FC Barcelona Transfer Talk: 8 Potential Additions Who Will Bring La Liga Title

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIJune 29, 2011

FC Barcelona Transfer Talk: 8 Potential Additions Who Will Bring La Liga Title

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    When you are the defending La Liga titleholder and the winner of the Champions League you may not need to add to your line up. Well, in the world of football this is not the case.

    More and more money is beginning to be invested into clubs making everyone have the ability to build stronger and better squads then the year before.

    Pep Guardiola knows that he will need to make additions to his squad to beat their rivals in the capital, Real Madrid.

    Real Madrid will be spending so that means Barcelona will have to also even if they have a more then usual budgeted transfer fund.

    Here is a list of eight potential additions who will help bring the La Liga title back to the Bernabeu.

Gareth Bale

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    Gareth Bale is becoming a superstar. He is a pivotal player for Tottenham and most likely will not leave the club or the Premier League.

    That being said, there is always a chance that the Welshman could move from Tottenham to Barcelona.

    He had been linked in the past and he would lend his talents well to Pep Guardiola’s system.

    He is a winger that can really make things happen. He has speed and strength that makes him hard to defend by even the world’s best.

    He also is great on set pieces whether he is sending the ball in, firing it on goal, or trying to get on the end of one.

    “He would be ideal [for Barcelona],” Tottenham legend Glenn Hoddle said about Bale back in April in The Mirror.

Giuseppe Rossi

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    Giuseppe Rossi is the number one striker at Villareal. He helped the Yellow Submarines to a very successful fourth-place finish, which gets them into the Champions League playoff rounds.

    With Villareal trying to get into the group stages of the Champions League tournament they will try to hold onto Rossi.

    Barcelona could really use the talent of Rossi.

    He is a playmaking forward who can hold up the ball and get the offense going behind him. He also can get space to get his long range shot off which has a lot of pop and power behind it.

Alexis Sanchez

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    Alexis Sanchez is a player on the verge of a move to Barcelona—well two weeks ago it seemed like it.

    The Chilean striker was leaving the team to go to Barcelona for a physical so that his national team could not be blamed for any kind of injury if it already was there.

    This made it seem like the deal was nearly done. Then all of a sudden the rumours started to die down and Manchester City started to be linked with Sanchez again.

    The Udinese striker is a strong player who is creative and will fit into Pep Guardiola’s system.

    Barcelona is a team that allows playmakers to thrive as long as their egos stay subdued. It is a team first mentality that allows a player to play as himself as long as he keeps his head up and looking for the next pass also.

    Sanchez can excel in a system like that. 

Carlos Tevez

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    Carlos Tevez has had much uncertainty around his future with Manchester City since January. He is a player that has been linked to many of the top clubs since then.

    His likely move will be to stay at Eastlands with Roberto Mancini’s men or go back to Argentina.

    If he did go to Barcelona he would be able to link up with his Lionel Messi and this would help both of their Club and Country careers.

    Tevez is a bulldog. He is a hardnosed player whose work rate allows him to make things happen.

    He may not be the most likely player to fit into the Barcelona system but he is a player that would make his mark if he ever joined the team. It would most likely only be a short stint if he did land at the Bernabeu.

Neymar Da Silva

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    Neymar da Silva is a player who has loads of potential and needs to be guided in the right direction.

    Neymar is a player that knows he is the skill and with him being so highly recognized and coveted by such big clubs can make a players ego build to something that is greater then he can control.

    He is a player that has the ability to create the breath taking moments that have game changing results. And Barcelona offers Pep Guardiola the manager who can guide players and mentor their talents along with their personalities.

    He is a man who can mold men and players into the system that is trying to be replicated all over the world.

Thiago Silva

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    Thiago Silva is arguably the best center back in the world.

    He is a great positional defender who has the ability to lock down players in front of him and he can cover for other defenders.

    The best part of his game may just be his confidence on the ball. He can distribute the ball and start the attack with a simple long ball.

    Silva would be great to pair with Gerard Pique but it will likely never happen.

    A lot of the rumors started to seem like Silva himself created them and used them to start having leverage in contract talks.

Cesc Fabregas

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    Cesc Fabregas is one of the most storied rumours out there during the last two summer transfer windows.

    Fabregas looks to be most likely the heir to Xavi’s throne in the midfield.

    He is a player that orchestrates the offense. He has shown this with Arsenal.

    The real problem is although Barcelona seems to really want the current Arsenal captains signature they truly do not need him.

    In any kind of starting eleven that one can think of Fabregas has to displace a player that helped obtain both the La Liga title and the Champions League title for them.

    There is on thing that no one can deny even if Barcelona does not necessarily need Fabregas he is an extremely talented player.

    Pep will find a way to use him and make him work for Barcelona.

Thiago Alcantara

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    Thiago Alcantara is not necessarily an addition in the sense of the transfer window but he is an addition in the sense that he did not really get many chances to show his skills with Barcelona last year.

    After an amazing U-21 European Championship many teams are on red alert and trying to get the Italian born midfielders signature.

    The likes of Manchester United want the talismanic player.

    Pep Guardiola needs to hold onto the promising young midfielder and add him to the first team.

    Alcantara deserves to be making the bench and getting time as a sub in La Liga games to try to make a difference late in games.

    If all goes well the addition of Alcantara into more first team football will allow for Barcelona not to worry if they cannot sign Cesc Fabregas. Thiago Alcantara has the capability to be real cover for Xavi if he shows signs of wear and tear or slowing down.