Matt Flynn: Updated Odds and Predictions for the QB's Top Landing Spots

Gary Davenport@@IDPSharksNFL AnalystMarch 10, 2012

Matt Flynn: Updated Odds and Predictions for the QB's Top Landing Spots

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    While Peyton Manning gets the coast-to-coast red carpet treatment and the Internet explodes with analyses of the blockbuster trade the Washington Redskins pulled off to perhaps land Baylor signal-caller Robert Griffin III, there is another quarterback who has faded into the background a bit this weekendโ€”and his landing spot in 2012 could have a big impact on the National Football League.

    Green Bay Packers backup Matt Flynn will hit free agency on March 13, and while the four-year veteran doesn't have Manning's resume or Griffin's Heisman, Kevin Kolb showed just one year ago that it doesn't take either to land a fat contract in the NFL when you line up under center.

    So, here's an updated look at the teams most likely to be "in like Flynn" this season.

Denver Broncos

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    If the facts that the Denver Broncos have already flown in Peyton Manning for a visit and vice president team of operations (and defacto head honcho) John Elway was in Stillwater to personally watch Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden work out are any indication, then the Broncos' 2011 playoff appearance under third-year pro Tim Tebow isn't as important in Elway's eyes as Tebow's low completion percentage and cringe-inducing throwing motion.

    There haven't been any "official" reports linking the Broncos to Flynn, but no one really thought the Broncos would make a run at Manning two weeks ago. It's very possible Denver will at least kick the tires on Flynn if they miss out on signing Manning.

    Odds of Being in Like Flynn: 20-1

Kansas City Chiefs

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    The Kansas City Chiefs didn't even wait to schedule a visit with Peyton Manning before reportedly offering the four-time NFL MVP a contract, so it would appear that the team might be experiencing some buyer's remorse about handing quarterback Matt Cassel a $63 million contract in 2009.

    However, signing Flynn would essentially be a repeat of what the team did with Cassel. It may be rather unlikely that Kansas City will once again shell out big bucks for a career backup with a limited resume, no matter how promising Flynn may seem.

    Odds of Being in Like Flynn: 15-1

Seattle Seahawks

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    The Seahawks have been playing their cards very close to the vest as far as the free-agent quarterback crop is concerned. But with more than $20 million in cap space and journeyman Tarvaris Jackson as their current starter, it wouldn't be at all surprising to see Pete Carroll and company make a play for Manning and/or Matt Flynn.

    Sportspress Northwest apparently isn't any more certain which signal-caller the Seahawks may make a run at, but they do seem to believe that the Seahawks could attempt to upgrade under center in free agency:

    "The availability of Flynn and Manning changes the Seahawks equation: As a team well under the salary cap, they can afford either veteran, but would have little left to pursue other free agents. They would, however, hold into their first-round pick, 12th overall."

    There, now that we've cleared that up...

    Odds of Being in Like Flynn: 10-1

Cleveland Browns

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    There very well could be no team in the NFL in more dire need of upgrading their dismal offense than the Cleveland Browns, and reports are circulating that the Browns may have been willing to match the Redskins' mega-offer for the rights to draft Robert Griffin III.

    There have been any number of conflicting reports about Cleveland's interest (or lack thereof) in Flynn's services, but he would seem to be a good fit for Cleveland's West Coast offense. And if the Griffin III reports are true, the Browns may become a big player in the mini-sweepstakes for Matt Flynn.

    Odds of Being in Like Flynn: 5-1

Miami Dolphins

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    The Dolphins have long been rumored to be one of the leading candidates to sign Peyton Manning, and with the future Hall of Famer set to visit the Dolphins, much of Miami's potential interest in Matt Flynn will depend on where The Forehead decides to call home in 2012.

    Should Manning spurn the Dolphins, the team is reportedly set to pursue Matt Flynn aggressively after missing out on the Robert Griffin III sweepstakes/train robbery. And, as Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel points out, Miami is apparently prepared to go big to get Flynn as a consolation prize, especially given Dolphins head coach Joel Philbin's familiarity with Flynn from their time together in Green Bay:

    "If Miami loses out on Manning (which my glass-half empty mentality expects) then donโ€™t be shocked if the Dolphins take an ALL-IN approach of Matt Flynn, who would welcome the opportunity to be Joe Philbinโ€™s starting quarterback. Flynn has always been plan B, and should be viewed as a VERY good option."

    Odds of Being in Like Flynn: 3-1


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