Manchester United: 5 Things David De Gea Must Improve to Be a Winner

Ryan GuillemetteCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2011

Manchester United: 5 Things David De Gea Must Improve to Be a Winner

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    David De Gea was signed by Manchester United from Atletico Madrid and since then, he has not looked back.  

    De Gea has not only made a huge jump into the EPL but he has also continued to play well after being scrutinized by the media every week.  De Gea still has improvements to make such as experience, physical strength, adjusting to the EPL, keeping his confidence up and not letting the media and critics get inside his head.  

    De Gea was brought into the EPL to replace star goal keeper Edwin van der Sar after his retirement from Manchester United and De Gea has shown he is up to the task.  Here is a little trivia before you go onto the rest of the slideshow.  De Gea's teammates at Atletico Madrid nicknamed him Van der Gea because of his physical likeness to the Dutchman and his similar style.  Enjoy the rest of the article.  


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    One area that David De Gea has no control over is experience.  

    De Gea will gain experience as the year goes on.  Ferguson spent a lot of money on the keeper he believes will best help the club and he has stood by De Gea through the ups and downs over these past few games.  Ferguson knew what he was doing when he signed De Gea who has come up big in big games.  

    Of course, De Gea made some mistakes but that comes with the territory.  Even the great Edwin van der Sar made mistakes.  De Gea will improve with every game and should fill van der Sar's role very well.   De Gea has had to make some major transitions and he has improved a lot over his first game with United to the present.  

Physical Strength

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    The biggest problem that could be a factor is De Gea's strength and physicality.  

    De Gea is 6'4" (1.93m) and weighs in at 180 pounds (82 kg).  This was a big concern for many people and their fear was realized after De Gea had a few hiccups in his first couple of games.  This should not be a concern for fans or the United staff.  

    De Gea will either put on weight or learn to adapt.  The biggest problem that De Gea will face is in the air if a bigger player puts a body into De Gea but if this happens enough, De Gea will adjust his style of play.  

    There was speculation that De Gea would sit out against Bolton but those reports were quickly squashed by Alex Ferguson who told a unfazed De Gea that he would be starting.  

Adjust to the English Style of Play

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    One of the few things that De Gea does need to do is adjust to the English style of play.  De Gea is already starting to show signs that he is making this transition quite nicely.  

    De Gea knew coming into Manchester United that the style of play is a lot more physical then in Spain and he did a good job of realizing that he would need to adjust quickly.  

    After being asked if he had any problems adjusting to the English game, he said: "No, football is football here and in any country. I have to adapt quickly and improve on the whole of my game.  The two goals we conceded in the first half stopped us in our tracks but in the second half, we were able to claw back and I think that's the important thing, I'm very happy about the victory."  This was after Manchester United was able to beat Manchester City for the FA Community Shield.  

Keep His Confidence Up

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    Being a keeper in the EPL requires a lot of confidence in yourself and your abilities.  They consistently face some of the best players in the world.  

    De Gea has a lot of confidence in himself.  His team has confidence in him and most importantly the whole Manchester United organization has confidence in him.  De Gea knows what he needs to do and has continually proved himself.  

    De Gea had some great saves that kept United in the game against Chelsea.  De Gea needs to keep this confidence up and he will continue to perform at his current level and will soon improve to make him into a great keeper that he is already turning into.  

Avoid the Critics

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    Ever since De Gea was signed by Manchester United from Atletico Madrid, he has found himself overwhelmed by negativity from the media.  The media has been quick to fault the young keeper, especially after his shaky start at the beginning of the season.  

    Not only have the players stood by De Gea but so has Sir Alex Ferguson.  De Gea had to make huge adjustments when he was signed by Manchester United such as learning a new language, adjusting to a different country and culture, finding a place to live and adjusting to a different style play in the EPL all at the age of 20.  De Gea did make some mistakes early on in the season and that will happen to any keeper.  

    Sir Alex Ferguson had this to say about De Gea coming under fire from the media.  "There is obviously an agenda on De Gea and we experienced that again on Wednesday," said Ferguson. "It seems to me people are desperate for the boy to fail. That's the impression I get and I don't understand it.  De Gea hasn't been flapping about in the goalmouth, he has been really composed. He's outstanding."

    De Gea has the support from his team and coach. Hopefully, he will soon gain support from the people who have been bashing him ever since his signing.