Arsenal FC: Arsene Wenger Refuses to Bring in Defensive Coaches

Samuel MensahAnalyst ISeptember 26, 2011

DONETSK, UKRAINE - NOVEMBER 02:  Arsene Wenger of Arsenal faces the Media during a Press conference ahead of the UEFA Champions League Group H match against Shakhtar Donetsk at the Donbass Arena on November 2, 2010 in Donetsk, Ukraine.  (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Arsenal FC's troublesome defence has been it's Achilles heel for long enough. The problems have been apparent since the original departures of Keown, Cole and Campbell. Since their departures the replacements have not been up to scratch but even worse neither have the tactics.

The atrocities date far back but some of the most recent faux pas have been extremely painful to take as well as painful to watch.

Arsenal fans are crying for a change in tactics, set up, personnel or just defensive coaches. However Wenger is defiant as ever.

When at the pre-match press conference of the Bolton game the boss was asked the question, "Is there any part of you that would consider strengthening your coaching team, bringing in someone else?" Wenger's answer was a firm "No," stating, "I'm responsible in choosing my coaching staff so you have to leave that to me."

The reporter was never going to let that go so easily and responded with more probing, "There was a report today saying that you were considering bringing back Dennis Bergkamp." Wenger replied with vigor, "I just gave you the answer!" To which the reporter asked, "So we can rule this out?" Wenger's reply had a tint of anger, "You take my answer for yes or no, when I say no you don't believe me, it's no usually!"

When asked on signing Cahill he replied, "No comment," and when asked on whether he considered purchasing Joey Barton he also replied, "No comment."

It appears Wenger's patience with the media is waning and he is becoming a difficult customer but perhaps the tabloids deserve it.

It is clear Wenger has no intention of changing the way things are done at Arsenal. It will always be his way or the highway. At least if he falls, he falls by his own sword.


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