Arsenal FC: The Best Arsenal Jerseys of All Time

Brandon Boyer@iBrandonBoyerContributor IIIOctober 13, 2011

Arsenal FC: The Best Arsenal Jerseys of All Time

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    The jersey: the most iconic and visual thing about a sports team. 

    It is what supporters wear to support the successes of their squad. It is the cloth to dry their tears in stark failures. It is what binds the club as a visual whole. 

    Fans from across the globe can find these to support their team, whether going to the game every Saturday or Sunday, or watching the game on a tiny television continents away. 

    As with most English clubs, Arsenal have kept true to a classic version of their colors, incorporating slightly varying shades of red and white into their home jersey, to having bright yellows and royal blues covering their away and alternate jerseys. 

    Their jerseys have evolved throughout their history, but some stick out more than others, whether due to the stylish nature of them, historical meaning or just simply the successes earned in said jersey. 

2011-2012 125th Anniversary Away Jersey

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    The 2011-2012 Arsenal side may not be a strong nor successful one, thus far, but they do rock a sweet away kit. 

    In honor of the 125th year of Arsenal as a club, they have brought out a vibrant electric blue and royal blue kit that is unlike most other kits Arsenal have had in the past. 

    Though it is rather awesome looking, it has been attached to some very hard-to-swallow memories, such as the 8-2 thumping at the hands of Top Four rivals Manchester United in August of this year. 

2004-2005 Home Jersey

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    The scent of trophy success was last smelled with these gold detailed jerseys. 

    Arsenal may not have been successful in retaining their Premier League title from their sparkling previous season, but they still managed to scrape out an FA Cup Final victory over a very aggressive Manchester United side. 

2002-2003 Away Jersey

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    This eye-pleasing blue kit was donned for away games during an FA Cup and Premier League winning side, thus solidifying this jerseys place on this list. 

    The free-flowing Arsenal side during this time not only dominated domestically, but in Europe as well, handing out heavy defeats to opponents, such as Roma. 

    Not only was it an eye-catching jersey, but it is the one Arsenal jersey I personally have seen most often when playing in scrimmages and small-sided games around my community, speaking volumes as to the attractiveness of the jersey itself. 

2003-2004 Away Jersey

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    This was the season of the Invincibles.

    This jersey was worn during away matches during the most dominant season in the history of the English Premier League. 

    I think Arsenal may have gotten a little help along the way whenever the sun shone off this bright and vibrantly yellow jerseys, temporarily blinding opponents as the Gunners weaved their way towards history. 

1969-1978 Home Jersey

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    This was the jersey that Arsenal wore during their first major stint of success under the rules of modern football in England. 

    The Arsenal that wore this strip was a scrappy side that ground out one-nil victories and had a major physical aspect to their game.

    With the domestic success of winning the Double in 1971, this classic jersey set earned its place in the history books at Highbury. 

2000-2002 Home Jerseys

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    Another Arsenal Double side graces this list with their Dreamcast sponsored jerseys.

    With up and coming names like Thierry Henry, Patrick Viera and Robert Pires paired up along side well-established stars such as Dennis Bergkamp, Sylvain Wiltord and Tony Adams, this Arsenal side was bound to be successful. 

    This jersey was introduced at the beginning of the Golden Age under which Arsene Wenger experienced his successes. 

2005-2006 "Highbury" Home Jersey

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    Thierry Henry's hat-trick in the final game at Highbury could not have been a more fitting send off to the home of Arsenal Football Club since 1913. 

    These special kits commemorated Arsenal's final season at the famous ground before their migration up the road to Ashburton Grove for the next season. 

    Though no trophies were won during this time, it was one of the final seasons that the ever-successful Highbury-based side had together, with staples like Henry, Pires and Bergkamp on the way out at season's end. 

2003-2004 Home Jersey

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    If you are an Arsenal supporter or know anything about Arsenal, you saw this coming. 

    The first unbeaten side during the regular season since the 1888-1889 Preston North End side did so. 

    Arguably the highest point in Arsenal history. Though they went out in the FA Cup through a tough loss in the semifinals, this side and this jersey will be forever remembered for going an entire season without a loss, capturing the hearts and minds of those who watched this incredibly feat as it happened. 

In Conclusion...

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    Arsenal's jerseys have been the wrapping with which those who are fond of the North London red and white have so closely identified. 

    From Charlie Adam to Thierry Henry, and every player in between, those Gunners have had the privilege to pull on some of these all time favorite kits and play for Arsenal, inspiring those watching and giving a sight to those wishing they weren't.