Seattle Seahawks: The 5 Best Moments in Team History

Joey Rebbe@@JoeyRebbeCorrespondent IJune 10, 2012

Seattle Seahawks: The 5 Best Moments in Team History

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    Welcome, fans, to the vapid doldrums of the NFL offseason. Now we are all well aware that in the past few weeks there has been a flurry of minor stories surrounding Seahawks OTAs. For this article; however, we shall take a step back and admire some of the more scintillating moments in Seattle Seahawk history.

    Sit back and reminisce, and worry not. Super Bowl XL will not be included in this list (it is perhaps the darkest moment in Seahawk lore). Instead, be proud that as a fanbase we have at least five golden moments to hang our hats on.

    Feel free to remind me of what I missed, how bad of a fan I am for structuring my opinions this way, or point out that I am too young to know what the truly greatest moments in Seahawk history are in the comments sections below.

    Without further ado, let's get started.

5. Steve Largent's Revenge Hit on Mike Harden

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    The Setup:

    Early in the 1988 season, Broncos safety Mike Harden illegally hit Steve Largent, landing the small receiver on IR for a couple of weeks. Flash forward to later in the season and the divisional rematch is occurring, this time in Seattle.

    The Event:

    Harden intercepted a pass (it was afterwards determined that there was some pass interference on the play) and started to run it back. Largent tore across the field and popped Harden so hard that he fumbled the ball, which Largent recovered. To top it all off, the hit was completely clean and legal.

    Personally, this is my favorite moment in all of sports. Steve Largent agrees, also calling the play the best of his hall of fame career. Here's a link for those of you who want to relive this epic moment.

4. Seahawks Upset Dan Marino's Dolphins

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    The Setup:

    The Seahawks head into Miami as huge underdogs in the 1983 playoffs. Dan Marino and his stellar passing attack were coming off a Super Bowl loss, hungry to get another shot at the title game. The Seahawks were 9-7 and barely made it to the playoffs as a wild card team.

    The Event:

    Down 20-17 with under 4 minutes left to play, Dave Krieg and Steve Largent connected on two great pickups, and running back Curt Warner finished off the drive with a touchdown on a run to the outside. This game is considered one of the greatest upsets in history, and led the Seahawks to a conference title game. They would not return to a conference title game for another 22 years.

    Here's an awesome recap of the game.

3. Seahawks vs. Giants, 2005

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    The Setup:

    The Seahawks were rolling at this point, in the midst of an 11-game win streak in the best season the franchise has ever experienced. The New York Giants came in with a formidable 7-3 record, and would challenge the Seahawks for best record in the NFC.

    The Event:

    During the course of the game, the New York Giants committed 11 false starts—an NFL record at the time. The culprit behind this offensive communication breakdown? None other than the 12th man. The Seahawks' win was a direct result of the rabid fanbase that tormented the opposing Giants, leading to three missed field goals on top of the false starts. This game is the ultimate testament to the power of the Seahawks' home field.

    Here's a link to the Game of the Week special about the game.

2. The BeastQuake

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    The Setup:

    This one is very familiar to us Seahawk fans. Seattle was 7-9, the first ever team to make playoffs with a losing record. The Seahawks faced heavy criticism from various teams with better records that didn't make the playoffs, such as the 10-6 Buccaneers and Giants. The face of the critics manifested in the form of the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints. Not an expert in the world predicted a Seattle victory.

    The Event:

    Seattle was on the verge of doing the impossible. A vintage performance from Matt Hasselbeck gave the Seahawks a late lead, and all that was left to do was execute a four minute drill, run out the clock, and the victory was theirs. Thus, on second and eight, Pete Carroll called a conservative run: I Power Right. The rest is history. Marshawn Lynch took the ball from the 33-yard line to the end zone, humiliating eight Saints defenders on the way. Seahawks fans were so excited, they caused an earthquake with their cheers.

    This was one of the greatest runs in NFL history, and the victory itself was the arguably the best playoff upset of all time. Here's a full recap of the game.

1. NFC Championship Game, 2005 Season

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    The Setup:

    A 13-3 record had netted the Seahawks home field advantage throughout the playoffs. They were playing the second conference title game in their history. The Carolina Panthers were in the Super Bowl only two years prior, and had just won two playoff games in fantastic fashion. This was the most potent challenge the Seahawks had faced yet.

    The Event:

    The Seahawks shellacked the Panthers. The team fired on all cylinders, effectively dominating Jake Delhomme and friends and putting up a final score of 34-14. The quintessential, microcosmic play came with a Walter Jones block. Jones manhandled the defensive end opposite him shoving him 15 yards downfield and eventually bowling him over. This allowed Shaun Alexander to advance within a few yards of the end zone. The play epitomizes how dominant the Seahawks were in every facet of the game that season.

    In light of how awful Super Bowl XL was to Seahawk fans, the NFC Championship Game is the last refuge for former Seahawk greatness. It truly is the best moment in Seahawk history.

    Here's a link to the aforementioned block, since I couldn't find a full highlight reel of the game.

    Disagree with my slides? Please let me know in the comments below!