knicks 2012-13 season. 

The Knicks Will Win More Than 50 Games

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    The Knicks have not won 50 games since the 1999-00 season.

    All that stops this year, as the team will not only win 50 games, but they will surpass that total. 

    Bleacher Report's own Vin Getz suggests New York will go 54-28, and I have no problem agreeing with that.

    Last season, the Knicks showed great improvement throughout the course of the season, specifically under Coach Mike Woodson. Closing out the season 18-6, New York played great under Woodson's system, and there's no reason to believe that they won't improve even more with a full offseason together.

    There is stability in the franchise now, and the team's performance will spike because of it. 

    If you take a look at the Knicks' schedule, there are long stretches of winnable games, especially with the roster that has been pieced together. 

    New York is capable of winning these games, however they must make sure they win them.

New York Will Finish 2nd in the Atlantic

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    On Monday,'s General Manager survey was released, and one question was which team will win the Atlantic Division. 

    The majority of the GMs, 66.7 percent, said that the Boston Celtics will claim first place. 

    I'm going to disagree with this one big time. 

    First off, for every move the C's made to get better, the Knicks countered.

    The Celtics signed shooters Jason Terry and Courtney Lee. The Knicks signed a defensive stopper in Ronnie Brewer. Boston went with bigs—Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo—in the draft, so New York brought over Kurt Thomas and Marcus Camby.

    Secondly, even C's coach Doc Rivers knows that New York is a threat. Marc Berman of the NY Post touched on this with Rivers, and he had this to say about the Atlantic Division:

    It’s a deep division,’’ Rivers said. “New York’s one of them. Philly is improved when you add an [Andrew] Bynum to your team, you’re a better basketball team. Brooklyn has improved. It’s going to be a hard division. We preferred the way it was two, three years ago. Now you got to fight to win this division.

    Rivers has every reason to feel intimidated by an older New York team, and he can be assured that the Knicks will be on their heels in the Atlantic...until New York pulls ahead. 

    The Knickerbockers are hungry this season, and they're going to fight to capture their first Atlantic Division title in over 15 years—you can count on it.  

Get out of the First Round of Playoffs

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    If the Knicks win the Atlantic, they'll have a high enough seeding that they could cruise to the Eastern Conference Finals, let alone get out of the first round. 

    New York had two issues during the playoffs last season: their biggest assets were injured at the wrong time and their opposition was the Miami Heat

    The Knicks roster is more well-rounded this time around. Their starting rotation has been upgraded, especially at the point guard position and shooting guard spot. The bench has the potential to be the best in all of the NBA. 

    B/R's Featured Columnist Michael Fogliano suggests that New York will make it out of the first round by beating an opponent that could likely be Boston, the Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers or Philadelphia 76ers, and I'll agree with him that they will advance.

    Although beating any of the opponents mentioned above will not be an easy task, it can happen.

    The potential this team possesses is limitless, and this confidence can take them far.

The Knicks Will Be a Top Defensive Team

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    The New York Knicks definitely reinvented their identity last season under Coach Woodson, and they'll look to continue being a defensive power in the NBA.

    Under Coach Woodson, the Knicks were playing great defense, and their opponents were scoring less points. 

    At the conclusion of the 2011-12 season, the Knicks finished 11th in points allowed (94.7) and 10th in opponent field goal percentage (44.2 percent). You can bet that this statistic will improve during the 2012-13 season.

    With another offseason together, I'm sure Woodson has emphasized defense even more on his team, and if there's one guy that comprehended that, it's the reigning Defensive Player of the Year—Tyson Chandler. 

    New York's center believes the Knicks will be a top-5 defensive team.

    In Ian Begley's article on, Chandler suggests that anything not in the top five is a failure.

    We should be in the top 5," Chandler said on Tuesday. "If you're in the top 10 in the league you're doing a good job...But our goals should be bigger than that. This team, with the unit that we have, the talent, the athleticism and plus the knowledge, we should be in the top 5. 

    Tyson Chandler is not the only defensive weapon anymore.

    Backup center Marcus Camby is also a former Defensive Player of the Year.

    Kurt Thomas and Rasheed Wallace are not afraid to give hard fouls to those coming to the basket, and Ronnie Brewer and Iman Shumpert will hold the opposition to minimal scoring.

    Not to mention Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire will be better than last year.

    Looking from the outside in, I'm buying Chandler's words of top 5 or bust. 

New York Will Be a Top-10 Offense

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    The Knicks should have no problem scoring in the 2012-13 season.

    As a team, New York averaged 97.8 points per game during the regular season. 

    You also have the weapons of Carmelo Anthony (22.6 point per game last season) and Amar'e Stoudemire (17.5 points per game last season). Steve Novak and J.R. Smith coming off the bench doesn't hurt either.

    It's also notable that the Knicks' bigs added to their repertoire by working with Hakeem Olajuwon, so I expect all offensive numbers to increase.

    Featured Columnist Daniel O'Brien here at Bleacher Report believes the Knicks will find their way into the top 10 in the offensive category. 

    For the reasons I've previously mentioned, you have no choice but to agree with him. 

    New York is talented and well-rounded at every position, which puts them in a better place than they were last year.

The Knicks Will Remain New York's Team...Sorry Brooklyn

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    The Mecca of Basketball will remain Madison Square Garden—the Barclays Center will not compare. 

    It's impossible to erase the history that's taken place at MSG, both good and bad for the Knicks. 

    Will Leitch over at has a break down of most of both team rosters, and for the most part he has the Knicks with the advantage—minus the point guard and shooting guard positions. 

    I'm going to agree with Mr. Leitch on this one.

    The Knicks are more complete than the Nets, and New York's core pieces have more time together than Brooklyn's.  Timing is everything in this league. 

    Carmelo Anthony is hungry.

    Amar'e Stoudemire is determined.

    The Knicks are destined.  

    No disrespect to Brooklyn as they are intimidating, but to say that their move to Brooklyn cements them as New York's team is pure blasphemy.