Real Madrid Transfers: 5 Reasons Neymar is the Ideal Man for Jose Mourinho

Ryan RodgersContributor IAugust 23, 2011

Real Madrid Transfers: 5 Reasons Neymar is the Ideal Man for Jose Mourinho

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    Young Brazilian forward Neymar has been the talk of the summer.

    With Barcelona and Real Madrid both known admirers (as well as a host of other top clubs), Neymar looks certain to move on in a matter of time.

    With Neymar constantly praising Barcelona—but his camp insisting on a move to Madrid—a move to La Liga seemed most likely.

    However, Real Madrid have emerged as clear favorites to land the next great talent.

    Jose Mourinho needs a player like Neymar, here are the top five reasons why.

He Is Far Better Than Angel Di Maria

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    Real Madrid are loaded with strikers, what they are not loaded with is wingers.

    Fabio Coentrao has potential to be a winger, but Mourinho appears to have found a nice spot for the former left-back in the middle of the park.

    Hamit Altintop, Angel Di Maria and Pedro Leon are the only players who play out on the wing, and none of them are very effective. Mesut Ozil and Kaka are able wingers, but are more effective in the middle of the park.

    Adding Neymar out wide would allow Madrid to play a 4-3-3 with Neymar on either flank, or a 4-3-2-1 with Neymar playing on the opposite side of Cristiano Ronaldo.

New Era of Promising Youth

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    Previously, Madrid would only sign established top stars and became synonymous with proven talent with little to no resale value.

    Mourniho has come in and really revamped their transfer policy, buying young proven talents such as Nuri Sahin, Sami Khedira, Mesut Ozil, Fabio Coentrao and Raphael Varane.

    Mourinho is creating a sustainable future for Real Madrid—blending new and exciting youth with seasoned veterans.

He Is No Robinho

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    Playing for the club Pele and Robinho have previously played at is a sure-fire way to garner comparisons.

    At Madrid, Robinho dazzled with his footwork and pace—and that's about it. He was not a finished product, and often times was playing for YouTube highlights, as opposed to playing for his team.

    Neymar loves to entertain—he showboats and is arrogant—but unlike Robinho, Neymar wants to score when he's on the ball. And if he isn't scoring, he wants to be making some one else score.

    Mourinho only tolerates a finished product and Neymar would be a great addition in making Madrid a more polished threat.

    Neymar is also gifted with loads of composure for his age and often makes the right moves and right passes.

    Neymar loves the sound of the ball hitting the back of the net, and could be Madrid's missing link of creativity out wide.

The X-Factor

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    Real Madrid is loaded with potential; players with great crossing ability and players with great shooting.

    Madrid also have some dribblers, but they don't have enough game-changers.

    Ronaldo is obviously the best game-changer in world football. He can decide the outcome of a match often all on his own—and often—that is the case.

    Still, Madrid have no one that can be the x-factor. Adding Neymar would allow Madrid to utilize their defensive midfielders more effectively, and allow more freedom and creativity to flow from the attack.

    No one is as skilled with their feet or as unpredictable as Ronaldo. Consequently, this makes marking Ronaldo easier...and thereby, shutting down Madrid easier.

    Neymar would relieve pressure off Ronaldo and free up the Portuguese forward to attack more space.

    Defenders would have to pay just as close attention to Neymar as they would Ronaldo. For instance, look at Barcelona.

    Iniesta, Pedro, Messi and Sanchez are all great dribblers with pace. These players attack the space and open up pockets for their teamates to attack and exploit.

    With Neymar pulling defenders out, Ozil, Alonso and Co. can adequately attack through the middle.

Mourinho Hates Losing

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    Mourinho does not like to loose, and he is very open about it. He does not like loosing trophies, especially to Barcelona.

    Surely Mourinho wants Neymar becuase he is a real talent.

    I'm sure another part of it is that Mourinho does not want to lose out on a potential world great to his arch-nemesis.

    Mourinho will be very displeased to see such a prospect slip through his hands, and even more furious to know that Barcelona have snatched up such a talent.