50 Coolest College Football Sayings

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50 Coolest College Football Sayings

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    College football, apart from almost every other sport, has more sayings and chants than anybody.

    No matter what team it is, there is some type of rally cry that the fans and players of the team grow to love and call their own.

    While some of these chants and sayings are more well known nationally than others, they all are important to their specific teams.

    From cool sayings before the game, to stadium chants during the game, here are 50 of the best in all of college football.

    Feel free to disagree.

50. Band of Brothers: BYU

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    The BYU motto has been "Band of Brothers" for only a few years, and even though the Utah Utes tried to make fun of it with their "Band of Sisters" saying, these three words mean a lot to the BYU football program.

    The slogan was originally introduced in 2006 by head coach Bronco Mendenhall, who wanted to unite the team.

    It has certainly worked, as BYU has had a lot of success since then.

49. Orange Power: Oklahoma State

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    Orange Power is a chant the fans in Stillwater love to use during the game. It has grown so popular here that there are websites dedicated to it and also T-shirts that have been made detailing Orange Power. 

    The saying has taken over Stillwater, and with the recent success of the Cowboys, it is going to be heard a lot for years to come.

48. Sparty On: Michigan State

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    Instead of "Party On," like the saying goes, at Michigan State they have "Sparty On." This cheer, similar to Orange Power at Oklahoma State, has T-shirts that were made for it.

    Those shirts read "Keep Calm and Sparty On." This certainly leaves nothing to doubt when it comes to who these fans are rooting for.

    Kind of a fitting motto for head coach Mark Dantonio and the Spartans.

47. Don't Mess with Texas: Texas

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    Another in a long line of sayings that can be found on a T-shirt is "Don't Mess with Texas."

    In Texas they love a few things, and football is at the top of the list. This saying is a trademark of the Texas Department of Transportation, and the fans in the stands love it. 

    One thing is certain, the people of Austin certainly can't get enough of this saying.

46. Fear the Frog: TCU

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    At Maryland it is "Fear the Turtle," and at Oregon it is "Fear the Duck," but nothing is better than 'Fear the Frog.'

    The TCU Horned Frogs have come to be a nationally recognized program over the past few years, and they have one of the most unique mascots in all of college sports.

    "Fear the Frog" has never rung more true.

45. Fearless and True: Auburn

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    "Fearless and True" is a motto of Auburn that certainly has a way of getting the alums choked up. While it is not as famous as the saying "War Eagle," it means a lot to the fans of the Tigers.

    There are T-shirts, billboards and even a Twitter handle, all urging people to "Choose Auburn."

44. 10,000 Men of Harvard: Harvard

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    This is the most well-known of all the Harvard fight songs and was written nearly 100 years ago. It brings together so much history and tradition that few schools can match it.

    After each victory, the team gathers together in the locker room and sings "10,000 Men of Harvard." This is truly one of the great traditions in college football that many people do not even know about.

43. Rammer Jammer: Alabama

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    "Rammer Jammer" is the Alabama victory cheer. The lyrics are meant to taunt the losing team, and while they are quite controversial for lacking sportsmanship, it is a Crimson Tide favorite.

    The end of the song rings out after Alabama victories. "Rammer Jammer Yellowhammer! Give 'em hell Alabama!"

42. Keep Choppin': Rutgers

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    This motivational phrase came about in 2006 as Rutgers climbed the national rankings. Head coach Greg Schiano introduced the phrase "keep choppin'."

    This phrase was never more evident than in 2010 and 2011 after the career-ending neck injury to defensive lineman Eric LeGrand.

    He led the Rutgers team onto the field last season in what was one of the most emotional moments of the college football season, furthering the motto of "keep choppin'."

41. The Haka: Hawaii

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    The Haka is more of a dance than a saying, but is still one of the coolest things in college football.

    It is a traditional ancestral war cry that came from the people of New Zealand and has been adopted by the Hawaii football team.

    Arguably the coolest dance in all of college football.

40. Go Cocks: South Carolina

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    Nowhere else in the world can 80,000 people be heard screaming "Go Cocks." This can make for quite an intimidating environment for the opposing team.

    Everybody can get in on this, even the kids. There are signs throughout the stadium, and the fans will chant it throughout the game.

