YouTube Grab Bag: 30 of Our Favorite Must-Watch Football-Related Viral Videos

Lindsay EanetCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2011

YouTube Grab Bag: 30 of Our Favorite Must-Watch Football-Related Viral Videos

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    Sometimes, you just need a break from the hustle and bustle to watch some amusing football videos on YouTube. We here at Bleacher Report understand that, and have compiled a bunch of our favorite must-see viral videos so you don't have to. 

    Here, for you, we have a sizable assortment of entertaining viral world football video miscellany to keep you entertained while you should be working / in class / job-hunting / whatever it is that is more productive but less desirable than watching such delightful shenanigans. Some are old, some are brand new, but at least one of these should vaguely amuse you. If you've got more videos you'd like to share, feel free to post them in the comments section.

Ivan Franjic's Kayak Goal Celebration

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    When we posted our Top 50 All-Time Goal Celebrations earlier this week, a few of you responded with some of your favorites we forgot. Reader Eddie Hunter-Higgins offered this one, calling its absence from our list a "glaring omission." He was right.

    In this clip from an October 2010 match, Ivan Franjic of the Brisbane Roar celebrates a goal by mounting one of his teammates (on all fours and flanked by two others doing the same) and using the corner post as a kayak paddle. Brilliant. 

Antoine Griezmann Gets into the Driver's Seat

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    Another cracker of a goal celebration submitted by you, the commenters, this time from Ariff M. Zulkifli, who calls it "not funny, but certainly unique." 

    In another celebration from October 2010, Real Sociedad winger Antoine Griezmann celebrated a goal from his team's 3-0 victory over Deportivo La Coruña by hopping into the driver's seat of this truck and pretending to drive. Maybe he has a future in Formula 1 instead of La Liga. 

Freestyle Football

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    This is an older video from 2007, so perhaps it's made the rounds a few times before, but even so, it was worth showing again. This gravity-defying football freestyler combines elements of breakdancing and the beautiful game, and the results are totally amazing.

Beer + Football + Guerrilla Marketing = a Match Made in Heaven

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    In 2010, Heineken Italy decided they would try a grand-scale football-related con in order to market their beer. The company decided to stage a fake classical music concert the night of an important Champions League match between AC Milan and Real Madrid and see how many fans would miss the match to attend the concert with their significant others. You'd be surprised at how many did—and they were rewarded for their loyalties with a big-screen showing of the match and Heineken's campaign was a success.

    Check out this video to see just how they did it. 

Gerard Piqué, David Villa and Bojan Bust a Move with Shakira

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    It must be nice having a famous girlfriend who can perform at your club's Champions League victory celebration. 

    Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué and his teammates David Villa and Bojan Krkic got on stage to bust a move with Piqué's flame, international pop sensation and World Cup anthem-performer Shakira. The normally rather graceful Piqué looks pretty nervous alongside Shakira, but Bojan is totally into it.

Kun Agüero Shakes His Groove Thing with Huecco

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    Over the summer, Spanish rock singer Huecco (who looks an awful lot like the lead singer of the Counting Crows, no?) recorded a charity single called "Dame Vida" to promote the Soccket, a football equipped with LED lights that can be used as a lamp in areas where electric light is scarce. 

    For the single, Huecco enlisted a number of top-flight football stars, including Barcelona's David Villa and Dani Alves, Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos and Liverpool's Pepe Reina. But our favorite of the promos is probably the one featuring Sergio Agüero, then at Atlético Madrid, who shows off some killer moves and just looks like he's having the best time ever.

UNC Asheville Soccer's Real-Life Angry Birds Competition

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    In a video to promote the UNC Asheville men's soccer team, goalkeepers Lassi Hurskainen and Dan Jackson decided to engage in a real-life version of Angry Birds. The two dueling keepers employ some thoroughly entertaining tactics in knocking those ubiquitous little green pigs off goalposts, bleachers and other structures. So much better than a smartphone app.

