Bayern Munich: How Does FC Hollywood Stack Up in FIFA 12?

Mohamed Al-Hendy@Mo_HendyCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2011

Bayern Munich: How Does FC Hollywood Stack Up in FIFA 12?

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    Welcome to my sixth FIFA 12 player ratings review article. So far, I've reviewed Tottenham HotspurReal MadridFC BarcelonaChelsea FC and Liverpool FC. I will review Manchester United and Manchester City later this week.

    Last season, Bayern Munich struggled in all competitions, and in particular the Bundesliga, where the team almost failed to qualify for the Champions League.

    When Bayern Munich lost third place in the Bundesliga on April 9, after having been dumped out of the German Cup by Schalke and Champions League by Inter Milan, Louis Van Gaal was relieved of his coaching duties at Bayern Munich. 

    With the Dutch tactician out of the picture, Bayern Munich were able to starting consistently winning again, and finished season in solid form, picking up 13 out of 15 possible points to finish comfortably in third place.

    Still, the 2010-11 season was undoubtedly a failure for the German giants. What effect did this failure have on the individual stars at the Bavarian club?

    Let's find out.

    Note: Players rated below 70 are excluded.


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    GK Manuel Neuer, 86

    GK Hans-Jorg Butt, 77

    Manuel Neuer's rating makes him the second-best rated goalkeeper in all of FIFA 12, which is a bit surprising considering FIFA 12 ratings are supposed to be based on the 2010-11 season.

    Neuer was great in 2010-11, but he still played for one of the poorer defensive sides in the Bundesliga. You'd think that 63 goals conceded in 53 games would've prevented Neuer from even hitting 84 in FIFA 12, especially considering how stingy EA Sports is with goalkeeper ratings.

    Hans-Jorg Butt's rating seems appropriate to me. The experienced German is a decent goalkeeper, but he's firmly second choice at Bayern Munich now and has never been an exemplary shot stopper.


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    LB Philip Lahm, 87

    LB Diego Contento, 70

    RB Rafinha, 79

    CB Jerome Boateng, 78

    CB Daniel Van Buyten, 77

    CB Holger Badstuber, 75

    CB Breno, 75

    There are all sorts of issues with the ratings for Bayern Munich's defenders in FIFA 12.

    First, Philip Lahm is greatly overrated. He's a great full-back, but if Ashley Cole and Patrice Evra are rated 85 in FIFA 12, then so must Phillip Lahm. It seems that EA Sports are undeservingly boosting his rating due to him being the captain of Bayern Munich and Germany.

    Conversely, Diego Contento is greatly underrated. The young German made 19 appearances in all competitions for Bayern Munich last season, and though he wasn't great at left-back, he certainly wasn't awful. A rating of 75-77 would've been fair, but definitely not 70.

    The center-backs are almost all significantly underrated. Breno's rating is fine, especially since he has hardly played for Bayern Munich in his time with the team, but the ratings for the club's other center-backs are too low.

    Van Buyten deserves a 78, Badstuber deserves a 78-80, and Jerome Boateng an 80-81. The latter two are established German internationals with great upside, which their current ratings definitely do not adequately reflect.


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    CDM Bastian Schweinsteiger, 87

    CDM Anatoliy Tymoschuk, 80

    CDM Luiz Gustavo, 79

    CAM Toni Kroos, 81

    CAM Takashi Usami, 71

    CM David Alaba, 73

    RAM Arjen Robben, 90

    LAM Franck Ribery, 88

    LM Danijel Pranjic, 76

    EA Sports did a much better job rating Bayern Munich's midfielders than it did their defenders.

    Tymoschuk, Gustavo, Kroos and Pranjic all received pretty fair ratings, although Pranjic probably deserved a +1 increase to 77 from his rating in FIFA 11.

    The questionable ratings begin with Schweinsteiger. The German international is not a natural defensive midfielder, so his rating in the starting lineup may not reflect his actual talent level, but if it does, then it is definitely too low. If Luka Modric is an 88 in FIFA 12, then Schweinsteiger must be an 89.

    Next comes the pair of Usami and Alaba. Usami has only played in the J-League, so his rating may be fair, but Alaba deserves a 75 for already having made 28 Bundesliga appearances and scored two goals.

    Robben and Ribery are the final pair of players with questionable ratings. Personally, I have a major issue with Robben being rated at 90, as high as Wayne Rooney for Manchester United. I would've definitely dropped him to 89, with Ribery being a close call between 87 and the 88 he was given.


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    ST Mario Gomez, 86

    ST Thomas Muller, 83

    ST Ivica Olic, 80

    ST Nils Petersen, 74

    Once again, EA Sports nailed most of these ratings. I personally agree with the ratings assigned for Olic, Muller, and Gomez.

    I feel that Nils Petersen has been underrated by EA Sports due to the fact that he played in the 2. Bundesliga last season. In my opinion, being the top scorer of the 2. Bundesliga should easily earn Petersen a rating of 77-78.

Overall Impression

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    FIFA games always tend to overrate Bayern Munich's offense and underrate its defense. FIFA 12 is no exception.

    The offense of Bayern Munich in this game is easily one of the best three in the game. At 86, Mario Gomez is one of the highest-rated center-forwards in the game, and Ribery at 88 and Robben at 90 make them two of the highest-rated wingers in the game, as well.

    Things actually don't go too far downhill from there in midfield. Schweinsteiger plays the role of a withdrawn playmaker with a rating of 87, Thomas Muller plays behind Gomez with a rating of 83, and Tymoschuk comfortably does the dirty work in midfield with a rating of 80.

    On defense, things are much better than they were in FIFA 11. Rafinha's arrival gives Bayern Munich two solid full-backs, who are rated fairly or overrated (in Lahm's case).

    The major issue of contention with Bayern Munich is the ratings of their center-backs. They certainly aren't world class yet, but they're on the road there in my opinion, and their rating is not a reflection of that. As I said earlier, an 81 for Jerome Boateng and 79 for Holger Badstuber would've been very fair.

    Nevertheless, Bayern Munich look very powerful, and I can see them being selected often to counterattack the Real Madrid and Barcelona users. If their center-backs don't prove to be too much of a handicap, they should be able to put up a good fight.

    What do you think of Bayern Munich's ratings on FIFA 12? Too high? Too low? Which player ratings do you specifically agree or disagree with? Make your opinion known in the comments section below.

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