Kansas City Chiefs: Players Who Will Not Return in 2013

Farzin Vousoughian@farzin21Contributor IIIJuly 5, 2012

Kansas City Chiefs: Players Who Will Not Return in 2013

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    Players come and go in all sports. For the Kansas City Chiefs, there are some players whose contracts expire following the 2012 season. Some will be renewed while others will be let go.

    Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli wastes no time evaluating his players and knows that out of the 28 players who have one year remaining on their contracts, there are a few he will be keeping a close eye on.

    From that point, he will determine who he wants to keep and who to let go.

List of Players Who Become Free Agents in 2013

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    • QB Brady Quinn - UFA
    • RB Peyton Hillis - UFA
    • FB Shane Bannon - RFA
    • TE Martin Rucker - UFA
    • TE Steve Maneri - RFA
    • TE Jake O’Connell - RFA
    • WR Dwayne Bowe
    • WR Jeremy Horne - RFA
    • WR Zeke Markshausen - RFA
    • WR Jamar Newsome - RFA
    • T Branden Albert - UFA
    • T David Mims - RFA
    • G Darryl Harris - RFA
    • G Ryan Lilja - UFA
    • C Rob Bruggeman - RFA
    • DE Glenn Dorsey - UFA
    • DE Ropati Pitoitua - UFA
    • DT Lucas Patterson - UFA
    • LB Jovan Belcher - UFA
    • LB Caleb Campbell - RFA
    • LB Brandon Siler - UFA
    • LB Leon Williams - UFA
    • CB Travis Daniels - UFA
    • CB Kyle McCarthy - RFA
    • CB Jacques Reeves - UFA
    • CB/S Donald Washington - UFA
    • P Dustin Colquitt
    • LS Thomas Gafford - UFA

QB Brady Quinn

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    Brady Quinn has not played football in a regular-season contest in over two seasons.

    The Chiefs signed him to a one-year deal as he will be competing with Ricky Stanzi for the top backup quarterback position.

    With Brady's lack of activity the past couple of seasons, his time in Kansas City could be short.

RB Peyton Hillis

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    Peyton Hillis signed a one-year deal this offseason as he will help Jamaal Charles carry the pigskin in 2012. But will Hillis be good enough to the point where the Chiefs will want to re-sign him?

    Hillis knows that 2011 was a tough season for him, and he was not receiving a lot of money in the offseason. If he bounces back in 2012, the Chiefs may not want to re-sign him to a big deal and pay a lot of money to two running backs.

    Then again, Hillis might be willing to stay in Kansas City for a price lower than we'd expect.

FB Shane Bannon

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    Shane Bannon did not suit up with the Chiefs during his rookie season. He was on the team's practice squad after being selected in the seventh round.

    This year, Bannon seems to have a legitimate shot at starting, but will he be able to stick around to the point where Pioli will want him to stay long term?

TE Martin Rucker

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    The former Missouri Tiger is already done for the 2012 season.

    Usually, in cases like this, it's difficult for backups to be retained after suffering a season-ending injury before the season even kicks off. It can also be a sign that their career might be over.

WR Dwayne Bowe

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    No one really knows what's going on with Dwayne Bowe and his contract situation with the Chiefs.

    Bowe is locked up for the 2012 season, per the way of the franchise tag. However, Bowe and the Chiefs have not agreed to a long-term deal, and Bowe missed all of the OTAs.

    The chances of him becoming a member of the Chiefs for the next couple of seasons seems to be low. He may be let go or traded if the two parties cannot come to terms.

WR Jeremy Horne

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    Jeremy Horne has played in 12 regular-season games, contributing mainly on just special teams.

    He's caught seven passes and one touchdown in two preseasons. He may not be part of the team next season if other backups can find a way to contribute.

WR Zeke Markshausen

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    Zeke Markshausen had a brief stint with the Chicago Bears prior to being cut before the 2010 regular season.

    Markshausen got a chance in the 2011 preseason with the Chiefs but couldn't find himself on the gridiron on game day.

WR Jamar Newsome

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    Jamar Newsome's name was not well known in Jacksonville. It's likely that he may be on the team's practice squad and appear in only a couple of games.

G Ryan Lilja

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    The Chiefs had an option with a big offensive guard in the draft. At No. 11, they had a chance to take David DeCastro but passed up for another player, allowing Ryan Lilja to stay as the team's top guard, despite taking a step back last season.

    If Lilja struggles again, the Chiefs may have no interest in renewing his contract next offseason.

LB Jovan Belcher

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    Jovan Belcher is under a one-year contract with the team and has gotten more playing time as an inside linebacker. He has not impressed many fans but has caught the attention of his coaches since his rookie season in 2009.

    Belcher knows that he will have some competition this year and must step up and help the Chiefs defense continue improving in 2012. If he doesn't, he could be out of Kansas City after the season.

LB Caleb Campbell

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    Caleb Campbell will likely get his first legitimate shot at fully participating in training camp. His professional playing career was short with the Detroit Lions but is now more focused on football.

    Time will tell if the Chiefs need him to add depth at linebacker.

DB Kyle McCarthy

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    Kyle McCarthy served as a backup with the Denver Broncos and finds himself competing for a position where the Chiefs seemed to have their starters and their top backups solidified.

    His chances of playing defensive back appear to be slim, considering the amount of spots that could be available.

DB Donald Washington

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    Donald Washington has been with the Chiefs since 2009, but he has not made much of an impression on the front office.

    Washington has struggled in his coverage while having to step in. If the Chiefs can find another defensive back that they are pleased with who can take his role, Washington could be out in less than a year.