Liverpool FC: 5 Players Who Could Take Over as Captain from Steven Gerrard

Jake RoddCorrespondent IIIAugust 17, 2011

Liverpool FC: 5 Players Who Could Take Over as Captain from Steven Gerrard

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    Captain Fantastic, Liverpool Legend or Mr. Liverpool are just some of the flattering names Steven Gerrard has been given.

    However, injuries have plagued the Liverpool skipper, limiting him to only a couple of appearances since February. Anfield is now under the command of another brilliant skipper, Kenny Dalglish.

    With Gerrard getting on in years, Dalglish must be looking for another captain to take over from Gerrard in a couple of years, and here are a few players that are in contention for the armband, in no particular order.

    Some honourable mentions: Raul Meireles, Stewart Downing, John Flanagan

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Charlie Adam

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    At 26, Charlie Adam is approaching the prime of his career. Captaining Blackpool and making over 100 appearances for Rangers have given Adam some vital experience.

    Like Gerrard, Adam has an uncanny ability to control the tempo of the game, an ability that becomes priceless toward the end of hard fought games. The Scot has looked brilliant so far, and an impressive debut only helps his cause for first-team football.

    While Adam hasn't been at the club long, if he stays for the next couple of seasons, he will earn experience at the highest level, and this will give him a real shout for the armband.

    Chance: 6/10

Martin Kelly

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    Though the youngster has missed first-team football due to injury, Martin Kelly has looked like a mini Jamie Carragher at the back. Covering at right-back, Kelly hasn't looked out of place playing alongside the Liverpool XI.

    A captain needs respect from the crowd and fellow teammates. As a Liverpudlian born and bred, Kelly is guaranteed support from the crowd, and I hope he can use it to his advantage. Whether or not he plays well enough to warrant first-team football is crucial if Kelly hopes to lead the Liverpool team out someday.

    Chance: 5/10

Luis Suarez

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    El Pistolero has started well this season, bar a missed penalty. His speed and dedication have made him the best player in the Liverpool squad, and he has experience that proves vital in some situations.

    He has lifted a trophy at national level with Uruguay, and he has won numerous trophies with Ajax. All that's left is Liverpool, and he can help Liverpool win trophies.

    Luis Suarez possesses a key trait of a natural captain, and that is determination. Gerrard will do everything to win, as will Suarez. The only things holding him back his rash challenges and disciplinary record and his position.

    I'd prefer a captain to be more central, a midfielder who can shout orders and encouragement here, there and everywhere.

    Chance: 6/10

Lucas Leiva

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    Lucas Leiva would win the most improved player award if I could give it to him. Since enduring constant criticism, the Brazilian has emerged a brilliant holding player. He can tackle like an expert and pass the ball well.

    His claim for captaincy is actually a strong one. He has never expressed a desire to leave, no matter what situation the club is in. He plays in the ideal situation for a captain, ahead of the back four, but in reach of everyone else.

    Another important thing is this. Like Suarez, Reina and Adam, Lucas has a family. What does this have to do with anything? Well, Gerrard said that having children grounded him, made him a more sensible player, a key trait for a captain.

    Chance: 7/10

Pepe Reina

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    The best goalkeeper in the Premier League has shown dedication from day one. His love of Liverpool FC and Liverpool city have only helped him win the fans over.

    One of the most consistent performers in the Liverpool side, Reina has a real shout for captaincy.

    I hope he gets it to be honest. He'd deserve it. What do you think?

    Chance: 8/10