Copa America 2011 Fight Video: Watch Paraguay vs. Venezuela Postgame Brawl

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Paraguay and Venezuela Duke it Out in Ugly Post-match Brawl

It appears as though the players on the pitch were trying to replicate the riots that ensued outside on the streets of Argentina. It's not getting very much attention, but a scary scene developed when Venezuelan staff appeared to taunt Paraguay, which in turn sparked a full on brawl between the two sides.

The fight that ensued after the semifinals match is being kept relatively quiet, given how big it was. It involved players and staff from both teams and yet most game recaps, even those from major new outlets, fail to mention that a confrontation happened at all.

The disturbing event was enough to scare the pants off of audience members from both sides, including Larissa Riquelme (pun intended), but the event would go virtually unnoticed if it weren't for a few viral videos circling the internet.

Stadium security and police were eventually able to break up the fight, but it took quite some time to dispel.

Riots and fighting in soccer are nothing new, but rarely does a fight of this magnitude break out between players and staff. Soccer hooligans and unruly fans usually require the attention of security, but after this match, the attention needed to be directed to the sore losers on Venezuela's side and an arrogant and proud Paraguayan team.

Emotions were high, which explains the bar fight-esque brawl that happened between the two sides. A little banter turned into a huge ordeal. Both sides were competing for their shot at a Copa America final. Given their close 3-3 match between the two sides in the group stage, we knew some drama could unfold in this match, but nobody could have predicted this.

Now, Paraguay will not only be recovering from an exhausting match that went into extra time and PKs, they will be recovering from any minor injuries sustained in the brawl between the two sides.

Venezuela was sent packing, but it's somewhat surprising that Paraguay would engage Venezuela, seeing as they were advancing to the final. Venezuela had nothing to lose, but Paraguay should have never given them the opportunity to get back at them, regardless of what was said.

Hopefully the match didn't hurt the Paraguayans too badly. Any adverse effect on the team could be detrimental to Riquelme accomplishing her goals, and nobody wants to see that happen.

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