Return of a Legend: Maradona to Be New Manager Of Argentina National Team

Christian AraosContributor IOctober 28, 2008

He's back.

Diego Maradona, legend of the Argentinian national team during the 70s, 80s, and part of the 90s, is now returning as manager according to reports.

The fact that the AFA was willing to interview him surprised Maradona who thought it was a hidden camera show. When asked what direction he wants to take he said: "The direction Julio (Grondona) wants for the national team is the same (Carlos) Bilardo and I have. My job will be watching the players and picking up the ones who are in the best form."

Maradona has six months of coaching experience; two months with Deportivo Mandiyu and four with Racing Club. If appointed he will have to guide a side, that hasn't played to expectations, to qualification for South Africa 2010 through a tricky COMMEBOL region.

Maradona told Fox Sports: "The offer from Julio Grondona attracted me a lot. As soon as it is confirmed, I will start working, but I can say I am very proud.

"I'm putting everything aside for this. There is nothing that can make me look past the national team. Today my path is the national team, my task is to talk to the players and build a solid group. I am sure the guys and Argentinian football will pull through.

"I think we must make the players understand that our shirt is the most important thing, that they cannot exchange money for glory. Glory is much more than money. I know they know that, but we must make them remember that every day.

"We have enough quality to calm the nation. The road to the World Cup is not easy, but I believe in the Argentinian players. Everybody wants to play at the World Cup but we must show our traditions and our style on the field."

If appointed, Maradona is sure to draw attention to his team but from a coaching standpoint it could be glory or disaster. Maradona has little experience and has had feuds with FIFA and the AFA.

His first test would be a friendly against France in February and if he were to fail, there could be national disgrace, if he were to succeed... he will be revered as a god in Argentina, if he isn't already.