Manchester City a Sure Bet to Beat Manchester United at Wembley Again

True BlueCorrespondent IAugust 4, 2011

Trophy number two wont take another 35 years to win.
Trophy number two wont take another 35 years to win.Alex Livesey/Getty Images

It may seem like a bold prediction, but City will most definitely beat United in this weekends Community Shield.

Not only do City have a better squad than United, but they have a manager who seems to want the win more, and so he will do all he can to win.

Further to City's desire, however, we also have the fear factor that will more or less guarantee that Alex Fergsuon won't field his strongest team. 

In effect, Fergie is stuck between a rock and a hard place and it seems to me that with United likely to lose, whatever he does, Fergie will opt for a non-compete loss, complete with all the usual excuses about it 'not being competitive' and 'not indicative of the season to come.'

Although United go into the game as defending champions, they are far from the same team with the loss of Van Der Sar and Scholes of particular import, but we are told not to expect an appearance from Hernandez either.

There is also the indifferent form of Ferdinand, the lack of effort from Berbatov (who may not even make the squad) and the seeming reliance on youth which suggests that United are far more than just beatable.

City on the other hand go into the match with one of, if not the best signings of the summer in Sergio Aguero. He adds to a team that beat United at Wembley a few short months ago and also had the best points haul in the Premier League in the final 10 games.

It seems obvious that City are more focused on the win, in better form and have better players than United, so the best that Fergie can hope for is a mild spanking, perhaps a 2 - 0 loss.

But I would suggest having a wager on City to win by three clear goals and with United relying on Rooney for goals a 3 - 0 win for City seems almost too easy to call.