Manchester United: 4 Partnerships to Success

Zaakir HoosenAnalyst ISeptember 21, 2011

Manchester United: 4 Partnerships to Success

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    Every team has individuals who can turn up on the day and win games—those players are heavily relied on, and Manchester United is no different with Wayne Rooney, the catalyst of the team.

    But it seems Sir Alex Ferguson is looking to change some of the dynamics within the squad and build side that has the strength to withstand pressure from almost any opposition.

    While this team might seem vulnerable at times, with a season or two they could be reaching the heights of Barcelona, who are without a doubt the best team in the world.

    In order for this to be possible, there needs to be a solid structure and foundation in place which will carry this team beyond the next three seasons.

    Key to Sir Alex's plans is maintaining the high performance while changing guard, and not allowing any opportunity to close the gap to rival clubs.

    This slideshow previews three partnerships that will develop into a world-class, winning team that eventually will be able to challenge Barcelona and Real Madrid.

1. Phil Jones & Nemanja Vidic

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    While we eventually might see Jones partnered with Chris Smalling, over the next three seasons we could see the best defensive pairing around. 

    A partnership even Barcelona or Madrid couldn't match, with arguably one of the best defenders of the last couple seasons paired with one of the top newcomers around.

    Vidic, who's been out with injury, seems to have been forgotten somewhat in the last couple weeks, while the young guard continue to control the back line.

    Question marks over Rio's replacement has been lingering for a couple of seasons now, as he finds himself injured often. But with two excellent purchases in Smalling and Jones it seems the central defensive areas are covered sufficiently.

    Vidic, a sweeper-like defender who takes no chances, always giving 100 percent and willing to put his body on the line, will be paired with a young ambitious character who also seems to give everything to the cause.

    Jones also brings a very attacking side to the game, having already shown his ability to run through opposition lines and create goal-scoring opportunities

    No doubt these two will dominate the English Premier League for years to come. .

Tom Cleverley & Anderson

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    Another excellent partnership, this time in the middle of the field, is the more defensive Brazilian alongside a young Englishman who has a host of passing abilities in his locker.

    Anderson and Cleverley have started the season together and controlled the game, ensuring the opposition are left stranded for long periods as United enjoyed possession.

    The Brazilian has upped his game and now seems to have cemented a more permanent position in the starting eleven.

    While Cleverly is nursing an injury sustained in the Bolton clash, his return is will be monitored closely.

    Both of these players enjoy passing the ball, creating spaces and movement for the more attacking players to take advantage of.

    Another key is that they're both in their early twenties with bright futures ahead.

3. Nani & Ashley Young

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    Manchester United have one of the quickest counter attacks in the Premier League and two of the fastest wingers to ensure that most of those counters are not wasted.

    Both players can play on either side, both can deliver an excellent cross and both are deadly from set pieces.

    Young has brought some needed extra spice to the squad, while Nani seems to be maturing every season.

    With the likes of Rooney, Hernandez and Berbatov to aim at, there's hardly a chance wasted. Many of the recent score lines would bear witness to that. 

4. Wayne Rooney & Javier Hernandez

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    Here's another quick, solid partnership that makes you wonder how it is possible to have so much talent available in one squad.

    Hernandez and Rooney seem to have an understanding—one that could bring a lot of goals over the next couple seasons.

    Hernandez, an out-and-out striker and poacher in the box, plays on the last defender and has the speed of lightning.

    Rooney will play all over the pitch, quick with pace to attack and always willing to defend.

    Already this season, Wayne Rooney has scored nine goals in the league. Hernandez has scored two, having been unavailable in the first couple games.

    It's a match made in heaven.

    For Sir Alex, this squad has age, quality and ability all on their side.