Brazilian Selecão Coach Mano Menezes Is a Hopelessly Lost Coward

Sammy BalContributor IIJune 14, 2011

Mano Menezes
Mano Menezes

When down a goal with 10 minutes to go, any coach will usually bring on another striker. Unless, of course, that coach is Mano Menezes.

When faced with this situation against France, Mano brought on another retentive midfielder in a bid to apparently secure a slender loss.

In the name of responsibility, the Brazilian team has gone from a much-criticised Dunga counter-attacking team to a Mano non-attacking team without any plan but to seemingly survive matches.

Local Brazilian round table program Bem Amigos recently featured Mano in a bid to quell the public's ever-increasing grumbling over the national squad.

All it succeeded in doing, however, was to confirm Mano's cowardly posture. He all but admitted failure in the upcoming Copa América, saying, "If we come out of the tournament a bit improved on our current form, I will consider it a success."

In other words, Brazil will lose but look a bit better than they currently do. Hardly inspirational talk from the coach of the country that has won the last two Copa Américas and subsequent Confederations Cups.

Apart from this shameful declaration, other bits of information were squeezed out of the program, which dragged. It was, as always, laden with senior citizen yesteryear reporters, cheesy music and a single, utterly useless Twitter monitor as 180 million Brazilian fans looked on.

Mano was very clear about the non-inclusion of top players, including Lazio's Hernanes.

In the coach's opinion, Hernanes is being used at Lazio in a different tactical setup which does not suit the Brazilian side, and therefore is unsuitable.

The same would go for many other top players like Marcelo of Real Madrid.

In other words, Mano Menezes has some pie-in-the-sky tactical setup in his head, and top players must fit in to this system.

Well I ask the question: How many World Cups has Brazil won because of some setup and how many because of top class players?

In 2002, did Ronaldo and Rivaldo bring it home or was it a 4-2-3-1 that did the trick?

Apart from openly admitting to not wanting certain top players because of his so-called setup, he boasted of a great defense with only two goals conceded in eight matches. 

Since when does Brazil, the mighty Brazil, the flag bearer of the beautiful game, care about defensive stats?

In two recent matches held at home, Brazil could only manage nil-nil in what was dubbed and sold as a revenge match versus Holland and 1-0 versus football dwarf Romania.

In both matches, the Selecao were booed off the field and cries for Mano's head were voiced.

It seems that Brazil has jumped from the frying pan right into the fire in sacking Dunga for Mano.

Dunga's Brazil did focus on a solid defense, but the counter attack worked and years of record-breaking victories and titles were the result. 

Mano's cowardly setups, total lack of attitude and arrogant disrespect for talent has taken Brazilian football to a new low.

Copa América promises to be yet another display of hanging-on-for-dear-life football, with many stars absent and a coach content to lose by a little and save face.

Mano Menezes has practically announced to his players that Brazil has no chance of winning. He goes into this tournament only looking to upgrade recent pathetic performances.