English Premier League: 10 Players Who Could Transfer to a Bigger Club

Rohan SubraSenior Analyst IAugust 7, 2011

English Premier League: 10 Players Who Could Transfer to a Bigger Club

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    Playing at a big club can be a great thing. If that team is successful, the player would get trophies and the feeling of playing for such a big, successful team would be fantastic. Not to mention the money that larger clubs tend to have, so the player could get that, too.

    However, playing at a smaller club can be good also. Maybe the expectations are much lower there, and he or she is not in the spotlight as much. But the most important thing is that the player become the face of that club, and when people talk about that club, the talk swirls around him/her.

    Maybe these things are true, and maybe they are absolute garbage! But whatever it is, these players settled for the latter.

    Here are 10 good players who could be playing for a bigger English club.

Thomas Sorensen

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    Age: 35

    Current Club: Stoke City

    Position: Goalkeeper

    Nationality: Danish

    Description: Sorensen has already played for three Premier League clubs, including Sunderland, Aston Villa and Stoke City. He is an excellent shot stopper and is a very vocal leader, too. In the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Sorensen started for Denmark, though they didn't make it past the group stages.

    Other Clubs He Could Play for: He has been targeted by many teams in the past, including Arsenal, when they had a goalkeeping problem, so the Dane might even be "Big Four material."

Hugo Rodallega

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    Age: 26

    Current Club: Wigan Athletic

    Position: Striker

    Nationality: Colombian

    Description: Rodallega has played for several clubs before, but Wigan is the only big one. The Colombian is very quick and can beat a defense with his speed. However, he can shoot, and he is not unselfish at all. At Wigan, Rodallega has scored 22 goals in 89 appearances, which isn't too shabby.

    Other Clubs He Could Play for: Rodallega is another player who could be playing at a big club, as he has been linked with Arsenal and Liverpool, not to mention Stoke and Everton. However, if he played for a Big Four club, he would probably come off the bench.

Scott Dann

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    Age: 24

    Current Club: Birmingham City

    Position: Center Back

    Nationality: English

    Description: At 6'2", Scott Dann is a powerful presence, because he is strong and goes in fearlessly for headers. The Englishman has played at Birmingham since 2009, and has been linked with other clubs in the past. However, Dann hasn't played for the England senior team; he's only been part of the Under-21 side.

    Other Clubs He Could Play for: Dann is another player who has been linked with other clubs, given that his Birmingham just got relegated. He has been targeted by Liverpool, Chelsea, Stoke, Aston Villa, Arsenal, Tottenham and Wolves, so he might also end up playing for a big club.

Adel Taarabt

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    Age: 22

    Current Club: Queens Park Rangers

    Position: Winger

    Nationality: Morrocan

    Description: Adel Taarabt is probably the first person that you would associate with the newly promoted Queens Park Rangers. He is a fantastic finisher who scored 19 goals in 44 games for QPR in the Championship. He has played for Tottenham in the past, too.

    Other Clubs He Could Play for: Taarabt has been linked with Tottenham, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Newcastle. Since he plays with such a small club, he might want to move elsewhere and win some hardware.

Peter Odemwingie

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    Age: 30

    Current Club: West Bromwich Albion

    Position: Winger/Striker

    Nationality: Nigerian

    Description: Odemwingie is a very fast player with a great right foot. Not only that, but he has a good sense for goal. Last year, Odemwingie scored 15 goals, good enough to get him fifth place in the Premier League. In 2008, the Nigerian international helped his country to the Beijing Olympics final.

    Other Clubs He Could Play for: Odemwingie has been linked away from his club. Maybe he couldn't be that successful at a huge club, but he could certainly play at a bigger one like Everton or Fulham.

Leighton Baines

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    Age: 26

    Current Club: Everton FC

    Position: Left Back

    Nationality: English

    Description: Leighton Baines is one of the best left backs in the Premier League. In addition to his quickness and his ability to control the left side, he is an excellent defender; he can tackle well, and he known where to be. Not only that, but he is an excellent shooter, who can score from free kicks.

    Other Clubs He Could Play for: Yes, Everton is already a fairly big club, but Baines could even be playing at one of the Big Four clubs, as he has been mostly linked with Arsenal and Liverpool.

Joey Barton

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    Age: 28

    Current Club: Newcastle United

    Position: Defensive Midfielder

    Nationality: English

    Description: Joey Barton is one of the toughest players in the Premier League. He is never afraid to go in for tackles. Despite being a defensive midfielder, Barton can also shoot very well. Though it is true that he is fearless, this attribute can err on the side of recklessness, as Barton has seriously injured a few players in the past.

    Other Clubs He Could Play for: Barton has been heavily linked with Arsenal and Liverpool, among others, because he is a great player to hold the midfield.

Phil Jagielka

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    Age: 28

    Current Club: Everton FC

    Position: Center Back

    Nationality: English

    Description: Jagielka is an excellent defender. When he arrived at Everton from Sheffield United for a mere 4 million pounds, he was younger and much less experienced. Since then, he has improved considerably and made himself a defensive force.

    Other Clubs He Could Play for: Like I said for Baines, Everton is a pretty big club, but Jagielka has been heavily linked with Arsenal, who are in need of a solid center back. If Jagielka is sold, it will probably be for about 15 million pounds.

Christopher Samba

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    Age: 27

    Current Club: Blackburn Rovers

    Position: Center Back

    Nationality: Congolese

    Description: For many people, the first word that they associate with Christopher Samba is the word "beast." He stands at 6'4", is extremely strong and an intimidating person to be sitting in the back four. Samba has bolstered the Blackburn defense, but unfortunately for Rovers fans, he may want out.

    Other Clubs He Could Play for: Samba has been linked with Tottenham and Arsenal, two teams in need of a center back. He is definitely Big Four quality.

Scott Parker

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    Age: 30

    Current Club: West Ham United

    Position: Midfield

    Nationality: English

    Description: In the 2010/2011 season, Scott Parker was pretty much the only player on West Ham who was consistent (in a good way). He was excellent as the face of relegated West Ham. Parker did win the Football Writers' Association Footballer of the Year, which is awarded to the best player in English football.

    Other Clubs He Could Play for: Parker has been linked with Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester United, because that's just how good the Englishman has been playing.


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    Here is what I think will happen to each player:

    Sorensen: Stays

    Rodallega: Stays

    Dann: Moves

    Taarabt: Stays

    Odemwingie: Stays

    Baines: Stays

    Barton: Moves

    Jagielka: Stays

    Samba: Moves

    Parker: Stays

    What do you think?