Marco Fabian and the 13 Most Tasteless Goal Celebrations in Soccer History

Michael Cummings@MikeCummings37World Football Lead WriterOctober 19, 2011

Marco Fabian and the 13 Most Tasteless Goal Celebrations in Soccer History

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    Everyone loves a good goal celebration, but every so often a player comes along and ruins everything.

    Take Marco Fabian, for example.

    The other night, Fabian was celebrating a goal with his Chivas teammates when things went bad quickly.

    Teammate Alberto Medina approached Fabian, who mimicked a gun with his hand and "fired" an execution-style shot into Medina's head.

    Medina fell to the ground as if he had just died.

    Fun, right? Actually, it upset a few people.

    It's easy to see why people are angry. As Dirty Tackle points out, Fabian and Medina play in a country that had 15,000 recorded murders last year. Faking another to celebrate a goal probably isn't a great idea.

    But where does it rank in the all-time list of tasteless goal celebrations?

    There's already a tough field of competitors with fascists, fake drug users, honest-to-goodness drunks, sectarian violence and feigned urination.

    Let's get right to it.

Dishonorable Mention: Stephen Ireland

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    What happened?

     Manchester City's Stephen Ireland celebrated a 2007 goal against Sunderland by dropping his pants to reveal Superman underpants.


    Why It's Not on the List

    It's an affront to Superman and women everywhere. But it was also really funny and stupid.

13. Temuri Ketsbaia

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    What Happened?

     Also known as Uncle Fester, Temuri Ketsbaia was unhappy for being used as a Newcastle sub against Bolton in 1998.

    After scoring in that match, he promptly ripped off his shirt and went crazy on the advertising boards surrounding the pitch.

    You show 'em, Uncle Festy!


    Why It's on the List

     Ketsbaia's celebration wasn't too terribly tasteless, but it was violent and confusing and frightening.

    On the other hand, he only hurt himself so he sneaks in at the bottom of the list.

12. Findi George

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    What Happened?

     Findi George scored for Nigeria against Greece in the 1994 World Cup.

    He ran to the corner of the pitch, got down on all fours and raised his right leg in imitation of a dog urinating.


    Why It's on the List

     No one wants to see anyone urinating. Ever. Or acting like it.

11. Craig Bellamy

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    What Happened?

     Liverpool was playing Barcelona in a 2007 Champions League match.

    Craig Bellamy scored, whipped out a fake golf club from his fake golf bag and took a shot on the imaginary pitch.

    Harmless, right?


    Why It's on the List

     A few nights before the match, Bellamy had gotten into trouble for a drunken night out on the Algarve.

    What did he do? Oh, he only got faded and attacked teammate John Arne Riise with a golf club.

    Yeah, that celebration was very tasteful.

10. Clint Mathis

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    What Happened?

     American striker Clint Mathis scored a goal for German club Hannover 96 after coming on as a late substitute in a 2004 game.

    After the goal, he ran to his sideline and started pointing to an imaginary watch (sorry, no video).


    Why It's on the List

     Mathis did it right in front of his coach. He was saying, in effect, look what I could have done with more time.

    Think that made the coach mad? Mathis started the next match but never played for the club again.

    That's why you don't ever show up your manager.

9. Paul Gascoigne

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    What Happened?

     Paul Gascoigne scored a brilliant volleyed goal against Scotland in England's second match of Euro '96.

    After the goal, Gazza lay down as if he were in a dentist's chair, while his teammates sprayed water from bottles into his mouth.


    Why It's on the List

     In the run-up to Euro '96, Gazza and a few other England players indulged in some wild partying, including an incident involving drinking in a dentist's chair.

    The wild partying and excess might have been fun for the players, but it's a sign of disrespect to teammates and the game.

    To make light of that with a goal celebration was tasteless.

8. Jurgen Klinsmann

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    What Happened?

