Bayern Munich Transfer News: Why It Might Be Time to Sell High on Arjen Robben

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIJuly 11, 2011

MILAN, ITALY - FEBRUARY 23:  Arjen Robben of FC Bayern Muenchen looks on during the UEFA Champions League round of 16 first leg match between Inter Milan v FC Bayern Muenchen on February 23, 2011 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)
Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Arjen Robben is in the prime of his career, and usually, world-class teams do not sell their stars in their prime, but it is the right move with Robben.

Bayern Munich need to sell Robben because he is a player that will help get money back for the club, which is currently trying to reduce its debt.

Cutting wages is one of the ways in which the team is trying to reduce its debt. Bayern’s director of sport, Christian Nerlinger, said, “The wages have gone through the roof and therefore we have got to get our message through to the players that a new contract does not necessarily mean a pay rise.”

Robben has a contract that will last until 2013, and Bayern Munich's front office will have to pay him and have his wages on their books.

Instead, they can alleviate some of that by selling the playmaker now, gaining his transfer fee and getting rid of his salary.

This is important in a league that lets their fans invest. Not only is the team losing its own money, it's losing that of those in the public that have invested.

As football becomes more and more of a spending game and teams try to compete, some end up putting themselves in a financial hole.

As much as football is a game, it is also a business, and this is why capitalizing on Robben now is the right move. He may not ultimately be able to do much as far as ridding the club of debt, but it is the next step after they have released other star players in the last few seasons.

Robben is a talented playmaker that excels on the ball, and he can beat his defender anytime that he needs to.

He is a creative player who plays with a lot of pace. This makes him a player that can get a shot off, play a quality through ball, and send in a cross.

These offensive capabilities make him a player, if put up for sale by Bayern, to whom many teams will be attracted.

His personality also makes him a worthwhile prospect. He has won league titles in Holland, England, Spain, and Germany. He has also been to World Cup and Champions League finals.

Robben is a player that has proven to be a winner and a leader. These qualities are just as valuable as, if not more valuable than, his on field skills.

It would not be hard for Arjen Robben to find a new home, and it is time for Bayern Munich to put him up for sale.