10 WWE Superstars and Their Looney Tunes Counterparts (Part III)

Luis Campos@luchalibrelife Analyst IApril 12, 2012

10 WWE Superstars and Their Looney Tunes Counterparts (Part III)

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    Back by popular demand (again). I decided to make a third (and final part) of these Looney Tunes/WWE counterparts lists.

    If you missed out on the first two lists click on the hyperlinks for  Part I and Part II.

    For years, professional wrestlers have been called “living cartoons”—an interesting observation, given the nature of what they do.

    The use of bright colors and comedic props to inflict damage certainly allows one to see why the comparison is often made.

    What follows is a list of WWE superstars and their Looney Tunes counterparts (Part III):

Ricardo Rodriguez/Porky Pig

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    These bow-tie wearing plucky sidekicks may not look like much, but both are extremely entertaining to watch.

    They do not often get the respect they deserve from other superstars, but nonetheless, remain loyal to their friends.

Chris Jericho/Cecil Turtle

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    Slow speaking and perhaps not as fast as some of their peers, these two individuals know how to get the job done.

    When it comes to doing what they do, make no mistake about it, they are the "best at what they do," even if it means cheating from time to time.

Dolph Ziggler/Tweety Bird

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    These blond characters are hard workers (and very popular among the ladies).

    Though solid characters, neither seems to be able to make the same impact as other more popular characters.

    Expect to see both "showing off."

    For these two, winning is not as important as messing with their opponents.

Triple H and Undertaker/Ralph E. Wolf and Sam Sheepdog

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    If the Hell in a Cell "End of an Era" match at WrestleMania proved anything, it was that Triple H and Undertaker have a great sense of respect for each other.

    Like their Looney Toon counterparts, Sam and Ralph, these men know that, when it's time to do their job, they will go through great lengths to outsmart each other, but at the end of the day, there's no reason why they cannot be friends.  

Kelly Kelly/Lola Bunny

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    A female version of Bugs/Cena, these two characters are mostly around to look good (and for merchandising purposes).

    Purist will argue that there's no reason to have these two characters around, and both companies were fine before they came along.

Hunico/Slowpoke Rodriguez

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    As lesser known Mexican characters on their companies' respective rosters, these two small fellows have much to prove.

    They may not seem like much, but in actuality, are immensely fierce competitors.

    Do not underestimate them, what they lack in size and speed, they quickly make up with their unexpected "street smarts."

Cody Rhodes/Road Runner

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    These "dashing" characters both have a lot of potential and can be quite impressive at times.

    Do not be surprised if, against all odds, they manage to outsmart their competitors, though when things get really tough, they may just run away.

Eve Torres/Penelope Pussycat

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    These lovely ladies make their male counterparts go wild.

    Often appearing to be something they're not, do not be surprised if these seemingly sweet characters embrace a more menacing side.

Tyler Reks/Instant Martian

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    These menacing looking figures have two things in common—their funky haircuts and their inability to make a lasting impact.

    Both of these characters will habitually pop out of nowhere but only for a few seconds and only because the good guy has run out of villains to foil.

Jack Swagger/Sylvester J. Pussycat

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    'Sufferin Succotash!'

    These goofy-looking characters both work hard, but ultimately, fall short of reaching their goals.

    Additionally, their salivating glands seem to be most active when they're talking—front row beware, you're in the splash zone!

That's All Folks

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    Thanks for reading!

    Please let me know in the comments what other superstars you think have a Looney Tunes counterpart (and make sure to go check out Part I and Part II).

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