Arsenal Transfer Talk: 3 Player Plus Cash Deals That Wenger Can Make Use of

Arun MCorrespondent IIIJune 16, 2011

Arsenal Transfer Talk: 3 Player Plus Cash Deals That Wenger Can Make Use of

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    The summer transfer window has already opened and there has been a lot of speculation about who is going where. As an Arsenal fan, I have heard a lot of rumours this season (just like previous seasons).

    With Cesc Fabregas almost looking to stay at Arsenal for one more year, fans are eager to know about the new additions that Wenger is about to make to the current squad. Also, contract negotiations are going with Nasri and Wenger will be keen to keep him with Arsenal.

    A squad cannot be kept by increasing the roster. Hence, players who have had few opportunities, or have made less of an impact, will be shown the door in this transfer window.

    With an inflated transfer market, Wenger would be looking to reduce the cost of a player by bidding a player plus cash deal.

    Here are some player plus cash deals that could happen for Arsenal.

Gary Cahill-Ignasi Miquel

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    Gary Cahill has been on Wenger's radar for quite some time. I would not be surprised if he becomes a gunner this season. Cahill will be a good addition to Arsenal as he has good Premier League experience. He would, however, cost around £17 million, which Wenger feels is too high.  

    Wenger may try to sweeten Cahill's deal by making it a player plus cash deal. Wenger can bid Cahill for £12 million, plus loan Ignasi Miquel to the Bolton Wanderers for the 2011-12 season.

    Bolton has brought the best out of players on loan (such as Jack Wilshere and Daniel Sturridge) in previous seasons. Miquel started in only one game in the 2010-11 season—the Arsenal reserves captain would improve if he had more first-team opportunities at the Premier League level.

    However, Bolton agreeing to this deal brings up another question: How long will they agree to act as a platform for launching other clubs' players?


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    Shakthar Donetsk's attacking midfielder, Willian Borges da Silva, has been on Wenger's radar as well—Willian can play either as an attacking midfielder or as a winger. He has also played in the forward position for Shakthar Donetsk.

    Willian will be a good addition to the squad as he can be helpful during Arsenal's injury crisis throughout the season. If Cesc gets injured, Nasri can take Cesc's position (assuming both Cesc and Nasri stay at Arsenal) and Willian will be the winger. Even if Van Persie gets injured, Wenger may try Willian up front.

    Willian is rated at £22 million by Shakhtar—but Arsenal are not prepared to stretch that far and are rumored to have started the bidding at £12 million, plus Denilson is a player plus cash deal.

    Denilson did not have many first-team opportunities this season and requested for a transfer, which Wenger accepted. With Denilson wanting to join a club that can provide Champions League football, it maybe a good decision for the Brazilian to move to Shakthar Donetsk.

Samuel Eto'o-Nicklas Bendtner

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    Eto'o recently made a statement hinting on a Premier League switch (which can be viewed via Sport-Bliss at He said, "I have already shown that I have what it takes to play in Italy and I now have the idea of proving myself in England."

    As an Arsenal fan, I would want Eto'o to be a gunner due to the injury crisis that happens almost every season. Importantly, with Van Persie being injury prone, Arsenal needs an established striker who can continue to make goals during his absence.

    Benzema was linked with Wenger, telling him he was good, but unless Real Madrid signs some strikers, Benzema will not be moving out to Emirates.

    Wenger would not accept Inter's evaluation of Eto'o, as it is expected to be around £30 million. Wenger could use Bendtner in a player plus cash deal to bring in Eto'o. He has requested a transfer, which Wenger has agreed to. Bendtner has been evaluated to be at around £12 million—this may bring the cost of Eto'o down to around £20 million.

    This Eto'o deal to Arsenal is purely a speculation, as Eto'o still has three years left in his contract with Inter Milan and has only hinted at a Premier League switch—not a switch to Arsenal.

Other Player Plus Cash Deals Relating to Arsenal

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    Last year, Barcelona made a £40 million bid for Fabregas, which was rejected by Arsenal. This year, with an estimated total transfer budget of £45 million, Barcelona were rumoured to have launched a £35 million bid, plus a youth player (Thiago Alcantara or Bojan Krkic), which Arsenal rejected.

    Another rumour was the Fabregas-David Villa swap as Barcelona were looking out for Alexis Sanchez and Rossi. Now, with Fabregas stating that his future is in the hands of his current boss, these rumours have seemed to die out. Fabregas has hinted at staying at Arsenal for another season.

    Another transfer rumour was the swap deal of Nasri for Eto'o (there were not many rumours though), but with Nasri's agent clearly stating that he has been holding talks only with Arsenal, Wenger will be hoping to keep him at the Emirates.