39. Fork 'Em: Arizona State

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    "Fork 'Em Devils" is a saying that has been made popular by the Arizona State Sun Devils.

    It is not only a saying, but also a hand gesture in the process. "Keep Calm and Fork On" is how the saying goes, and the fans in Tempe tend to live by it.

38. Oregon Win the Day: Oregon

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    The saying began on a team retreat, shortly after Chip Kelly was hired as offensive coordinator in 2007. The idea was that even at practice, the players would act like winners every single day.

    A few years later when Kelly was the head coach, the team claimed "Win the Day" as their team motto. It is now in giant letters on the players' entrance to the stadium, as well as in the locker room and on a billboard to Eugene.

37. Here's a Toast to Dear Old Penn: Penn

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    At the end of the third quarter of every home football game, fans sing "Drink a Highball," the unofficial cocktail of the university.

    The last line of the song is "Here's a toast to dear old Penn." As this line is sung, fans throw toast through the air and onto the sidelines in one of the craziest traditions of them all.

36. Those Who Stay Will Be Champions: Michigan

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    In 1969, during his first season at Michigan, head coach Bo Schembechler had a sign placed in the locker room that said, "Those Who Stay Will Be Champions."

    This phrase has continued to ring true at Michigan and is not only motivational, but is something that the players and the fans of the university live by.

    While it may not be as popular as "Go Blue," this certainly has a lot of meaning in the community.

35. At Some Places They Play Football; at Alabama We Live It: Alabama

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    This saying is part of the entrance video at Bryant-Denny Stadium and sends chills down the spines, not only of the Alabama fans, but also everyone else in attendance.

    It is hard to ignore the success this program has had over their storied history, and they are not afraid to shout it out before the games.

34. We Are Notre Dame: Notre Dame

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    Not many teams have the storied tradition that the Notre Dame football program does, and their saying "We are Notre Dame" is one of the most well known in South Bend.

    While it does not say much, it is really all that needs to be said by these fans and the program.

33. All About the 'U': Miami (Fla.)

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    At Miami it is all about one thing, and that is the "U." What else even matters when the "U" is good?

    Just ask Kellen Winslow, who helped to make this saying famous with his comments after a game when he was at Miami.

    Nobody represents their university like the players at Miami, and this saying is what they are all about.

32. Gig 'Em Aggies: Texas A&M

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    "Gig 'Em Aggies: is a way of life and a tradition of Texas A&M. Many people in this part of Texas will end a conversation with "Gig 'Em" and a thumbs up instead of the traditional good-bye.

    The tradition began in 1930 at one of the Midnight Yell Practices when a member of the school's Board of Regents asked what the Aggies were going to do to the Horned Frogs of TCU.

    He followed with a term from frog hunting and answered his own question by saying "Gig 'Em Aggies." From there, the tradition began.

31. Let's Go PSU: Penn State

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    "Let's Go PSU" is a chant that can ring loud throughout Beaver Stadium, and it is always on display when there is a night game, particularly a white out.

    This stadium is one of the loudest in the country, and this chant helps to set it apart from a lot of the others.

30. It's Great to Be a Florida Gator: Florida

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    This is a chant that the people of "The Swamp" have grown to love and adore. The chant never rang more true than in 2008 when the Gators laid the smack down on LSU and the stadium cheered one of their favorite sayings.

    There are shirts that contain the logo, and it is a staple at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

    Now if the Gators can get a few more wins this season, the chant will be even more prolific.

29. Tiger Bait: LSU

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    There are a lot of chants that take place at LSU, and the stadium is one of the most intimidating in college football.

    One of the favorite chants of the crowd is "Tiger Bait." This chant is most common when the Tigers defense takes the field.

    They have had one of the best defenses in the country over the past few years, and "Tiger Bait" reigns supreme throughout the stadium.

    It can also be found on websites and T-shirts.

28. Ill-Ini: Illinois

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    The Big Ten has some of the loudest stadiums in college football, and Illinois is not nearly as crazy as some of those stadiums.

    With that being said, however, the Ill-Ini chant is one of the best in the conference and certainly a favorite in Champaign.

    The fans love to chant it when the team is taking the field.