     Jurgen Klinsmann, who currently serves as manager of the US national team, scored on his debut for Tottenham Hotspur against Sheffield Wednesday in 1994.

    His goal celebration included a dive to the touchline.


    Why It's on the List

     We love him now, of course, but that celebration was a bit uncalled for.

    Klinsmann arrived in England with a reputation for diving. So after his first goal, he dived to the touchline.

    Was it a joke? Was it a big middle finger to his critics?

    Who knows? He just shouldn't have done it.

7. Emmanuel Adebayor

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    What Happened?

     Emmanuel Adebayor scored on a header for Manchester City against Arsenal in 2009.

    He celebrated by sliding and raising his arms toward the Arsenal supporters.


    Why It's on the List

     Arsenal fans weren't next to the goal where Adebayor scored.

    No, they were at the other end of the pitch. That wasn't a problem for Adebayor, who sprinted the length of the field just to stick it in their faces.

    Let's not forget Adebayor became a star at Arsenal. There's nothing quite like gratitude, is there?

6. Gary Neville

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    What Happened?

     Rio Ferdinand scored a late winner for Manchester United against Liverpool at Old Trafford in 2006.

    Gary Neville celebrated by goading the Liverpool fans.


    Why It's on the List

     Neville didn't even score the goal.

    He had plenty of places to celebrate, considering it was in his team's home stadium. But he sprinted the length of the field to find Liverpool's fans.

    The Manchester United-Liverpool derby is fierce, with fans ready to go off at any provocation.

    But most of all, because it was Gary Neville.

5. Robbie Fowler

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    What Happened?

     After scoring a penalty for Liverpool against Merseyside rival Everton in 1999, Robbie Fowler stooped down to the goal line and made a sniffing gesture.


    Why It's on the List

      Fowler had been falsely accused by Everton fans of using cocaine.

    The celebration was meant to look like cocaine sniffing.

    Great idea, Robbie. It earned him a £60,000 fine and a four-match suspension.

4. Tie Between Tim Cahill and David Norris

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    What Happened?

     Tim Cahill scored in Everton's 3-1 victory over Portsmouth in March 2008. In his celebration, he crossed his wrists as if to show himself being handcuffed.

    In November 2008, David Norris celebrated his goal for Ipswich with a similar gesture.


    Why They Are on the List

     Cahill was paying "tribute" to his brother Sean, who had been jailed for six years starting in 2004 after a violent incident that left a man partially blind.

    Norris was doing the same for former teammate Luke McCormick, who had been jailed for killing two boys in a car crash.

    Stay classy, guys.

3. Paul Gascoigne

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    What Happened?

     Paul Gascoigne celebrated a goal for Rangers against Celtic in 1998 by acting like he was playing a flute.


    Why It's on the List

     For starters, Rangers fans and Celtic fans hate each other.

    Celtic fans traditionally come from the Catholic Republican community, while Rangers fans generally come from the Protestant Unionist community.

    The groups maintain a bitter feud that goes back for generations.

    The flute is a symbol of the Orange Order, a loyalist group of Protestants. Gazza's use of the symbol angered Celtic fans in a way that goes beyond football and into life and death.

2. Marco Fabian

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    We already discussed this one in our introduction, but there are a few more points to make.

    First, look at the Chivas coach after the goal. He knows how tasteless the celebration was.

    Second, the club immediately came out with a statement denouncing Fabian's actions. Here is the statement:

    "The players who participated in this celebration will be called to account because they are role models for children and youth of our country."

1. Paolo Di Canio

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    What Happened?

     Paolo Di Canio scored for Lazio against AS Roma in 2004 and saluted the fans in the style of World War II fascists.


    Why It's on the List

    Lazio was thought to be Mussolini's favored club. There is perhaps no name more hated in Italy than Mussolini.

    Do we really need to explain the rest? Fascism and its followers instigated the costliest conflict in world history.

    They shouldn't be honored or glorified by a footballer. Period.