Borat: Streakings on Footballing Pitch for Make Benefit Glorious Sporting Game

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    Jagshemash! Streakers on the pitch are certainly nothing new, but one streaking trend riffing off of the popularity of a certain film about a fictional Kazakh journalist has perhaps outlasted the popularity of said film. 

    A fan wearing a Borat-style mankini invaded the pitch at a 2007 Birmingham City match, but the quality of this March 2011 version, from a match between Dorchester and Havant & Waterlooville F.C. at H&W's ground, is better. What's surprising is that when Dorchester's Ashley Vickers tackles the offender, he gets sent off with a red card. 

Jeremie Janot Is Spider-Man

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    In a 2005 match against Istres, Saint-Étienne goalkeeper Jeremie Janot proved he can do whatever a spider can.

The Football Smoothie Maker

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    Last year, UK-based artist Dominic Wilcox set out on a mission he called "speed-creating," making or inventing a new object or installation every day. On Day 15, he put some fruit and yogurt in a bag, put it in a hollowed-out football, and had a delicious post-match smoothie for when he was done playing. Ingenious, no? 

Landon Donovan Gets Owned at FIFA 12

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    In a promo for FIFA 12 released last month, Landon Donovan takes on San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum in a video showdown, and the L.A. Galaxy star gets beaten at his own game, literally. There's nothing like a a little friendly banter and smack-talk, and this sequence is full of it. In the end, it just makes us really want to hang out with Tim Lincecum. 

    The banter between Hope Solo and Steve Nash in this one is pretty funny too.

Kevin-Prince Boateng Is Not My Lover

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    You've all probably seen this one by this point, but Kevin-Prince Boateng's homage to the King of Pop, performed in front of teammates and fans at AC Milan's Scudetto celebration earlier this year, is pretty mesmerizing. Sha-MO-na! 

Li'l Ronaldinho

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    The skills, the entertainment factor, the hair. This budding star, who was filmed at a Danish sports camp in 2007, has all the makings of a mini Ronaldinho, right down to the distinctive mane. But can he samba?

Li'l Ronaldinho, Part II

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    Turns out the Saturday morning cartoon Li'l Ronaldinho may actually be a reality. Check out this promo for Ronaldinho Gaucho's Team, an Italian children's cartoon that will begin airing in 2012. On the show, a young, cartoonified version of the Brazilian star and his pals teach kids about "shared values, solidarity, friendship, and a healthy sense of fun and competitive sport." Awwww. 

Red Card in Five Seconds

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    In this 2011 match between Nagoya Grampus and Shimizu S-Pulse, a challenge from Nagoya Grampus defender T. Masukawa led to him being sent off about five seconds into the match. Remember folks, discipline is important.

Sylvie Van Der Vaart Is Totally Awesome

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    You already knew that, but here's further proof. In this shoot from January 2011, the Dutch television personality and WAG of Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Rafael van der Vaart shows off some serious ball-handling skills in front of the cameras (I see you snickering over there. Stop that.).

    For real though, juggling like that is impressive enough, but in heels? Whoa.

Mutebe Kidiaba Puts Some Bounce into It

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    Another celebration that missed the cut from 50 Goal Celebrations but was definitely worth sharing now. When Congolese club TP Mazembe became the first African side to advance to the finals of the FIFA Club World Cup, goalkeeper Muteba Kidiaba was excited, as you'd expect. But what was rather unexpected was his butt-bouncing celebration.

The O.G. of O.Gs

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    There are plenty of great own goal videos circulating around the intertubes, but this blunder from a 2011 match from Zulte Waregem goalkeeper Sammy Bossut is the own goal to end all own goals. He looks like he's made the save and has the throw-in to his teammates in the bag, but his trajectory slips and his throw-in lands right back in the net. Whoops.

Jack, the Best Football Mascot Ever

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    Sorry, Gunnersaurus Rex. Move over, Freddy the Red. The best mascot in recent Premiership history is Jack, this energetic little dude who shook things up at a Newcastle United match in 2010. The moves! The stage presence! 

