EPL Transfers: 5 Teams That Were Seriously Weakened in the Transfer Window

Robert DemmettCorrespondent IIISeptember 2, 2011

EPL Transfers: 5 Teams That Were Seriously Weakened in the Transfer Window

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    With the English Premier League's transfer window closed, teams can now look to the future with what they have. Some teams in the Premier League undoubtedly got weaker after the deadline.

    While teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool all became better, teams like the ones on this list will need a good effort from their players to perform well this season.

    So here are five teams that did not have a good transfer window.

    NOTE: The teams are in no particular order

1. Newcastle

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    Newcastle had one of the worst transfer windows of the year. After selling Andy Carroll to Liverpool in January, Newcastle did not reinvest that money. Instead, the owners pocketed the transfer money.

    On top of losing some of their top players while doing nothing to help the current team, Newcastle player and philosopher Joey Barton has been the voice of the fans. He has called out the owners of Newcastle for not putting money into the team. Barton was on the transfer list and was sent to QPR.

    Newcastle look like a mess right now and only time will tell how they can fix it.

2. Aston Villa

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    Aston Villa lost Ashley Young to United during this transfer window. Young is talented and only 26, and was a key component to last year's Villa team.

    Villa also lost Luke Young to Wigan, as well as their goalkeeper Brad Friedel to Tottenham. Stew Downing was sent to Liverpool during this transfer window too.

    Villa lost a lot of good players and failed to make up for it with their acquisitions.

3. Arsenal

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    I think the scoreboard tells it all.

    After losing Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri, Arsenal do not look like a top-four competitor this season. Arsenal failed to bring in a major player to help the fans and team feel good. Arsene Wenger is on the hot seat with the fans at Arsenal.

    Despite some acquisitions on the last day of the transfer window, it is looking like Arsenal will be a weakened side this season.

4. Everton

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    Everton finished strong last year after a poor start, finishing in seventh place behind Liverpool. Everton failed to capitalize on that momentum in this transfer window.

    Despite not losing anybody important, Everton received no boost in their squad either. I would imagine the team would be a little disheartened by their strong effort last season only to see no help along the way.

    Everton's ownership failed at a time when fourth place is as wide-open as ever. Everton are not good enough to win fourth place, but if they had had a good transfer window, they might have had a chance.

5. Tottenham Hotspur

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    Tottenham did not lose any major players in this transfer window. However, Tottenham did not improve dramatically enough for me, a Spurs fan, to feel comfortable that Tottenham can compete for the fourth spot of the Premier League, which is a reachable goal this year.

    Spurs lost Alan Hutton, Jermaine Jenas, Wilson Palacios and Peter Crouch among others. One name missing from that list is Luka Modric. Despite offers from Chelsea and the player's desire to go to Chelsea, chairman Daniel Levy refused to pull the trigger.

    Modric's lack of desire to play for Tottenham will inevitably lead to uninspired football from him. Personally, I think Tottenham should have sold him weeks ago so they could have had time to reinvest the money.

    Tottenham did not lose any major players for this year, but they did not improve enough to be a major player in the top four. Tottenham may have the same players, but they got worse in this transfer window.


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    These five teams that I listed will have a tougher time getting results due to the transfer window. While these teams may have needed to sell players, doing nothing to replace the players is not right for the fans or the team.

    Some teams may lose out on important money that they need, such as Europa League, Champions League or even relegation. These five teams are weaker today than they were last week. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

    Thanks for the read and feel free to comment.

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