World Football: The Top 25 Goal Montages on YouTube

James WillisAnalyst IJune 20, 2011

World Football: The Top 25 Goal Montages on YouTube

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    CARSON, CA - MARCH 20:  Juan Pablo Angel #9 of the Los Angeles Galaxy pokes the ball into the net in the second half of their MLS match against the New England Revolution at The Home Depot Center on March 20, 2011 in Carson, California. Angel was called o
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    YouTube gives the ordinary fan a chance to show the world their favourite sports clips in almost any way they choose, and it really has been entertaining for the average fan.

    With many different football montages on show, there are almost too many to choose from to watch. For that reason here are 25 of the best football montages on the website.

    Some are themed, some not so much, but all of them are entertaining for the watching public.

    With some of the finest goals ever scored, and some of the strangest, here is a list of 25 of the top goal montages on YouTube.

Best Goals Ever 1

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    Although opinionated, and with an annoying amount of subtitles, this video helps capture some of the genuinely greatest goals of all time.

    Not just modern goals or the flashiest goals, but the finest at any point in history...

    ...oh, and Maradona's hand of God

Best Goals Ever 2

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    Another compilation, much like the last but with an even wider choice of top quality goals.

    There's not much more that can be said other than wishing that all goals scored could be like these.

Best Goals Ever 3

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    Quite an original idea to go through the Premier League club by club, showing each of their best goals.

    The only minor problems with the video is that is seems very recent and doesn't include all Premier League clubs ever.

Best Goals Ever 4

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    This time it's the best goals from the World Cup, at least according to the BBC.

    At least though it shows that there has been much consideration for historical goals where harder balls had been used.

Best Goals Ever 5

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    Along the same lines but this time with the Champions League.

    There can be no arguing that some fine goals have been scored in the competition. This is the best of the best of Europe.

Best Team Goals 1: Brazil

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    This time for the best goals of an individual team and where better to start than with Brazil?

    The connoisseurs of world football; they may not have founded the sport but their nation made it what it is today.

Best Team Goals 2: New York Cosmos

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    Before the MLS, there was NASL.

    It's often so easy to dismiss NASL as just an former American league that went bankrupt after performances of a lower standard than most of the rest of world football.

    That would be wrong though as this video proves there was actually exceptional talent on show.

Best Player Goals 1: Matt Le Tissier

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    Often England's forgotten man, Le Tissier was a magical player at his best.

    Although he may not have been the one of the greatest players of all time, there can be no denying that in terms of English players Le Tissier was near the top as this video proves.

Best Player Goals 2: Juninho Penambucano

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    The video could not be more aptly name; "The man who takes a free kick as a penalty"

    Juninho Pernambucano is renowned as one of the finest free kick takers of all time if not the best, and as this video proves, it's all for good reason.

Best Player Goals 3: Ronaldo

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    Although marred by controversy throughout his career, Ronaldo was one of Brazil's best ever strikers and he truly deserves his place up amongst the top Brazilians of all time.

    This video of his top 10 goal is just the start of this great players talents.

Best Player Goals 4: Garrincha

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    Remaining in Brazil, a montage of Garrincha's goals and skills is always going to be appreciated by any football fan.

    Maybe overlooked sometimes due to his countries great heritage of football talent, Garrincha could easily lay claim to one of Brazil's absolute finest.

Best Player Goals 5: Lionel Messi

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    Although it's too early to say if he's one of the greatest players of all time, it can definitely be said that Messi is the greatest of his generation.

    Having won the Balon d'Or twice already, and broken countless records, Messi has set the world alight once more with pure football talent.

Best Player Goals 6: Diego Maradona

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    Love him or hate him, Maradona was still one of the greatest players to grace a pitch.

    He may not have been the most popular footballer of his era, but there can be no denying he was the most talented as he won trophy after trophy almost single handedly.

Best Player Goals 7: Rogerio Ceni

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    Everyone loves a goalkeeper who scores goals so who better to have on this list than Rogerio Ceni?

    The Sao Paulo goalkeeper is the first keeper in history to score over 100 goals as recognised by FIFA, so it's only fitting that he's on this list.

Best Goalkeeper Goals

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    Following on from Rogerio Ceni, although perhaps not quite as great, there's another set of goalkeepers goals here.

    Although number 1 is technically an own goal, it's still pretty good...

Best Goalkeeper Gaffs

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    As much as people like goalkeeper goals, fans will also find goalkeeper gaffs entertaining. That is providing it's not from their own team.

    As good as some goals can be, these goals are just as entertaining to watch.

Best Own Goals

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    As much as everyone likes to watch goals as they are usually scored, it can also be very entertaining to watch own goals.

    Again, provided they are not scored by your own team, own goals always make a good video montage.

Strangest Goals

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    Similar to the own goals slide, but this time just strange goals.

    This montage chronicles some of the oddest goals ever to have been scored, and the way that they are scored always keeps the video entertaining.

Funniest Goals

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    Although this montage is only out of the goals at the World Cup, there's still some brilliant goals in there.

    Perhaps they're not as strange as the ones in the last slide, but these are some of the funniest World Cup goals (except for the team that conceded them obviously).

Best Long Range Goals

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    Long range belters have for a long time been a mark of a truly good goal, so in this original montage all the goals are long range shots.

    Maybe the video doesn't include all of the best long range shots, but it includes most of the entertaining ones.

Best Top Corner Goals

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    Just as good as long range shots are those that get hit right in the top corner.

    This montage of top corner shots is just as entertaining as almost any other goal montage on youtube, and shows just how goals should be taken.

Best Corner Goals

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    From top corner goals, to corner goals. This is a medley of the best goals scored straight from corner kicks.

    Not just at a professional level either, as there's even an amateur goal in there!

Best Free Kick Goals

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    From corners to another set piece; Free kicks.

    Perhaps these goals aren't always as good as Juninho Pernambucano's free kick montage from earlier, but they're still absolutely class.

Best Penalty Goals

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    Penalties can bring out the worst in any player, but equally they can bring out the best in players.

    In fact on rare occasions they bring out the showboating in players, which is what this slideshow seems to be all about.

Best Goal Celebrations

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    Goals are great and simply the most helpful thing a footballer can do for a team, although celebrations can be just as great for the fans.

    Although it's not strictly a goal montage, it's still a great to watch a video of some of the best goal celebrations ever.