8 Most Impressive Scissor-Kick Goals in Pro Soccer

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIAugust 16, 2011

8 Most Impressive Scissor-Kick Goals in Pro Soccer

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    The scissor kick is a soccer move that is very tough to score on.

    To correctly execute the move it takes athleticism, concentration and poise.

    When done correctly and the scissor kick translates to a goal it is one of the most impressive sights to see in soccer only rivaled by perhaps the bicycle kick.

    Here are eight of the most impressive scissor kicks ever.

Peter Crouch

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    Peter Crouch appears to be a lanky uncoordinated player, but that is not who he is.

    He actually is a player who is pretty sure-footed and athletic even though he has a bean stalk frame.

    Crouch shows his athleticism on this scissor kick as he puts the ball in the back of the net while playing for Liverpool.

David Villa

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    David Villa at the time of this scissor kick was just starting to make a name for himself.

    The small Spanish striker has a knack for the impressive, and this scissor kick goal is exactly that.

    He takes a chance from a rebound and absolutely makes the most of it.


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    Ronaldinho was one of the most impressive players to be imported to Europe from Brazil.

    Ronaldinho in his hay day was able to make everyone take notice of him even if they were not a sports fan.

    His ability to make beautiful passes with ease, beat any defender with a simple step over and score goals that were nothing but extraordinary makes him one of the best players ever.

    This scissor kick goal is one that seems as if he doesn’t even try.

Dimitar Berbatov

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    Dimitar Berbatov is heralded for his ability and his effortlessness on the ball.

    Berbatov at times is scolded by supporters for appearing lazy during matches but his lack of hustle is made up for by his ball control ability.

    Berbatov’s scissor kick is one that is as stunning as they come.

Marco Van Basten

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    Marco Van Basten is one of the best goal scorers in the history of the game.

    The Dutch forward has some of the most impressive offensive statistics in the game.

    Away from the number his ability to deliver highlights like this scissor kick help to also solidify his legacy.

Zico (1982 World Cup)

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    Zico was a very impressive Brazilian playmaker.

    He comes from a country that has developed arguably the most refined form of football. The Brazilian style is graceful has flare and showcases athleticism.

    The Brazilians were ahead of their time, and Zico was no exception.

Rodrigo Taddei

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    Rodrigo Taddei is a player who is more known for his ability on the ball. His dribbling skill on the wing has defined his game throughout his career.

    Taddei’s scissor kick is exceptional and showcased his full ability as a footballer.

    Even though he is not known as a goal scorer, his ability to deliver a goal like this shows that he is a well rounded player who deserves all of the praise that anyone can give to him.

Marco Borriello

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    Marco Borriello is one of the most athletic Italians and also in the Serie A.

    This highlight shows two different scissor kick goals that look almost exactly identical. The ability to deliver a scissor kick once is something deserving of praise but to do it twice shows that he is a player of remarkable skill.

    Boriello is severely underrated. His ability she be more praised and noticed then it is.