Manchester City and the Champions League Draw: Fans Say Anyone Will Do

True BlueCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2011

Champions League at The Etihad
Champions League at The Etihad

Manchester City fans will be glued to their TVs, radios and computers today as the club takes their place amongst the teams for the UEFA Champions League draw.

Although it will be City's first foray into the modern Champions League, they have appeared once before in the older European Cup but failed at the first hurdle in a two-legged match against Fenerbahce.

In a weird twist of fate, Fenerbahce are barred from entering this years Champions League competition because of match-fixing allegations. If they are found guilty of match fixing, then UEFA will apparently expunge all of their achievements from the record books.

Will that mean that City then become unbeaten in the European Cup, or that they never appeared in the tournament? I digress.

But the excitement around City's second appearance in European football's premier club competition is not limited to Manchester—even fans of United are looking forward to it.

It is also probably the only time in the tournament's history that a club making its maiden appearance brings with it such fear from the established teams.

City have, in the last 18 months, pulled together a squad that are arguably second to none and better than most others in the competition.

The History Boys
The History Boys

I can imagine that even the greats of Barcelona and Real Madrid would prefer not to have City at the early stages, and although not seeded, they must surely be considered one of the more favoured teams to progress to the knockout stages.

The feelings of City fans are those of excitement with perhaps only their wallets not looking forward to away days across Europe.

Most of the Blues that I know say the same sort of thing: "We don't care who we get—bring on anyone."

But City fans are not guilty of arrogance, they are simply not fearful of other teams and want to see City play the biggest and best. We are ready for the test in every sense.

So as we edge towards 4.30pm, City fans will be smiling, and if it happens to be that City are drawn against Barcelona, Real Madrid, Milan or Bayern, then so be it.

Amongst Blues fans, there is a real sense that whatever results City achieve, they are going to be great European nights and history will be made with every kick.

And as Samir Nasri said yesterday to L'Equipe upon signing for City, City is a club of the future, and he'd prefer to write history for a club.

That history is now only hours away.

Bring it on.