Carlos Tevez Puts Man City Future in Jeopardy: Who Is to Blame?

Andrew MacbrideContributor IISeptember 27, 2011

Carlos Tevez, will he be seen in a Man City shirt again
Carlos Tevez, will he be seen in a Man City shirt againMichael Regan/Getty Images

Overall, Tuesday night was certainly not a good one for either Manchester clubs. Manchester United let a 2-0 lead slip and went 3-2 down to unfavoured side Basle, who took advantage of some shoddy defending, not for the first time this season, as many seasoned Manchester United observers will note. Only a typically late Ashley Young header saved their blushes. 

However, the most miserable night in Europe award will surely go to Manchester City, after Roberto Mancini arrogantly declared that his Champions League newcomers were in Germany to win. The comments were said in response to Jerome Boateng's comments that Manchester City lacked unity and were a small club.

Mancini, having stuck to his word by playing an attacking formation, failed. Miserably. Even taking into account the two dubious penalty decisions that went against City, they were outclassed by an experienced and confident Bayern side. Defeats like this can easily be forgotten, but as has occurred with all to much frequency, it is events of the pitch that will fill the back pages.

Carlos Tevez refuses to play. Maybe Boateng had a point?

Yes you read correctly, he refused to come on. Initially there was a bit of confusion as to what was happening, but as the news filtered and the Twitter feed went on overdrive, Roberto Mancini confirmed this and when asked about the Argentine's future at the club he said, "For me, he's finished. I cannot go on with him." Strong stuff, and the reaction of fans and the media alike has been equally as disapproving, with commentator Greame Souness brandishing him a disgrace. 

So what does this mean for the Argentine's future at the club, and why has this happened?

As many are aware, Carlos Tevez is certainly not the happiest man in Manchester, having made public his desire to leave on numerous occasions; handing in two transfer requests since last December, he certainly meant business. The first transfer request was rejected, and Tevez was encouraged to stay, and for a while everything seemed good, he banged in goal after goal and Manchester City won the FA cup.

However, at the end of the season he reiterated his desire to leave, citing being away from his family as an excuse. City accepted this request, but placed a £40m-50m price tag on his head. The fee along with his astronomical wages meant that no club was willing or able to stump up the cash.

Although a late bid did arrive from Tevez's old club Corinthians. Manchester City's suspicions of where the money was coming from and haggling over the structure of the deal meant that a deal couldn't be done due to the Brazilian transfer window closing. 

So Tevez stayed. However, last night's incident has surely put paid to his future at the club, which leads to the question was this a disaster waiting to happen?

Tevez joined Manchester City in 2009 after Manchester United declined to pay the transfer in order to keep him after his two-year loan spell at the club. There were many potential explanations as to why Sir Alex Ferguson refused to push through the signing. The majority concluded that the funds were not available, although the manager and the Glazer's have consistently denied this.

The real reason was perhaps brought to light with Souness implying that there must have been a reason why Ferguson didn't sign him, something he didn't like. This arguably is a viable theory, perhaps Ferguson did detect that he would be a disruptive influence. After all, Tevez has frequently reiterated his desire to retire long before he was 30 and finish his career in South America.

Whilst initially being paraded as the figurehead of the Manchester City revolution on the now infamous "Welcome to Manchester posters," his attachment to his family and yearning to be with them began to grow tiresome, and whilst (until now) his on-pitch effort could not be faulted, there was an increasing suspicion that he would not be hanging around for long. 

Another largely unexplored influence behind the problem leading to Tevez refusal to play is the influence of his agent Kia Joorabchian. Many, including insiders at Manchester City, hold a somewhat disdainful view of the Iranian, citing him as the reason why Tevez suddenly wants to leave, and also blaming his own desire for money as one of the reasons for the other issues such as seemingly persistent requests for new contracts or improved terms.

So are Manchester City to blame?

Personally, I think Carlos Tevez always had it within him to do this, and I think Manchester City made a huge mistake by not making more of an effort to get rid of him in the Summer Transfer, because they now have an unhappy Argentine on around 280k a week, refusing to play. Leaving the club with a huge problem, do they let him rot in the reserves or do they accept a reduce fee to get him off the books?

As many a Manchester United would decree, thank goodness he is not our problem!

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