EPL Update: Carlos Tevez, Arsenal and All News Premier League

Adam HartAnalyst IOctober 6, 2011

EPL Update: Carlos Tevez, Arsenal and All News Premier League

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    It has been quite an interesting week for the Premier League. Arsenal continued to struggle with defensive problems. Players continue to argue with referees, in one case for good reason. Along with exciting transfer rumors and news.

    In this article, we will look at some of the top stories from this week regarding Premier League teams, players and managers. 

    If you either disagree with what is written or feel that there is news that is missing, do not hesitate to comment with your opinion (tastefully, please).

Everton's Jack Rodwell Receives a Malevolent Red Card

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    Derby day is an important day for every player, and every team. Arsenal faced off against Tottenham, while Everton took on Liverpool

    The game started well, both teams playing equally, when, in the 23,' Rodwell is sent of with a red card by referee Martin Atkinson. A tackle deemed "reckless" on Liverpool's Suarez was the crime.

    While the tackle wasn't the greatest nor the wisest, it should not have been given a red card. Even a yellow card would have been a debatable call. Liverpool then went on to win 2-0, leaving Everton fans and staff alike furious.

    After the defeat, Everton manager, David Moyes, expressed his displeasure with the call:

    "I thought it ruined the game. That wasn't down to a bad tackle,'' Moyes said. "I would have been disappointed if it had been a free-kick. I don't think anyone in this world thought it was [a sending off].''

    Fortunately, after an appeal made by Rodwell, his punishment for the foul was removed, which would have been a three-game suspension, upon closer review. 

    Yet another reason for football to use instant replay. 

Carlos Tevez Blames Translator for His Refusal to Play Against Bayern Munich

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    A recent scandal involving Manchester City forward, Carlos Tevez, has left his reputation worse than ever.

    During last Tuesday's Champions League match against Bayern Munich, Tevez was asked to come on as a substitute. Because of this, Tevez has been issued a two-week suspension, which he will be spending in Argentina.

    Tevez's agent, Kia Joorabchian, reiterated why Tevez did not play for City. In a post-match interview, Tevez said:

    "I did not feel right to play, so I did not."

    Joorabchian later said that the translation of the question was not properly translated, thus making the answer different. Yet can a small translation mistake make so much a difference that it changes his answer completely? My answer is no.

    Tevez has been on the decline of his career, surrounded by transfer rumors and a swelled ego. If he wasn't in the starting XI, he would not come on at all. If it is not this, it is that he wants to make City manager, Roberto Mancini, angry.

    To sum up, don't try to cover up something by nitpicking. He said what he said and you can't change it.

Arsenal Injury List Grows Larger

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    Arsenal continue to struggle with injuries after the derby-day defeat by Tottenham, 2-1.

    After a collision with Tottenham's Benoit Assou-Ekotto. Sagna stumbled off the field to eventually crash into the ground and the boards. He was then taken out of the game and replaced by Carl Jenkinson. After the match, it was revealed that he has received a broken leg and will be out for at least three months. 

    Sagna is just a small part of the list that makes up Arsenal's injury team. He joins the likes of Jack Wilshere, Abou Diaby, Wojciech Szczesny, Thomas Vermaelen and Johan Djourou. 

    Arsenal fans have good reason to be worried about the injury because it is another hit to the already pathetic Arsenal defense. 

    It may be because of their injury list that Arsenal has been doing so poorly, but they still need to step their game up.

EPL Title Is Now a Three Horse Race

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    Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City. These are the teams that have a chance at winning the EPL.

    Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool, the other more significant clubs in the Premier league, have reached some problems that will stop them from winning the EPL. Even players from these teams feel that their best chance at a trophy is in the Carling. Luis Suarez of Liverpool said this:

    "We have no limit and want to stay in the top four. But winning the Premier League is now very difficult," Suarez told Gazzetta dello Sport. "The two Manchesters and Chelsea are unreachable. But we can win the cups."

    The two Manchester are currently tied at 19 points with six wins and one draw. Chelsea trails them both by a mere three points. 

    As an Arsenal fan, it is very hard to see them drop so low on the table. It must also be very hard for Liverpool and Tottenham fans to endure a season knowing their team won't win.

    On the other hand, It must be one of the most thrilling seasons to watch for fans of the three winning teams. 

Racism Is Alive and Well in Certain Football Fans

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    It is very disappointing to see racism in a game that is supposed to bring everyone together. Especially in such a modern day and time of acceptance. 

    During Tottenham's 2-1 defeat of Arsenal, Tottenham forward, Emmanuel Adebayor, had to endure abusive chanting from Arsenal supporters at White Hart Lane.

    "What was chanted at Emmanuel was disgusting," Redknapp said. "There was some pretty disgusting chanting at me as well but that's life. How do you chant something like that at someone? You can't be right mentally. You need help.

    Many agree what happened that day was both a disgrace to football and a remainder that people like that are still around and need to be dealt with. Fortunately, Adebayor brushed the abusive chanting aside and said:

    "If I can survive the bullets in Angola then a few mindless insults will have little impact. The songs that they sung about me were very bad, but was I surprised? No. Disappointed? Yes." Adebayor told The Sun.