The Kimbo Slice Boxing Match Was Not Fixed; His Opponent, Brian Green, Speaks

Matt Saccaro@@mattsaccaroContributor IIIMarch 28, 2012

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 17:  MMA Heavyweight Sensation Kimbo Slice is seen during the Workout/Media Day with Kimbo Slice and Gina Carano at the Legends Mixed Martial Arts Training Center on September 17, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images)
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Kimbo Slice's recent boxing match appeared to be a worked affair, but his opponent, Brian Green, is tired of the accusations that he took a dive; he has reached out to the community to say the fight was NOT fixed. 

"I would NEVER throw a fight, take a dive, whatever you want to call it," Green posted on The Underground (also known simply as the UG), a popular Internet forum for MMA fans and fighters alike.

"I have been fighting for 9 years now starting as a punk 17 year old kid, evolved into a professional mixed martial artist," he said.

Green is indeed a mixed martial artist, with a record of 27-17 and having fought quite a few notable names in his day.

But admittedly, does it not seem a little peculiar that a middleweight MMA fighter with zero professional boxing fights was called in to face a heavyweight with more boxing experience and considerably more earning potential?

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Green addressed that in his post on the UG. 

I took a huge opportunity (and helped fill in for the promoter) to go make a name for myself by fighting Kimbo Slice. I have sparred with several world class MMA fighters in my day, and I have adapted well through the years to where I can hang with most. Now, I saw an opportunity to fight Kimbo who in my eyes was EXTREMELY over rated. Plus, How many people actually get the opportunity to fight this guy? and in Strictly boxing, where I only have to avoid 2 weapons instead of punches, kicks, knees, elbows, AND takedowns, I figured hey, what the heck, I really think I can last to a decision with this guy.

There was nothing dubious in Green being matched up against Kimbo, unless you count being a motivated athlete as something shady.

But what about the actual knockout itself, suffered by Green in the closing seconds of the fight? Critics say that the punch was a grazing one that was tantamount to the buzzing of flies.

Critics are wrong. Green's explanation of the knockout is detailed to the point where breaking it up would do it a disservice. Green said:

As far as the actual Knockout...I know you people who sit on your couch and eat doritos know everything there is to know about fighting, BUT Maybe, Just MAYBE you didn't take into account that the shot that turned out my light switch was actually THREE punches on the button. Not just the uppercut, the first uppercut, then the straight right, and then the final hook/uppercut that finished

I fight at 185lbs people, going to 170, as I'm on a career best win streak, and i would do best at 170 instead of 185 against other monsters in the MW division. (Not that I couldn't give some of them a tough fight, or beat them, but I would have the most success at WW. 

Now put all this into perspective, on top of the fact that I had been eating shots (AND GOT ROCKED PROBABLY SIX TIMES EARLIER IN THE FIGHT) Then, on top of all the wearing down punches, me being tired from throwing on him, and the absorbtion [sic] of all this, Before a 260lb Gorilla who has a ton of muscle in his body hitting me three times in a row RIGHT on the button. I dont care if they were arm punches or he got everything into it, either way, on a tired fighter, those can deliver a Knockout. 

Brian Green, a veteran of over 40 MMA fights, did not take a dive against Kimbo Slice. Saying otherwise is pure ignorance or wishful thinking on the part of haters, keyboard warriors and armchair quarterbacks not fit (or brave) enough to put on the gloves and enter the cage for themselves.


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