Fantasy Football 2012: 5 Bold Expectations for Michael Vick

Ralph Longo@ IIIJuly 18, 2012

Fantasy Football 2012: 5 Bold Expectations for Michael Vick

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    Heading into last season, Michael Vick had huge expectations coming off a 2010 campaign in which he went from being the Philadelphia Eagles' second-string QB to having one of the finest seasons in fantasy history.

    He won a lot of people, including myself, a fantasy championship. 

    However, Vick let his owners down big time in 2011. He was frequently either injured or hampered by injury, and couldn't perform to the best of his ability in all but a few games. Vick was therefore unable to return to his stellar 2010 form. 

    Things look more promising for 2012. Hopefully, those who draft Vick will get the dynamic player that they expect.

    So, here are five bold predictions for Michael Vick's 2012 fantasy season. 

1. He'll Record Less Than 10 Turnovers

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    Over the course of Michael Vick's career, he's never recorded fewer than 12 turnovers in a season (in seasons in which he's started a minimum of 12 games).

    Turnovers have always been Vick's Achilles' heel. He's fumbled as many as 13 times in a season, and threw for a career high 14 interceptions last year. 

    Simply put, Vick has issues with turnovers. There's no way around it.

    So, naturally, he'll cut down significantly and won't reach double digits in the turnover category this year. Look for Vick to have around six interceptions and only three lost fumbles.

    If these numbers come true, Vick will be absolute fantasy gold. 

    He's going to be as comfortable as ever in this system, and with a full offseason under his belt as the starter, he'll be as sharp as he can possibly be and on the same page with all of his receivers. 

    Less than 10 turnovers for Vick in 2012. Book it. 

2. He'll Start All 16 Games

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    In his nine years in the NFL, Vick has played in all 16 games only once. Having said that, in three of those seasons, he was able to play in at least 15 games.

    Either way, it's definitely a bold prediction to say that Vick will start every game this season.

    With his style of play, he can definitely be easily injured, and his owners will hold their collective breath every time he gets hit.

    Nevertheless, it must be said that Vick seems to finally be maturing and understanding how important he is to the Eagles organization. He understands that he absolutely has to remain healthy. 

    Vick has to know that if he's able to play every game, this team could very well make a Super Bowl run. Those who draft him will be duly rewarded. If he can't keep himself on the field, the Eagles, as well as his fantasy owners, will struggle in 2012. 

3. He'll Rush for 7 TDs

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    This prediction may not seem all that bold, but considering the fact that Vick only rushed for one TD in all of last season, it's certainly bold to say that he'll multiply that number by seven.

    Vick's rushed for six or more TDs in three out of his nine years in the league, which is excellent for a QB. If he rushes for only one TD next year, it's going to once again kill his fantasy owners.

    This prediction is based on the fact that Andy Reid didn't necessarily trust Vick at all times last year to go down when he was about to take a hit. Therefore, naturally, Reid didn't allow many designed runs.

    It's not right to say that Vick was irresponsible, but anyone who watched the Eagles last year knows that Vick takes too many shots that he can avoid.

    If Vick can demonstrate to Reid that he's willing to dive or slide and avoid taking big shots, he will have a lot more running opportunities in the red zone. Hopefully, for his owners, this will translate to more rushing TDs.

4. He'll Throw for 4,000 Yards

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    Michael Vick has never thrown for 4,000 yards in a season. In fact, he's only thrown for over 3,000 yards on two occasions.

    Why will he eclipse 4,000 yards this season?

    Simple—he's going to play in all 16 games and is going to record minimal turnovers, which should enable him to hit 4,000 yards with ease. 

    Vick threw for 3,018 yards in 2010 in 12 games, and 3,303 yards last year in 13 games. However, it's important to note that he was severely hampered by injury in numerous contests in 2011.

    If Vick played all 16 games over the last two years, he'd be right around the 4,000 yard mark each time.

    Vick's got to stay healthy and trust his receivers and trust in Andy Reid's system. If he can do these things, he should have no problem hitting 4,000 yards. That will be huge for his fantasy owners this season.  

5. He'll Be a Top-5 QB

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    This was probably the easiest bold prediction to make.

    If Michael Vick can do everything that's been previously outlined, he'll likely be a top-five QB.

    If he plays in 16 games, rushes for seven TDs and maybe 500 yards, throws for 4,000 yards and doesn't turn the ball over, there will be no denying that he's an elite fantasy quarterback. Furthermore, he'll probably be All-Pro.

    Vick is fully capable of doing all of these things, it's just a matter of putting it all together. He'll be 32 years old this season. His time in the NFL is running out and he's desperate to play well and make a deep playoff run.

    If he can keep his focus and play smart, he's going to have a great year and will have a terrific season for his fantasy football owners.

    All Stats Per ESPN

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