Tottenham Hotspur: Manchester City Clash Is Luka Modric's Last Chance to Escape

Sean BabcockCorrespondent IIAugust 27, 2011

Done. Finished. Not happening. These are all words used to describe the Luka Modric transfer saga following yet another meeting between the Croatian and Tottenham Hotspur club chairman Daniel Levy earlier this week.

"I think there was a meeting on Thursday and Daniel just said the same thing, he's not for sale," Harry Redknapp reported on the encounter. "He'll play on Sunday for sure. He'll stay. It is finished."

But Modric himself might have something to say about that this weekend, as he finally seems set to join Spurs on the field for his first league match of the season.

Whether Luka Modric finds a way out of White Hart Lane before the transfer deadline early next week is yet to be seen, but the match against Manchester City very much constitutes his last opportunity to show his potential suitors, Chelsea, that he's worth the sort of bid that Spurs can't refuse.

Modric has hardly been quiet regarding his desire to move to Stamford Bridge, and Tottenham's lack of interest in even considering the move throughout the summer months has left a clear trail of hurt feelings and ill-sentiments toward the club in the midfielder's eyes.

To that end, many have speculated that Spurs are taking a dangerous risk in fielding the disgruntled player, suggesting that Modric's form will suffer as a result of his opinions surrounding the business side of White Hart Lane

Don't expect those concerns to turn into reality, however. At least not on Sunday.

Thus far, Manchester City is looking to be one of the league's top sides by a respectable margin, and could be an even more dangerous threat than the other Manchester team that Tottenham faced on the road last week.

In short, Modric's first game of the season, and last match before the window closes, is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate his value and coerce Chelsea into making one last go at stealing him away from Tottenham this summer.

Of course, if Spurs have actually managed to end all hope of a future move for the Croatian, then those fears surrounding his commitment could be spot on. But if Tottenham knows what's good for them, they'll leave just a shred of hope for him and the possibility of a spot on Chelsea's roster to give him something to play for.

If not for this transfer window, then at least for the next.