27. Husker Power: Nebraska

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    "Husker Power" is kind of a motto for Nebraska. There are a lot of different programs and clubs that are named after it, making it a staple of the program.

    Needless to say, the fans love to chant it in Lincoln at the football games. This is one of the most difficult stadiums to play in the Big Ten, and when this chant is ringing throughout, it can get rather loud.

26. Let's Go Hokies: Virginia Tech

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    "Let's Go Hokies" is a chant that rings throughout the stadium on game days. One side of the stadium will yell "Let's Go," and the other half will yell "Hokies."

    Blacksburg can get rather loud on game day, and it is never crazier than when this chant is ringing throughout the stadium.

    Virginia Tech has been very good for quite some time now, and opposing ACC teams must have grown to hate it by now.

25. Bear Down Arizona: Arizona

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    This is the official motto of the University of Arizona and is also the unofficial fight song of the school.

    The battle cry that they have come to be known by has its own Twitter handle, and now if the Wildcats can do a little better on the field, it may be more intimidating.

    It originally came from the dying words of a popular student athlete, John "Button" Salmon in 1926 in his final message to his teammates after a spinal cord injury.

24. CLEMSO-N: Clemson

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    Death Valley is one of the toughest places in college football to play, and the "CLEMSO-N" chant is one of the biggest traditions that takes place during a game.

    The crowd spells out the letters in a chant and stops before saying the final letter to add a little drama to the atmosphere.

    Certainly one of the loudest times at the stadium.

23. Zombie Nation: Penn State

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    Zombie Nation is a tradition that is carried on by one of the loudest crowds in college football. The tradition usually takes place after a big play.

    It is not really a saying, but more of a noise that can make it one of the loudest atmospheres in all of college football.

    The entire crowd jumps around and waves while screaming in unison. It is truly one of the most unique chants in college football.

22. Go Dawgs: Georgia

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    This chant is simple, sweet and says it all.

    "Go Dawgs" is not only said through the stadium, but is also popular throughout town as fans love to just chant those two words during daily activity.

21. Rocky Top: Tennessee

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    "Rocky Top" is a country song that is associated with the University of Tennessee.

    The marching band has played this since the 1970s at all of the major sporting events. Neyland Stadium is one of the biggest in college football, and when 'Rocky Top' is playing, it is also one of the loudest.

20. Hotty Toddy: Mississippi

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    Hotty Toddy is considered one of the best fight songs in college football and can be heard at any Ole Miss football game no matter where it is played.

    The Rebels are loud and proud when this song is playing, as the video proves.

    This is also the name of a cocktail recipe made of tea and brandy or whiskey with honey or lemon.

19. C-A-N-E-S: Miami (Fl)

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    This is another of the Miami sayings that is popular during home games.

    It is simple and sweet, yet makes its point very clear.

18. Go Gators: Florida

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    When the marching band is playing, this is one of the best chants in all of college football.

    It is only two words, but it always seems to flow perfectly as the fans know exactly what they are doing when the band pauses for a second allowing the fans to chant 'Go Gators."

17. Take Me Home, Country Roads: West Virginia

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    While the video is from the Big East Tournament, this song is also sung at football games and is a staple in the entire state of West Virginia. 

    Not many universities have a song they live by like this John Denver favorite.

    No doubt, this gives chills to all of the Mountaineer faithful when it is played after a big victory.

16. We Are Penn State: Penn State

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    Not many things are louder than Beaver Stadium when the fans are telling the college football world who they are.

    "We Are Penn State" is truly amazing, and like everything here, it is much better when there is a whiteout going on.

15. Midnight Yell: Texas A&M

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    The Midnight Yell began as a post dinner activity in 1913, and it became what it is today in 1931. 

    Today it is held the night before a home game in Kyle Field. For away games, it takes places on Thursday night.

    Students gather at the field, and what takes place is one of the most unique things in all of college football. Click the play button to take a listen. 

14. Jump Around: Wisconsin

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    When the '"Jump Around" music plays after the end of the third quarter, the Badgers faithful love to not only chant, but also do what the music says.

    Camp Randle is rocking before the fourth quarter as "Jump Around" plays.

    It all started with members of the swim team sneaking a discman and megaphone into games and playing the song to rile up their section.

