Premier League Transfers: 10 Deals That Could Change Everything in January

Kent SommerContributor IIINovember 11, 2011

Premier League Transfers: 10 Deals That Could Change Everything in January

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    We are a few months into the season and only a couple months away from the close of the transfer window, where plenty of teams will need to make moves. 

    Some need to in order to secure their spot at the top, or move into contention.  Other teams need to make a move before it's too late, before they are in too big of a hole and stuck at the bottom of the table for the entire season. 

    Here are 10 moves which could potentially change the Premier League landscape during the transfer flurry that is bound to happen in January. 

David Villa to Liverpool

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    Recent reports are linking David Villa with a potential move to Liverpool.  It is unclear why anyone would ever want to leave Barcelona in the middle of their domination of Spain and all of Europe. 

    However, despite being a world class striker, Villa plays second fiddle to Lionel Messi in the team. 

    Villa to Liverpool would surely change the Premier League landscape. 

    Without Villa, Liverpool is off to a strong start and currently sit sixth in the table.  They are within striking distance of the top four but, without a big move, they will have a hard time overcoming some of the other teams.

    Villa would be that big move, he would propel them into the top four.  Villa and Suarez up top for Liverpool?  It would be every Liverpool fans' dream.  The dream they thought they would have with Torres and Suarez playing together.  That dream never really materialized.  This dream could be much better.

Franck Ribery to Chelsea

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    While Ribery recently made it clear that he has no intention of leaving Bayern Munich at the moment, everyone knows that if Chelsea wants a player, they are willing to pay a premium to get that player.

    Chelsea is a team that is already full of quality players.  One could argue that what Chelsea needs more than anything is for the players to have more opportunity to play with one another, learning how to commingle and connect on the field.

    The last thing they might need is yet another star to come in and disrupt their ongoing efforts to find chemistry together.

    However, anyone that might make that argument can also look at Juan Mata and what he has been able to do for Chelsea.  Mata has come in and completely changed Chelsea for the better.  He has had an immediate impact and is largely responsible for Chelsea's success this season.

    Chelsea is currently sitting in fourth place and has a lot of ground to make up if they want to finish at the top of the table.  Bringing in Ribery could create a big change and change the current landscape at the top of the table.

Gareth Bale to Barcelona

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    As opposed to some other transfers, where the landscape could change because a team was adding a player, this transfer would change everything because of the loss to Tottenham.

    Almost every major club has, at one point or another, shown interest in Bale, or been linked to a rumor that they are pursuing Bale.  So we should take this Barcelona rumor with about as much seriousness as all of the other Bale rumors.

    But, when someone is a constant headline in the rumor mill, it means that their days at their current club are likely numbered.

    If this is the year that Bale finally leaves, Tottenham will surely struggle. Bale hasn't quite had the same great form as last season, but Tottenham, already struggling to stay at the top, will find it extremely difficult to break into the top four by the end of the season.

Carlos Tevez to Anywhere Outside of Manchester

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    This is more a move that would need to happen in order to maintain the current Premier League landscape.

    There have been ongoing problems with Carlos Tevez at Manchester City.  In the latest chapter of this saga, he flew home to Argentina without club permission, later failing to show up for a training session.

    Manchester City has made it to the top of the table without Tevez, so the team doesn't need him on the field in order to be successful.

    However, everyone knows it is a long season and it is very difficult to play quality soccer week in and week out through May. The last thing Manchester City needs is for this Tevez drama to continue to linger and disrupt their clubhouse.

    They need to sever ties with the striker and let the rest of the players focus on the matches and not the bench drama.

    If Tevez doesn't leave by January, he could disrupt City and disrupt the top of the table.

Wesley Sneijder to Manchester United

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    This is a rumor that will never die.  However, it is also a transfer that would shift the focus, and likely the balance of power, back to Manchester United.

    United have a young team and, although they were off to a great start, they have shown signs of weakness.  Their young players still need to mature a bit, but their veterans are too old to make an impact for an entire game.

    Enter Sneijder. 

    He would control the midfield and provide the missing puzzle piece that links everyone together.  David Silva and Juan Mata have shown how one solid midfielder can change a team. Sneijder would likely do the same for United and propel them back to the top of the table.

Landon Donovan to Everton

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    Everton rarely, if ever, makes a move or much of a splash before the transfer window.  But they are sitting near the bottom of the table and are in desperate need of help.  Donovan could be their answer.

    The LA Galaxy are about to play in the MLS Championship, so Donovan has not made any indication at the moment if he will go to England.  But once the season ends, the rumors and speculation will likely begin.

    Donovan knows Everton and has said he enjoyed his time there, stating he would even like to return. Plus, his compatriot Tim Howard is also at Everton, which could likely influence Donovan to return.

    Everton is near the bottom of the table but it's still early enough that they could still make a move towards the top half. If too much time goes by without a change, they will find themselves, at season's end, still battling to stay out of relegation.  Donovan could be the transfer they need that could change everything.

Clint Dempsey to Arsenal

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    The window for Dempsey's prime is closing. He has proven that he can compete in the Premier League and is an incredibly valuable asset to Fulham. 

    But it is unlikely that Fulham will ever finish at the top of the table and if Dempsey wants to play for one of the top clubs, now would be the window of opportunity to make the move.

    Arsenal has shown interest in Dempsey in the past.  If they renew their interest, they could likely obtain Dempsey at a reasonable and affordable price.

    His presence on the field for Arsenal could help change everything and help Arsenal finish at the top of the table.

Angel Di Maria to Manchester United

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    It is unclear if Real Madrid would actually part with Angel di Maria, but he would definitely make a splash with United. 

    The Argentine midfielder and striker would help United fill some of the holes in their aging midfield.  United is off to a great start but does need to make some sort of move if they expect to catch City. 

    A move for di Maria could be the difference and help them finish at the top of the table.

Jermain Defoe to Queens Park Rangers

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    QPR is currently sitting in the middle of the table. A glass half full person would argue that they are off to a great start and doing great, especially considering they were just promoted.

    A glass half empty guy knows that, even though they are in the middle of the table, they are only three points outside of the relegation zone, and that the tides and fortunes can quickly turn.

    Defoe would provide the leadership QPR would need to make it through the entire season and remain closer to the top of the table.

    He would also make QPR a much more difficult opponent, and likely help QPR cause a lot of upsets throughout the season.

Robin Van Persie to Chelsea or Manchester City

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    Admittedly, this is highly unlikely to actually happen.  However, Arsenal has made it clear that they don't intend on discussing a new deal with the striker until next summer. 

    Van Persie appears to be happy at Arsenal and he could be fine waiting until the summer to negotiate his contract.

    Van Persie also knows that Arsenal was off to a dismal start this season and that he is largely responsible for their success this season.  He is in the position to demand immediate negotiations and restructuring of his contract. 

    If Arsenal doesn't respond to his demands, don't be surprised if a team like Chelsea or City makes a run at Van Persie.  Not that either team needs another striker, but neither one has ever shown much restraint when it comes to paying for a big name player.

    Although it is highly unlikely to happen, if Van Persie did leave Arsenal it would put a nail in Arsenal's coffin and completely change the Premier League.