Philadelphia Eagles: Stat Predictions for 7 Eagles Rookies in 2012

Yueh Ho@@YuehHoCorrespondent IJuly 25, 2012

Philadelphia Eagles: Stat Predictions for 7 Eagles Rookies in 2012

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    Training camp is underway, and the Eagles will need all they can get not only from their veterans, but from their rookies. Good teams have great depth, and the rookies are part of the roster as well. Their performance could mean the difference between a few wins and losses and how far the team can advance in the postseason.

    This draft, the Eagles brought in many talented young players who should have an immediate impact. Here is the stat prediction for seven Eagles rookies and how each will likely preform during the regular season.

1. Fletcher Cox

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    The Eagles were wise to select Fletcher Cox. Not only was he one of the best defensive linemen in the draft, but he was arguably one of the best defensive players overall the Eagles could have acquired.

    Cox has a great motor to go along with great instincts. He should have an easier transition to the NFL than most other players. He will likely get a great deal of playing time, if not a starting spot.

    Stat Prediction: 6 sacks, 30 tackles

2. Mychal Kendricks

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    Kendricks is not the tallest linebacker, but his speed makes up for many of his shortcomings. However, Kendricks is already an upgrade over most of the Eagles' linebacker corps and will see a great deal of playing time, if not being made a starter a few games into the season.

    It will be difficult still for him to beat out DeMeco Ryans or Jamar Chaney, but it is possible that Kendricks could nab the other outside linebacker spot. In either case, the Eagles will definitely use him a great deal.

    Stat Prediction: 40 tackles

3. Vinny Curry

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    Vinny Curry is not only a great young defensive end, but he is also one of the biggest Eagles fans on the roster. Curry has great skills, and the Eagles were sure to draft him, as Andy Reid loves to upgrade his line of scrimmage.

    Curry, however, will have to find a way to see action against a very crowded defensive line corps. He will likely work his way in as a situational player, but unfortunately for Curry, he won't be seeing a ton of action with Trent Cole, Jason Babin still cemented as the clear starters.

    Stat Prediction: 2 sacks, 20 tackles.

4. Brandon Boykin

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    Boykin is an excellent slot corner and has a bright future. Unfortunately, while many are calling for him to win the nickel cornerback position, he still has to beat out a very capable Joselio Hanson.

    Hanson has more experience and will likely get the spot here. Boykin is a good player, but he simply won't see as much action as he will in the coming years next season.

    Stat Prediction: 20 tackles, 0 Interceptions.

5. Marvin McNutt

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    Eagles fans should not expect too much from Marvin McNutt in 2012. Not only was McNutt a sixth-round pick, but he is joining an Eagles wide receivers corps with a great deal of depth.

    He may not even make the team at the end of training camp. If he does, don't expect much production, especially as Jason Avant is a very good slot receiver.

    Stat Prediction: 8 catches, 95 yards.

6. Bryce Brown

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    Bryce Brown will likely make the team. While Dion Lewis has not exactly panned out to be the backup to LeSean McCoy we all hoped he would be, the Eagles are in strong need of a third-string running back. And if Brown happens to break out, McCoy would finally have the other back he needs to relieve pressure from his shoulders.

    It is a bit too early, however, to expect such things from Brown. At the moment, all that can be expected is that he will make the team and contribute in limited situations.

    Stat Prediction: 10 carries, 35 yards.

7. Nick Foles

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    This stat prediction may change drastically if Foles is able to win the backup quarterback position. However, the Eagles went out of their way to sign Trent Edwards, and history shows that they value experience at backup QB more than upside. This is shown by Reid's past decisions to start Jeff Garcia and Vince Young at the backup spots when his quarterback went down.

    Most likely, the Eagles will go with Edwards and develop Foles for a season with Marty Mornhinweg. If the Eagles are as improved as the pundits say they will be, Foles will most likely get to play in garbage time.

    Stat Prediction: 58 percent completion, 100 yards, 0 touchdowns, 1 interception.