5 Reasons Boston Celtics Can Win the NBA Championship

Breana Pitts@@BreanaPittsContributor IIIAugust 20, 2012

5 Reasons Boston Celtics Can Win the NBA Championship

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    The Boston Celtics have all the pieces they need to win a championship in 2013.

    Boston has arguably the best point guard in the NBA, and the team will only go as far as Rajon Rondo takes them.

    The new and improved Celtics addressed all of their weaknesses to become a better version of the team that almost beat the Miami Heat in the playoffs last year. They added more depth and gave the bench a huge offensive boost.

    This season, the Celtics are the underdogs in the race for a title. However, don't be surprised if Boston shocks everyone and wins the championship this year.

Best Point Guard

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    The Celtics' biggest weapon is Rajon Rondo. The star point guard had a breakout year in 2011-12. After last season, Rondo's name is mentioned with players like Chris Paul, Derrick Rose and Deron Williams.

    Rondo can lead the C's to a championship next season because of his ability to create plays for himself and his teammates. He averaged 11.9 points, 11.7 assists and 4.8 rebounds last regular season. He even managed to grab 1.8 steals per game.

    With Rondo as their floor general, the Celtics automatically have an advantage against other teams. His drive and determination are admirable, but his court vision is really what makes him special. Once his jump shot improves, the point guard will be unstoppable.

Offensive Boost

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    The Celtics were known for their defense, but when it came to offense, it could be a bit stagnant. Danny Ainge made Doc Rivers' job a little easier by bringing Jason Terry to the team.

    The former Sixth Man of the Year is the offensive boost the Celtics needed. He can create his own shots, has a solid jump shot and is less one-dimensional than Ray Allen.

    The addition of Jason Terry also helps Rajon Rondo because it instantly creates more opportunities to score. Instead of always running the clock down by waiting for Allen to get open, Rondo can now be more creative because there are multiple scorers on the floor.

Can Beat the Heat

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    If the Celtics want to win a championship, they have to get past the Miami Heat first. An intense matchup between the two contenders is inevitable, but Boston has the pieces to beat the Heat.

    The Celtics made LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and crew work hard for their spot in the NBA Finals. The C's took the Heat to seven games in the Eastern Conference Finals, despite not having their budding star Avery Bradley due to injury.

    Although Miami is younger and faster than Boston, Paul Pierce's team has the basketball knowledge and skill to keep them even with the Heat. When it comes to a seven-game series in the postseason, this year's Celtics team could beat this year's Heat.

Reloaded, Not Rebuilt

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    When Kevin Garnett decided to return to the Celtics for another run at the title, it set the tone for the offseason. Instead of rebuilding the team, Danny Ainge could now reload.

    The Celtics filled their biggest needs during the offseason, including signing an offensive boost off the bench and a big man. Because a majority of last year's core is still on the team, the chemistry is still there. Boston is just a better, more efficient version of the team they were in 2011-12.

More Depth

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    The Celtics desperately needed more depth on their bench. Because Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are older, their bodies need to rest more than the younger players. Courtney Lee, Jeff Green, Jared Sullinger and others were signed to decrease the load of the two veterans.

    Pierce and Garnett need to be able to rest their legs during the regular season and not burn themselves out. By the time the playoffs roll around, they will be fresh and ready to step it up a notch.

    Lack of depth was a huge weakness that held them back last season, especially after dealing with key injuries. By adding depth at every position, the Celtics put themselves in a great position to win a championship.