West Ham United: Should Scott Parker See the Hammers Through the Championship?

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIDecember 12, 2016

West Ham United: Should Scott Parker See the Hammers Through the Championship?

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    West Ham United is in a new league with a new manager. Should their best player Scott Parker stay faithful and try to bring his club of the past four years back up to the top flight?

    This is not the insane idea; many players give their club at least one season to try to bring them back to where they were in the previous season.

    Andy Johnson did it with Crystal Palace and the bulk of Juventus’s first team did it when they fell to Serie B after the game fixing allegations were proven.

    Scott Parker is more like the former example then the latter but if he stays with the club and continues to be dedicated to them he could be the spark that keeps them on top of the Championship table and quickly move back to the top flight.

    It comes down to one very hard decision that must be weighing on his Scott Parker’s mind. Should he stay faithful to the Hammers or should he leave the club and stay in the Premier League?

    Here are three reasons why he should stay with West Ham.

Sam Allardyce

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    Sam Allardyce is a very talented manager who will bring with him a new system and a new philosophy to the club.

    Allardyce is a good manager who has shown that he can lead a team to promotion. He brought Bolton Wanderers from the Championship to the Premier League and he hopes to do the same with West Ham United.

    Sam Allardyce is also a manager who brings stability to clubs.

    Before his surprising sacking last season at Blackburn, he had them steady in the mid table.

    His football philosophy is not flashy but it is consistent just like Scott Parker. Big Sam’s football ideals will appeal to Parker and could be a huge reason for him to stay, even with so many big clubs in the Premier League pursuing his signature.

West Ham Has a Talented Group of Players

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    West Ham has solid talent that should be able to allow them to stay on top of the Championship next season.

    A lot of core players are still in place for the time being and if Scott Parker stays they have more incentive to stay too.

    The likes of Carlton Cole, Robert Green, Kevin Nolan and Frederic Piquionne all give the Hammers more then a fighting chance all season.

    With Allardyce pressuring them for consistency even if it is not the most appealing attractive football it will be winning football and any West Ham supporter will tell you they like the prospect of that.

2012 New Stadium; New Life in the Premier League

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    If everything stays the same as it is now, West Ham United will be moving into the Olympic Stadium after the London Olympics.

    This means if all goes well they would be able to start their new life in the Premier League in a state of the art stadium that is much improved from their legendary Upton Park.

    This is something to play for and may just push Scott Parker to want to bring the club back up and turn down offers from Premier League clubs.

    The motivation to help a club that he loves goes beyond the club he certainly will be motivated to stick it out till they enter the new stadium, help them in their new home and enjoy a different type of atmosphere.