FIFA Power Rankings: Sorry Mr. Blatter, but Spain Is Still No.1

Luis HerreraAnalyst ISeptember 8, 2011

The last FIFA World Ranking came with a huge surprise: Spain is no longer the No.1 national team according to the monthly list.

Well, it wasn’t really a surprise for those who know how the rankings work (a minority, I know); previous years’ results lose value and defeats count for zero points, so losing three friendly games in the past 12 months was basically what cost Spain the top spot in the classification.

Sorry Mr. Joseph Blatter, La Furia Roja will stay at the top of this power rankings as long as they are the current European and World Champion.

Remember, the following ranking takes into account the strength of each team, their results since the World Cup and their position in the World Football Elo Ratings.

However, as with any power rating, there is a certain degree of subjectivity in this list, so we can discuss it in the comments section.


1. Spain

Previous ranking: No. 1 

Last FIFA date: Spain 3-2 Chile (Friendly) ::: Spain 6-0 Liechtenstein (Euro Qualifying)

After a come-from-behind victory against a difficult Chile team, La Furia Roja kept their perfect pace in the Euro 2012 qualifying round to secure their ticket to Poland-Ukraine.


2. Uruguay

Previous ranking: No. 2

Last FIFA date: Ukraine 2-3 Uruguay (Friendly)

In its first game since becoming the South American champion, La Garra Charrúa got a late-minute victory against one of the next Euro co-hosts.


3. Germany

Previous ranking: No. 3

Last FIFA date: Germany 6-2 Austria (Euro Qualifying) ::: Poland 2-2 Germany (Friendly)

Die Mannschaft is right now the biggest threat for Spain in the next Euro.


4. Netherlands

Previous ranking: No. 4

Last FIFA date: Netherlands 11-0 San Marino (Euro Qualifying) ::: Finland 0-2 Netherlands (Euro Qualifying)

Oranje’s Euro qualifying group has been like Barcelona/Real Madrid vs. the rest of La Liga.


5. England

Previous ranking: No. 6

Last FIFA date: Bulgaria 0-3 England (Euro Qualifying) ::: England 1-0 Wales (Euro Qualifiying)

Fabio Capello’s men have virtually secured their spot in the next Euro.


6. Portugal

Previous ranking: No. 5

Last FIFA date: Cyprus 0-4 Portugal (Euro Qualifying)

After a slow start in the qualifying phase, Cristiano Ronaldo and friends are now en route to the Euro.


7. Brazil

Previous ranking: No. 7

Last FIFA date: Brazil 1-0 Ghana (Friendly)

A Seleção is now preparing for a two-game series against Argentina later this month.


8. Italy

Previous ranking: No. 8

Last FIFA date: Faroe Islands 0-1 Italia (Euro Qualifying) ::: Italy 1-0 Slovenia(Euro Qualifying)

It wasn’t pretty, but La Squadra Azzurra has already qualified for the next Euro.


9. Mexico

Previous ranking: No. 9

Last FIFA date: Poland 1-1 Mexico (Friendly) ::: Mexico 1-0 Chile (Friendly)

Coach José Manuel de la Torre is undefeated in 14 matches in charge of El Tri.


10. Japan

Previous ranking: No. 10

Last FIFA date: Japan 1-0 North Korea (World Cup Qualifying) ::: Uzbekistan 1-1 Japan (World Cup Qualifying)

The Asian Cup champions remain undefeated since the World Cup.


11. Paraguay

Previous ranking: No. 13

Last FIFA date: Panama 0-2 Paraguay (Friendly) ::: Honduras 0-3 Paraguay (Friendly)

Visiting Central America is more difficult than what it seems, but Paraguay did very well in its two games.


12. Australia

Previous ranking: No. 14

Last FIFA date: Australia 2-1 Thailand (World Cup Qualifying) ::: Saudi Arabia 1-3 Australia (World Cup Qualifying)

The Socceroos were one of only two teams that won their two matches in the start of the Asian road to Brazil 2014.


13. France

Previous ranking: No. 15

Last FIFA date: Albania 1-2 France (Euro Qualifying) ::: Romania 0-0 France (Euro Qualifying)

Les Bleus can’t get rid of Bosnia-Herzegovina in their qualifying group.


14. Ghana

Previous ranking: No. 12

Last FIFA date: Ghana 2-0 Swaziland (African Cup Qualifying) ::: Brazil 1-0 Ghana (Friendly)

The Black Stars have never scored a goal in matches against Brazil.


15. Argentina

Previous ranking: No. 18

Last FIFA date: Venezuela 0-1 Argentina (Friendly) ::: Argentina 3-1 Nigeria (Friendly)

Nice bounce-back after a disastrous Copa América; let’s see how they do against Brazil.


16. Croatia

Previous ranking: No. 16

Last FIFA date: Malta 1-3 Croatia (Euro Qualifying) ::: Croatia 3-1 Israel (Euro Qualifying)

Croatia surpassed Greece in their qualifying group; they will meet each other in Athens in October.


17. Chile

Previous ranking: No. 11

Last FIFA date: Spain 3-2 Chile (Friendly) ::: Mexico 1-0 Chile (Friendly)

Two tough matches, two defeats for La Roja.


18. Sweden

Previous ranking: No. 17

Last FIFA date: Hungary 2-1 Sweden (Euro Qualifying) ::: San Marino 0-5 Sweden (Euro Qualifying)

The defeat at Budapest put the Swedish squad is risk of missing the playoff round.


19. Russia

Previous ranking: NR

Last FIFA date: Russia 1-0 Macedonia (Euro Qualifying) ::: Russia 0-0 Ireland (Euro Qualifying)

The Russians surpassed Ireland in the Group B, but they still have a difficult visit to Slovakia.


20. Ireland

Previous ranking: NR

Last FIFA date: Ireland 0-0 Slovakia (Euro Qualifying) ::: Ireland 0-0 Russia (Euro Qualifying)

Meanwhile, the Irish got two cupcakes for their last two matches (Andorra and Armenia), so they could take the lead back.


* Felt off the rankings: United States (No.19), Perú (No.20)


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