EPL: Winter's Here, Who Will Be Left in the Cold?

Chris PotterCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2016

As the euphoria of a new season starts to die down, the Premier League has started to take shape. Patterns are forming; impressions are more lasting.

With the heavy festive schedule set to kick in, we will soon have a better idea of which teams have the fight or quality to stay up and which fans should prepare for the worst.

With every passing week, football fans are learning more and more about their team's capabilities and deficiencies. We reflect whether our team has the right formula to stay up, and whether the manager has played his cards right.

As the old adage goes: Form is Temporary, Class is Permanent.

But is class enough?

A question Baggies fans must be asking. West Brom seem capable of pinging the ball around all afternoon without really making a point.

Blackburn were thoroughly inept at Tottenham, who themselves failed to whip their fans into a frenzy with an insipid and nervous showing.

Inversely, Fulham and Stoke, two early contenders for relegation, seem to be made of the right stuff as both teams were justly rewarded for impressive performances.

At the other end of the table, Liverpool bottled it...as did Chelsea and Man Utd. Arsenal, well they just seem to be self-destructing. 

While there are still no clear relegation candidates and any of three teams might win the title, the league seems to have split into three divisions.

There are the title-contenders, three or four sides who won't need to scrap, and a lot of others are playing a dog eat dog game every weekend.

So, to next weekend.

Will Spurs pull away to safety? Can Hull and Fulham continue to over-achieve? Is Villa's Champion's League challenge for real?

The Premier League certainly retains the ability to captivate and fascinate football fans the world over.

With doom and gloom filling the tabloids week-in, week-out long may this quality entertainment fill us with hope and joy!