Lucas Moura: Breaking Down How Brazilian Star Would Fit with Manchester United

Tim Keeney@@t_keenContributor IJuly 17, 2012

Photo courtesy of thescore.com
Photo courtesy of thescore.com

Sao Paulo midfielder Lucas Moura is insanely talented, but that doesn't automatically make him a smart transfer target for Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United.

The Red Devils have shown plenty of interest in the 19-year-old stud (via ESPN):

Reports in Brazilian newspaper Lance! state that Manchester United have made an offer of €33 million for Sao Paulo starlet Lucas Moura.

He's a player with loads of talent, but he costs a ton of money. Simple enough, right?

Well, things aren't always as cut and dry, so let's take a closer look at the potential acquisition of Lucas. 

Is He Worth the Money?

It's certainly not unheard of for Ferguson and Man U to pony up a ton of money for a player they like, so €33 million will be far from a deal-breaker. 

But is Lucas the player the Red Devils really need to be targeting right now?

That money might just be better spent on more defensive-minded players, whether it be someone in the back four or a defensive midfielder. 

If Ferguson deems depth in attacking half a priority, it still might be better to spend less on a player who isn't even a lock to start every match. 

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What Lucas Would Bring to Man U

While spending that kind of money on an attacking midfielder might not be the best move right now, it's hard to get over how talented Lucas can be.

If the 19-year-old continues to improve and the Red Devils don't find a way to bring him to Old Trafford, Sir Alex will probably be kicking himself for a long time. 

Lucas enjoys getting the ball in a deep position and then makes devastating runs at the defenders. He has an incredible amount of pace, has a ridiculous assortment of stepovers and other moves when the ball is at his feet and even has some power behind his shot.

Essentially, this is a player that can make your jaw drop. Sao Paulo and Brazil consistently pump out all-world talent, and the 19-year-old Lucas appears to be the newest crown jewel. 

Again, it's hard to pass that kind of talent up. 

Why it Doesn't Make Sense

While Moura is talented, he doesn't really fit a spot of need for Manchester United.

The Red Devils already have Wayne Rooney, Nani, Antonio Valencia, Ashley Young, Tom Cleverley and Shinji Kagawa who can play the attacking midfielder or winger positions where Lucas would have to fit.

Again, depth and talent is an important thing to rack up, but when Lucas costs as much as he does, it's not really worth it. 

He would be a fun player to own, sure, but Manchester United wouldn't improve a great amount.

The Red Devils could improve in a quicker fashion, however, by spending that money on Javi Martinez, Yann M'Vila or other players to help defend the back.