EPL Transfer News: 3 Reasons Emmanuel Adebayor Can Return Tottenham to Top Four

Robert DemmettCorrespondent IIIAugust 19, 2011

EPL Transfer News: 3 Reasons Emmanuel Adebayor Can Return Tottenham to Top Four

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    The talks between Tottenham and Manchester City for the talents of Emmanuel Adebayor continue, with the inevitable loan coming closer and closer to reality. Tottenham needed to make a big splash this transfer window and have not done so yet.

    Adebayor is most well-known for his time spent at Arsenal, Manchester City and on loan last year at Real Madrid. In 2007-08, he scored 24 goals in 36 EPL appearances, while adding six more goals in other competitions that year.

    Adebayor to the Spurs would be a major move and could elevate Tottenham closer to a Top-Four finish as well as qualification for Champions League play. After a disappointing fifth-place finish last year where Tottenham struggled in the EPL against the weaker teams, Adebayor gives them a true threat up top for the midfield.

    Let's look at three reasons Adebayor will return Tottenham to the Champions League.

1. A True Striker

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    Tottenham are missing a consistent scorer. Last season, Peter Crouch, Roman Pavlyuchenko and Jermaine Defoe combined for 17 goals in the Premier League last season. This is unacceptable for a team with Top-Four aspirations.

    Adebayor, when he is healthy and at his best, can take over a game with his speed. He can open up a defense and let the midfield, Tottenham's strength, do the dirty work. The midfielders will have more space to operate with defenses having to respect Adebayor up top.

    Adebayor can put the ball in the net and help Tottenham gain more points against the weaker sides by exposing the defense. Tottenham only took 11 of a possible 30 points against the bottom five teams of the Premier League last season. Adebayor can help improve that with his skill.

    If Tottenham had taken care of business last year against the weaker opponents, they would have had a clear chance at stealing fourth place. With Adebayor, Tottenham may just do that this season.

2. Makes Crouch and Others Expendable

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    Stoke City have an interest in Peter Crouch. If/when Adebayor is given to Tottenham, Spurs may go ahead and sell Crouch. They can then reinvest the money and improve the team in different ways. Tottenham's defense was suspect last season and an extra defender is always a good item to have.

    Pavyluchenko struggled last season, and Tottenham have gotten little interest over him. If they are able to sell him, I would expect they would send him packing.

    Crouch fell out of favor with Spurs fans after his red card in the first leg of the semifinal of the Champions League against Real Madrid ended Spurs' Cinderella run through the tournament. He did not have a good season last year and selling him may be the best thing to do.

    Adebayor can have an impact with the Spurs and give them a viable option to consistently score, which is an upgrade over what Tottenham had last season.

3. He Has Something to Prove

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    After not being able to crack Manchester City's star-studded lineup in 2010-11, he was sent to Real Madrid, where he made 22 appearances. Upon his return to England, he will have a chip on his shoulder to prove that he is worthy of being a full-time player in England.

    His return to England could give him the incentive to perform like he did in 2007-08 with Arsenal, where he was one of the top players in the Premier League.

    All Spurs fans are hoping for the best with Adebayor, and if he can perform well, he may lessen the pain of his goals against Tottenham as a member of Real Madrid in addition to his time spent at Arsenal.


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    Adebayor may be the missing piece to a successful Tottenham season. Many experts, including the ones on the Sky Sports show Sunday Supplement and ESPN, are predicting Tottenham to finish in sixth. With Adebayor, they may have a shot at cracking the Top Four.

    Adebayor gives Tottenham a threat that they were lacking last season. He is an extra weapon for Harry Redknapp and if he does make the move to Tottenham, I would expect a comeback year from him.

    Tottenham played well against top competition last season. They drew Chelsea, Manchester City, beat and drew Arsenal and won twice against Liverpool. If Tottenham can keep up that success against the top teams, adding Adebayor may put Tottenham over the edge and into the Champions League after a one-year hiatus.

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