Lionel Messi: Top 10 Goals from His Already Incredible Career

Dan Talintyre@@dantalintyreSenior Analyst IIMarch 21, 2012

Lionel Messi: Top 10 Goals from His Already Incredible Career

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    In case you missed it, Lionel Messi is a freak.

    He now holds the record for the most goals for Barcelona with 234 goals—perhaps most incredible considering that the little football genius is only 24 years old.

    Yup. Messi has potentially another 10 years of footballing mastery ahead of him.

    We are simply in awe of what he can do on that football pitch.

    So let's take a moment to do just that—be in awe of Lionel Messi.

    Here are the top 10 goals from a career that, scary as it seems, is only just beginning.

10. Messi vs. Bayern Munich

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    Known for his deft touch and finish, Messi showcases his power with this powerful volley against Bayern Munich.

9. Messi vs. Sevilla

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    This is bread and butter for Messi, it seems.

    Through the legs of the defender at full pace and then a perfect chip to the window of the goal frame?


8. Messi vs. Granada

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    Not only did this goal give Messi the Barcelona goal-scoring record, it's also an incredible stop-and-lob.

    Like, seriously incredible.

7. Messi vs. Brazil

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    Argentina vs. Brazil always has some feeling and passion behind it.

    So to score the goal in the dying minutes of the game in the way that Messi does takes some serious skill.

    And looking at the coaching staff?

    You'd have thought this goal meant something to them.

6. Messi vs. His Own Players

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    Official goal? Not a chance.

    Crazy? Six players in 10 seconds?


5. Messi vs. Lyon

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    Sometimes it's just not fair...

4. Messi vs. Real Madrid

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    Watching this video, it's almost like Messi has a button that he just pushes.

    "Okay, now we're going to score..."

3. Messi vs. Real Zaragoza

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    Start with strength. Add in speed. Mix in some skill. Finish with the back of the net.

    The commentator gets it bang on—simply lost for words.

2. Messi vs. Atletico Madrid

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    So much to see about this goal.

    Curling away from the goal, Messi hits the top right corner with inch-perfect precision.

    Oh, and it was 1-1 with 10 minutes to go.

    Definitely one of the toughest free kicks I've ever seen.

1. Messi vs. Getafe

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    As a 19-year-old, this is without a doubt his greatest goal.

    Simply sit back and enjoy the wonder that is Lionel Messi.

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