Arsenal: 5 Reasons Why Pedro Rodriguez Would Be a Great Addition to the Gunners

Raul HingoraniCorrespondent IIOctober 23, 2011

Arsenal: 5 Reasons Why Pedro Rodriguez Would Be a Great Addition to the Gunners

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    Pedro Rodriguez was one of the heads of the three-headed monster that was Barcelona's attack. Their forwards consisted of David Villa, Lionel Messi and Pedro. The team was very effective last season, and credit must go to these three forwards.

    But, over the summer, the Spanish club acquired Cesc Fábregas. So with the manager wanting to include him in the starting lineup, he placed Cesc in the midfield along with Xavi, and moved Iniesta to the right wing, Pedro's position. With this change, Pedro was assigned to the bench.

    Arsenal haven't been doing as well as they would have liked. They are currently in the middle of the EPL table, struggling to climb the ranks. In the Champions League, they are first place in their group, which is pretty good considering their domestic performances.

    Right now, Arsenal need to recuperate and find their original form, while Pedro, a talented player, deserves to get the playing time a player of his stature deserves. So, it could be a win-win situation for both sides, the team gets a skillful player, while the player will get the playing time he wants.

    So here are five reasons Pedro could be a great addition to Arsenal.

Pedro Could Be a Key Factor in Arsenal Improving This Season

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    By now, all Arsenal fans know that this season could turn out badly. After the departures of two of their best players, the Gunners have been left hanging, waiting for a miracle to happen. Robin Van Persie has been able to put in stellar efforts into his performances, playing extremely well in many matches. 

    Pedro is a young player who has a feel for the game of football. His attacking mentality is key to his good performances. In Arsenal, Robin Van Persie and Gervinho can't be the only ones leading their attacks. Pedro would be a huge help to the main leaders of this team. 

    At this point in time, I would already be looking forward to the next transfer window by now. Clearly, the new recruits haven't really made an impact on the pitch as yet. Pedro already has an impact for Barcelona, so he shouldn't have a problem making magic at the Emirates.

His Experience at Barcelona Would Make Him Fit for the EPL

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    The Premier League is known for being the most physical league out of the elite leagues in the world. Many players have had trouble meshing with the style of this league, but others have managed to benefit from it.

    For example, when Cristiano Ronaldo, a physical player, played for Manchester United, he was a monster. Physical strength, power, and experience is crucial in succeeding in this league.

    Pedro is a 24-year-old player. He might seem young, but he has quite a bit of experience playing for Barcelona.

    Over the course of his career in Barcelona, he has played various European matches against teams such as Arsenal and Manchester United. He has scored in many of these matches, and this just proves that a player like him would be suited to play in the EPL. 

    Pedro's talent and experience should not be wasted on the bench; he deserves to play in a league worthy of his level of play.

With Walcott Preparing His Central Move, Arsenal Need a Right Wing

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    Recently, it has been said that Theo Walcott will eventually switch to a central position. His pace would add a lot to that area of the pitch, but his speed and change of pace would be missed on the right wing, where he has dominated in many matches. He has proven almost unstoppable due to his speed.

    But, if he were to move over, there wouldn't be too many options for the right flank. That's where Pedro comes in.

    From the right, Pedro has the advantage of being able to cut in with his left foot; he could produce shots on his own or for others. He might not have Theo's speed, but he has the experience to be able to remain comfortable in the right wing, while posing a threat to the opposing defense.

    They could even move Gervinho to the right and Pedro to the right, I doubt that that would happen, but it could still work as an extra option when nothing else works.

    Pedro's abilities could be utilized in many forms, hence he has been played on both flanks.

Pedro's Talent Would Be Extremely Helpful to the Arsenal Attack

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    Over the years Pedro has played at Barcelona, he has shown all that his attacking skills are quite exquisite. Early on last season, he played on the left wing, where he scored a multitude of nice goals.

    As mentioned earlier, he was part of the three-headed monster that was this team's attack. But then at a later point in the season, he was also able to prove his skills on the right wing, cutting in with his left foot to produce various chances at goal.

    Right now, Arsenal have a pretty good attacking side, with Deutchman RVP, Ivorian Gervinho and Englishman Theo Walcott. They are forwards who can make the most of their opportunities.

    Pedro's trickery would give just the right touch to Arsenal's attack; he could become one of the premier scorers of the league.

Pedro Hasn't Yet Reached His Peak, so There Is Much More to Come from Him

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    Pedro Rodriguez is just 24 years old. He has already accomplished so much as an athlete. He has won many tournaments with Barcelona, and one could only expect more to come from the Spaniard.

    I don't think he has reached his peak yet. I could be wrong, but if I'm not, then Pedro has the potential to be even more amazing then he ever believed.

    If Pedro were to reach his peak soon, then all the reasons mentioned above would only increase the significance of this transfer.

    Pedro has many years to come in his football career, and Arsenal need a player who could have a long-term impact. Pedro could be that kind of player if his peak is yet to come.


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    Ultimately, both sides of this situation are currently in a lose-lose situation. Arsenal are in need of immediate resurrection in terms of performances, while Pedro could be utilized better than he currently is at Barcelona.

    Right now, it is unsure whether Pedro would even think about moving, but if his intentions are to play a lot of football, then he should depart Spain. But, if he believes he will receive better opportunities at Barcelona, then he should stay.

    There are many other clubs who would be delighted to have Pedro on their team, but I feel Arsenal is a team that could benefit the most from receiving Pedro.