Dida, You're a Firework

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    This is an oldie but a goodie. And by "goodie," we mean "a bit horrifying." We don't condone throwing foreign objects at players, nor do we enjoy watching anyone get hurt, but this is one of those can't-look-away kind of videos.

    In this footage from a 2005 Champions League quarter-final between AC Milan and Inter Milan, the crowd was, as one might expect in a derby of this magnitude, getting a little rowdy. Rossoneri keeper Dida ended up as collateral damage when he got hit with a lit firework. He's okay now, though. Don't worry.

Magic of Football: Dynamo vs. Gary Neville

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    The Barclays Premier League "Magic of Football" series features Lancashire-based magician Steven Frayne, a.k.a. Dynamo, performing feats of illusion and sleight-of-hand for some of football's biggest names. The latest to join him on the show is Manchester United legend and football pundit Gary Neville, who looks totally amazed by Dynamo's stunts. (Judging by the comments below the video on YouTube though, the fans are less impressed.)

Mario Gómez's Below-the-Belt Greeting

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    When the striker, then at VfB Stuttgart, scored for his side in this 2009 Round of 16 DFB-Pokal match, his teammate congratulates him with what looks like it meant to be an affectionate crotch-tap, but actually looks pretty painful. No wonder he transferred to Bayern Munich. 

Snoop Dogg Loves Gareth Bale

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    In promoting his European tour, tha Doggmaster himself did a series of short videos donning a Cardiff City kit, attempting to juggle balls and animated pot leaves and inviting Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Gareth Bale to his show. Oh, to be a fly on the wall when those two hang out.

    He gives a shout to Bale's Wales teammate, Manchester United star Ryan Giggs, in another video, too.

The World's Ballsiest Barça Fan

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    At this December 2010 match, one musically gifted—and totally reckless—Barcelona supporter decided to take a risk with his talent. He brought a trumpet into Santiago Bernabéu, the ground of Barça's bitter rivals, Real Madrid, and proceeded to play a rousing rendition of the club anthem, the Cant del Barça.

    Gutsy? Yes. Perhaps a bit stupid? Yes. Viral video gold? Absolutely.

Luis Suárez vs. the Sprinkler

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    The sprinkler system at Goodison Park seems to startle Liverpool striker Luis Suárez during the Reds' warmup before the Merseyside Derby this year. And from the looks of it, Suárez is not amused. 

The Evolution of the Football Video Game

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    Man, YouTube is full of really talented editors with way too much time on their hands, and we love it for that. One user, davero79, decided to chronicle the evolution of the football video games, from humble 8-bit beginnings to the warring Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA factions who continue to one-up one another (this year's PES comes with a "Twitter mode" where your players can vent their frustrations after tough losses). A fun diversion and a pretty amazing look at how far technology has come in so little time.

    For Part 2, go here

Jose Mourinho Surprises Real Madrid with a Barbecue at His House

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    He may have surprised the team with an end-of-the-summer barbecue, but the Special One will never reveal the recipe for his Special Ribs.

Samir Nasri and Alex Song Take Adebayor's Hat

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    In this October 2010 match, Samir Nasri and Alex Song decide to have a little fun with their old Arsenal teammate, Emmanuel Adebayor. You've gotta love the "Aw, maaaaan... come on!" gesture Adebayor gives them after they take his hat.

Polish Pooch on the Pitch

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    Animals invading the pitch is pretty common viral video fodder—particularly dogs, like in this clip where a Panathinakos goalkeeper shows off his animal control skills. But this one, from a match between Wisla Kraków and Polonia Warsaw, was probably our favorite because look how happy that four-legged fan looks running on the pitch. 

    Also, dogs have it easy, when you think about it. If a human tried that same maneuver, it would probably end in a tackle and possibly a Tasering. 

Folk & Røvere and Arne Scheie's 'Supermann' Video

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    Norwegian rapping, vintage football cards and footage and AutoTune. This is just amazing.