Jeremy Lin: Why Lin's Torrid Pace Will Continue into Season's 2nd Half

Sam DrakeCorrespondent IFebruary 24, 2012

Jeremy Lin: Why Lin's Torrid Pace Will Continue into Season's 2nd Half

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    Linsanity is still present in the NBA.

    It doesn't matter that Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks lost to the Miami Heat. Fans, both young and old, still love him.

    Ever since coming off the bench, Lin has excited the fans at Madison Square Garden; ticket prices and concession prices have soared but people still pack MSG to get a glimpse at the future star in the making. 

    People have doubted Lin's abilities saying that he is not athletic or fast enough to keep up with the Derrick Roses and the Chris Pauls of the NBA, but night in and night out, he has proven that he can play with the big boys.

    He has had a tremendous first half of the season and has matched numbers with some of the greats to ever play the game. He had more points and more assists than Isiah Thomas and Magic Johnson through their first eight starts!

    There is no reason to believe that Jeremy Lin will not continue his remarkable pace going into the second half of the NBA season.


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    You know the old saying, "shooters keep shooting"? 

    Well, Jeremy Lin keeps shooting.

    Even in his game against the Miami Heat, Lin was not having a very productive day scoring the ball. He had a game-long slump but that did not deter the point guard from shooting the ball. He threw up 11 shots and only made one of them. 

    He has proved that missing a few shots does not get him down. He knows that he can score at will, which he proved against the Los Angeles Lakers and Toronto Raptors.

    Having one off game will not get Lin down.


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    It is not just his scoring that has been exceptional for Jeremy Lin; he has been excellent passing the ball. 

    In the game against the Dallas Mavericks, not only did Lin score 28 points, he also dished out 14 assists. He accounted for at least 46 of the total 104 points scored; that is an astounding 44 percent of the total offense. That is a great number for a rookie who was cut twice and almost a third time.

    I am fully expecting Lin's assist numbers to increase now that Amar'e Stuodemire and Carmelo Anthony have returned to the lineup.

    Come the second half, the Knicks will be healthy and balls will begin to fly through the hoop.


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    The more he plays the better he will become.

    It is plain and simple: The more that Mike D'Antoni lets Lin stay on the court and handle the ball, the more Lin will learn what to do and what not to do.

    Lin will become more comfortable running the fast-paced offense that the Knicks employ and he will mesh with his teammates and develop good chemistry with them.

    Yes, even 'Melo will come around to Linsanity.


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    Even Jeremy Lin can get tired. 

    In order for him to keep his intensity night in and night out, Lin is going to have to get some rest. 

    With Baron Davis coming back from his stint on the disabled list, Lin will be able to get some rest while Davis runs the point.

    He is a capable guard and has veteran experience at the position. He might be over the hill in terms of NBA years but can still provide some meaningful minutes coming off the bench.

    Lin is going to need some kind of rest. He cannot keep playing 35 to 40 minutes a game. Yes, he is his youthful—but still, people need a break every now and then.


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    Jeremy Lin did not come from a basketball powerhouse like 'Melo did. He was not drafted like Stoudemire. He was cut from two teams before D'Antoni, who was out of options, decided to thrown Lin into the pot and see what he produced.

    There are countless motivational reasons for Lin to keep playing hard and continue what he has already accomplished. 

    He has the hopes and aspirations of the Chinese and Taiwanese people on his back, as he is the first player of Chinese and Taiwanese descent to play in the NBA.

    Around the country, there are children who are pretending they are Lin as they drive to the basket and score, not knowing who Michael Jordan is.

    He has all the motivation that he needs to help propel him into the second half of the season and to continue his torrid pace.