John Terry: 5 Reasons Why Chelsea and John Terry Need to Part Ways

Brandon Boyer@iBrandonBoyerContributor IIIOctober 26, 2011

John Terry: 5 Reasons Why Chelsea and John Terry Need to Part Ways

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    John Terry has established himself as one of the sturdiest and most prolific defenders—strike that—players in the English game. 

    Having served Chelsea since his youth squad days back in 1995, he has formed the backbone of the Chelsea squad that we see today. 

    Or "have seen," I should say. 

    This defender is out of favor. He's no longer striking the right chords with the English public and here's why Chelsea need to ditch their captain in favor of brighter days and smoother sailing. 


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    At the ripe old age of 30, Terry is reaching the end of what has been a relatively illustrious career with the West London side. 

    Now, he could easily go on defending for the next few years and be perfectly fine. 

    The problem is is that he no longer has the edge about his play that he used to. 

    He has reached the peak of his career and surpassed it. 

    Without a Champions League title, I might add, thanks to this little slip-up. 

    If Chelsea really want to stick to the youth movement currently being stirred within the club, they need to ditch this beleaguered defender in favor of the strong youth coming up through their academy.


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    As the game against QPR shown this past weekend, he is not exactly on form. 

    Yes, he helped to keep out some of the assaults that Queens Park Rangers had on the nine-man Chelsea squad, but it's just that. 

    It's Queens Park Rangers. A squad rebuilt and refurbished with out-of-favor Premier League footballers. 

    I'm looking at you, Shaun Wright-Phillips and Joey Barton. 

    It's not like they're exactly knocking down doors and battling for European titles season in and season out. 

Tarnishing the Chelsea Name

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    Chelsea has not been a team that has had much of a name in the past half of a century. 

    Jose Mourinho and Roman Abramovich changed all that for the blue part of London since the turn of the century. 

    They brought titles and cups and glory to Stamford Bridge. 

    John Terry was a key part of their ability to shut out opposition too. 

    The problem is, he's bringing the wrong kind of attention to Chelsea, since those days not too long gone. 

    With his off-the-field problems, Chelsea are constantly surrounded by an air of insecurity, as their captain goes through a very colorful off-the-field life. 

Controversial Figure

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    The last thing Chelsea need is a distraction. 

    If Chelsea look to make a worthwhile fight for the Premier League title, then Terry needs to be out the door in January. 

    He's brought way too many distractions in and around the dressing room at Stamford Bridge, from his alleged affair with former Blues teammate Wayne's Bridge's wife to his ever-so-recent alleged slur against Anton Ferdinand. 

    Yeah, that Anton Ferdinand. QPR defender and little brother to former England center-back partner to John Terry, Rio Ferdinand. 

    With these allegations coming up against him, particularly if Ferdinand looks to press legal action against the slur, Chelsea are in need of a back-line revamp. 

    They simply cannot have someone around the team providing unnecessary distraction from the game at hand or causing unneeded rows with players. 

Andres Villas-Boas

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    The success of Andres Villas-Boas at FC Porto last year cannot simply be denied. 

    The Portuguese league may not be the strongest in the world, but they went completely unbeaten throughout their campaign, which is a feat that is difficult whether you play in a recreational league side or a world-renowned powerhouse of a club. 

    This man is going to be looking to revamp the club. 

    He's already brought in new faces and new names to the side, and with whispers of Malouda and Drogba heading for the door, due to playing time and/or age, Terry very well could be the next on that list. 

    He may have been the backbone for a few successful Blues sides, but the tides are changing in West London.

    Terry may want to push for a transfer while he still holds the high transfer values that he does, before Villas-Boas opens that door for him.

In Conclusion...

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    John Terry is a very solid, very reliable defender; don't read this article wrong. 

    He is easily one of the best defenders in the English Premier League, even after such a long time at the top. 

    He just brings a lot of baggage to a club and to a new manager looking to turn a new page and looking to match the youth and vibrancy coming from clubs like Manchester United and Arsenal

    Chelsea should cut ties with this aging defender. 

    Cash in before it's too late and the prices fall any farther on this strong, yet controversial figure.