13. Hook 'Em Horns: Texas

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    Hook 'Em Horns is not only the hand signal that the University of Texas calls their own, but it is also a famous saying at the University.

    While it is hard to go a few minutes inside the stadium without seeing the hand signal, try walking around in Texas, particularly Austin, without seeing the signal from people just walking down the street.

    This is a staple at the University of Texas.

12. Fight On! USC

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    This USC fight song was composed in 1922 by a USC dental student and is not only the motto and fight song, but also perhaps the two most famous words of the program.

    The Trojans and their fans live by these words, and they have certainly brought about a lot of success to the football program.

    This is a battle cry for USC fans.

11. Geaux Tigers: LSU

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    This is by far the most popular chant of the LSU football team and has a little French Cajun history to it.

    Like a lot of other sayings and chants on this list, it is simple and to the point, but certainly says it all.

10. War Chant: Florida State

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    There are a few other chants on the list, but as far as pure noise is concerned, this is the best of them all.

    The "Tomahawk Chop" is a war chant that Florida State has made famous over the years. It is similar to that of the Atlanta Braves and quite frankly is one of the most annoying in all of sports.

    That does not mean that it is not pretty cool, though, too. Seminole fans certainly think so. 

9. Woo Pig Sooie: Arkansas

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    Known across the world as the Hog Call, "Woo Pig Sooie" seems pretty dumb to everybody, except those who are Razorback Fans.

    It is really pretty basic and does not make a lot of sense, but it means the world to Arkansas nation, and they love to chant it at football games.

8. Go Blue: Michigan

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    "Go Blue" is a phrase that the people of Ann Arbor love to say year round, but it is particularly popular at football games.

    It is rather simple, and the teams runs through a banner stating these two words before every home football game.

    The Michigan marching band plays "Let's Go Blue" at the games.

7. War Eagle: Auburn

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    "War Eagle" is everything to Auburn. It is a fight song, battle cry and school motto. The fight song is played before and after home games. It is also played right after Auburn scores.

    Anybody who saw the ESPN film "Roll Tide War Eagle" knows how much this means to the program.

    As for which one is better, I think Bo knows.

6. OH-IO: Ohio State

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    Ohio Stadium is certainly one of the best venues in all of college football. There is a lot of tradition such as Carmen Ohio and Script Ohio played by the marching band.

    The biggest tradition of them all perhaps is the "OH-IO" chant. Each side of the stadium takes a separate letter and the chant can be heard throughout the game.

    Walk down the street of Columbus, particularly on campus, and chant "OH" to anybody walking along, and "IO" will soon be chanted right back.

    This is truly one of the best sayings in all of college football.

5. We Are Marshall: Marshall

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    "We Are Marshall: is a chant that means a lot to the Thundering Herd football program and the entire university.

    When a plane crash took the lives of 75 people in November 1970, the entire community banded together, and it certainly sends chills down the spines of the Marshall fans and everyone in attendance when it is heard throughout the stadium.

    This chant may have more meaning than any other in college football.

4. Roll Tide: Alabama

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    This commercial says it all. Football is a way of life for the people of Tuscaloosa and throughout Alabama.

    The saying "Roll Tide" is most often heard at football games, but true Alabama fans are known to say it to end conversations instead of the conventional good-bye.

    No community supports their team more than Alabama, and "Roll Tide" is what they live by.

3. Boomer Sooner: Oklahoma

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    "Boomer Sooner" is the fight song of the Oklahoma Sooners and has now developed into perhaps the most popular two-word phrase in all of college football.

    It has been around since 1905 but has never been more popular than it is now.

    The fans love to chant it during the games, and opponents certainly hate it, particularly the Longhorns.

2. Play Like a Champion: Notre Dame

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    "Play Like a Champion" is a way of life in South Bend. It is a phrase that the players of Notre Dame live by.

    The words hang just outside the locker room, and the players all slap it before they enter the field for the game.

    With more history and tradition than perhaps any other program, nothing is more important than slapping this sign before a game.

1. Rock Chalk Jayhawk: Kansas

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    Kansas may not have the history and tradition of a lot of other college football programs, but they have the coolest saying in sports.

    The chant may be even better at basketball games, but it is also goosebump-worthy at football games.

    Here is a video of the chant at a football game. There is no question this is the coolest saying in college football.


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