The Top 10 Goalkeepers in World Football

Andres Ehrli@@ehrliCorrespondent IIIJune 10, 2011

The Top 10 Goalkeepers in World Football

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    Goalkeepers are the lonely man that dresses in a different color.

    They are the ones that train with different coaches and that play the sport with their hands instead of their feet. 

    They are the ones that are one mistake away from being guilty of their team's demise.

    In short, they're quite important. 

    Who are the Top 20 keepers? We'll start by simply listing No. 20 through No. 11 before going into more detail for each player in the top 10. Let's find out...

10. Marten Stekelenburg (Ajax and Netherlands NT)

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    Why No.10?

    He's a big man and he is more of a solid keeper than a flashy one, but he cracks the Top 10 being reliable in both Ajax and the Oranje. He sometimes has mental lapses and lets a savable ball in, though.



    He might be on his way out of Ajax and onto a bigger club.


    Transfer Value:

    €15 million should see him walk out of Amsterdam. 

9. Joe Hart (Manchester City and England NT)

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    Why No.9?

    England hasn't had a good goalkeeper since Gordon Banks. They just might have one now. Hart is very solid on all aspects of goalkeeper and isn't the flashy type. Usually, he saves almost every ball that comes his way (except for the national tradition of the "calamity" when he dresses up for England).



    Will be City and England's goalkeeper for the coming years (calamities included). 


    Transfer Value:

    You won't fish him out of City for less than €40 million and a fat salary. 

8. David De Gea (Atlético De Madrid)

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    Why No.8?

    The best young keeper in the world at the moment. At 20 years old, "Van der Gea" has already been compared to van der Sar and Iker Casillas. He is very good coming out to grasp the ball in the air because of his height and is a terrific long distance shot stopper. Nitpicking, when the ball is in his feet, he is quite average (leaning to bad).



    Atlético is a selling club. So they'll sell him even if they say they won't (Manchester United, anyone?).


    Transfer Value:

    Around €20 million euros should do it for the Colchoneros.

7. Victor Valdés (FC Barcelona and Spain NT)

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    Why No.7?

    Not the best reflexes, and overall not the best keeper talent-wise on this list. But he does have two qualities that are invaluable for Barça. One is his passing ability, which helps when a team presses Barcelona, and Victor becomes a sweeper behind the defensive line. And the other is his one-on-one ability, which serves him well with all the defensive spaces Barça's attacking football inevitably leaves out. 



    Barcelona for at least five more years.


    Transfer Value:

    Barça will never sell him. Let's say €50 million, just to set an asking price. 

    But at that price, no one will want to buy him because he's built to play in Barcelona's scheme. 

    So there's absolutely zero chance he leaves Barça.

    There's just no supply and no demand.

6. Manuel Neuer (Schalke and Germany NT)

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    Why No.6?

    Manuel has the raw talent to be Top 3 all his career. Some days, he saves everything that comes his way. But some days, he is just average. He's very inconsistent.



    He wanted out of Schalke. Badly. Bayern are almost sure to sign him.


    Transfer Value:

    Just under €25 million seems to be the final price for Germany's best GK. 

5. Petr Cech (Chelsea and Czech NT)

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    Why No.5?

    Cech once disputed the top place on this list. But since his head injury, he's just not that good. He is still easily on the top 5 and is one of the more solid goalkeepers in the game today. But he just doesn't have the edge to be No.1 he did when he was battling it out with Buffon (not on the Top 10 anymore) and Casillas. 



    Can still be there for Chelsea for five years. If Roman Abramovich doesn't want another keeper, that is.


    Transfer Value:

    €35 million would be a good place to start negotiating for his transfer, given his past as a No.1 contender. 

4. Julio Cesar (Inter Milan and Brazil)

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    Why No.4?

    Julio Cesar was also in the contention for No.1. But this season, his performance has dropped dramatically. Maybe because of Toldo's retirement and his putting the No. 1 on his back. Joking aside, he has let some very stoppable goals go through. But even so, he is easily the fourth man on this list. 



    He's the man for Inter (But so was Toldo a few years ago).


    Transfer Value:

    An offer around €40 million would convince Moratti to have a look at someone else. 

3. Edwin Van Der Sar (Manchester United)

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    Why No.3?

    Like fine wine (and United players this season), van der Sar seems to be getting better with age.  He's always been a fiddling Top 10 and will never ever be No.1, but this season, Edwin is a big part of Man United's success. 



    He's 40. And he's announced to be retiring. So that's that. 


    Transfer Value:

    Whatever you want to pay a coach on your team. 

2. Hugo Lloris (Lyon and France NT)

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    Why No.2?

    Hugo Lloris is on his way to be the top keeper in the world. When he's having a good day, you just won't score. Plain and simple. 



    Lyon likes to sell (it's their company policy), but always at a price. And Lloris would certainly like to land on a top club. 


    Transfer Value:

    Jean-Michel Aulas paid almost €10 million for him a couple seasons from now. So, if you have €30 million euros and change to spare, he might be willing to discuss it further with you. 

1. Iker Casillas (Real Madrid and Spain NT)

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    Why No.1?

    Immensely talented, "San Iker" has won every trophy known to mankind for a reason. He has been top three (if not top one) for at least five years, and at 30 years old, he still has some time to win some more silverware. He's rubbish with his feet, but when you're the best pure keeper on the world, who cares?



    Real Madrid's keeper for at least five more years. Maybe longer.


    Transfer Value:

    Nothing close to €100 million euros or maybe more would make the Merengues let Casillas leave. 

    He'll leave the day he wants to, basically. 

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