Manchester United: The Top 10 Biggest Home Wins for the Red Devils

Maxx GCorrespondent IISeptember 5, 2011

Manchester United: The Top 10 Biggest Home Wins for the Red Devils

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    The 19-time champions of the Premier League have started the season in a bold way. When Manchester United beat their arch rivals Arsenal 8-2 in Old Trafford, they sent a serious message to all the title contenders that this time they were bigger and better.

    While United is a complete dominating force in their home Old Trafford, in this slideshow I have presented some memories of the biggest home wins. When we look back at these games, some were played years ago, even before our fathers started seeing soccer. 

    There is a reason why I mentioned the word home in the title, as several matches at that time were played in the stadium of the Maine Road, originally the home stadium of Manchester City.

    But Manchester United also played some home matches in there against other teams for a certain period of time. After the period of the second World War, United also shared the stadium of Maine Road, as Old Trafford was partially destroyed at that time. 

    Enjoy the slideshow, and take a ride through the 10 biggest home wins Manchester United has recorded so far. Glory Glory Manchester United.

Manchester United 10-0 Anderlecht

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    Manchester United played this match against RC Anderlecht in the Maine Road stadium.

    The result was a disaster for the United opponent, while the Red Devils showed their brutality in the scoreline.

    On Sept. 2, 1956, as a part of the preliminary round of the European Cup, United hammered their opponent with a loud and long scoreline. 

    The leading scorers were United legends Tommy Taylor and Dennis Viollet. Liam Whelan and Johnny Berry also added to the scoreline. Viollet (the man in the picture) scored four goals that day.

Manchester United 6-0 Newcastle United

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    You will find some scorelines a little bigger than this match, though. However, I added this as in this match, two of the ex-United players scored and showed their brilliance to the millions of fans. 

    In this 2007-08 season Premier League match against Newcastle United, the Red Devils went goal-less to 49 minutes, and then Cristiano Ronaldo scored from a spot kick. The now Real Madrid player, scored a hat trick on that day, and the now Manchester City player Carlos Tevez scored a double.

    Both of these players have been booed at times, after they have moved from United, but their greatness can never be underestimated, as it was not on that day in Old Trafford.

Manchester United 7-1 Roma

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    What a match between the Champions League title contenders. United were defeated in Roma's home in the first leg at a 2-1 scoreline, and the Red Devils were looking to overcome that deficit in their home. 

    What followed was a hammering scoreline of 7-1 at Old Trafford. United grabbed a chain of three goals in a period of eight minutes in first half, and the rest was history. 

    Michael Carrick opened the scoreline on that day and scored twice. Cristiano Ronaldo also scored twice and regained his brilliant form that day, with Wayne Rooney, Patrice Evra and Alan Smith all contributing to the scoreline.

    United won on an aggregate of 8-3 after this match.

Manchester United 7-1 Blackburn Rovers

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    Another 7-1 scoreline at Old Trafford in recent times, when United smashed their opponent Blackburn Rovers.

    In November 2010, the Premier League champions ran a road roller on Blackburn.

    The now out-of-favor striker Dimitar Berbatov scored a remarkable five-goal streak in this match and showed though being called sloppy, he is still one of the best in that six-yard box.

    The other goals came from Luis Nani and Park Ji Sung of United.

    See the video here.

Manchester United 6-1 Liverpool

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    In this classic match between the two rivals played in September 1928, Manchester United handled Liverpool like juniors. A humiliating 6-1 scoreline was put on their rivals by the Red Devils in that Old Trafford match.

    United legend Joe Spence netted the ball thrice on that day, and the other goals came from Jimmy Hanson and Bill Rawlings.

    Joe Spence, known locally as "Mr. Soccer" in Manchester, was one of the true United legends at the war times. He was known for his amazing wing play and the fans chanted "Give it to Joe" during the game.

    Despite the fact that when he played in United, the club failed to produce any remarkable achievements, still Joe is always remembered among the fans for his lively play during his 14 years at Old Trafford.

Manchester United 7-0 Barnsley

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    During the Premier League season of 1997-98, Manchester United slaughtered their opponents Barnsley with a 7-0 scoreline at Old Trafford.

    Recognize the two players in the picture? United legends Ryan Giggs and Andy Cole, who were magical on that day.

    Cole blasted home a hat trick before half time, and Ryan Giggs netted two. The other scorers in that match were Paul Scholes and Karel Poborsky.

Manchester United 8-0 Yeovil Town

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    Another match played at the Maine Road, this was the FA Cup fifth-round match between Manchester United and Yeovil Town

    United killed their opponents with a 8-0 nightmare that was going to haunt Yeovil for days.

    United legend Jack Rowley netted the ball five times in this match, and Charles Mitten and Ronnie Burke also added to the long scoreline.

    Rowley was nicknamed "The Gunner" for his goalscoring prowess, and prolific scoring statistics. He holds a record of 208 goals in 422 appearances for United during his career at Old Trafford. 

Manchester United 8-1 Queens Park Rangers

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    Manchester United once again showed their dominance against a loose Queens Park Rangers team in this Premier League match on March 19,1969.

    The goals came from United legend George Best, who was followed to build the dazzling scoreline of 8-1 by John Aston, Brian Kidd, Willie Morgan and Nobby Stiles.

    The man in the picture needs no mention to be told what he was all about. Salute to George Best for making United a lovely place, all respect to him for giving this game one of the best of all times. 

Manchester United 9-0 Ipswich Town

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    On March 4, 1995, Manchester United recorded one of the most memorable Premier League victories of all times.

    Though Ipswich has earlier beaten United 3-2 that season, this time Ipswich really found hard to believe what they went through on that day.

    Andy Cole also scored five times in that match, making another club record. The scoreline was further deepened by Paul Ince and Mark Hughes.

    This was the best result for Manchester United in 103 years. While United finished that season as second behind the champions Blackburn Rovers, Ipswich got relegated from the Premier League. Maybe it was too bad a reality for Ipswich to handle.

Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal

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    I hope all the Manchester United lovers and soccer watchers have definitely watched this super game. Even if people have missed it during the live action, but numbers have crawled up to millions to watch the highlights of the game.

    Manchester United showed their utmost supremacy in the league against their age-old rivals Arsenal. While Arsene Wenger's Arsenal looked like a bunch of lost kids against some bullish United men, the beautiful and brutal scoreline of 8-2 said it all after the match.

    United stars Wayne Rooney and Ashley Young rose to brilliance in this occasion, and have put forward an example of modern-day football and the present Manchester United.