Gareth Bale Transfer Rumours: 5 Clubs in the Running to Land the Spurs Winger

Kent SommerContributor IIIMay 18, 2011

Gareth Bale Transfer Rumours: 5 Clubs in the Running to Land the Spurs Winger

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    The end of the playing season and the start summer transfer season is almost upon us.  Rumors will be swirling for transfers for a variety of players. 

    One such player is Gareth Bale.  At only 21 years of age, he is one of the emerging stars in the Premier League. He has had a stellar tenure with Tottenham the past few seasons. 

    Each season he has improved.  At such a young age and with a proven track record of improvement, it seems as though the sky is the limit for Bale. 

    Tottenham, along with the rest of Europe know of Bale's potential and value.  They would surely like to retain him.  Ideally for Spurs fans he will stay and help Tottenham reclaim a spot in the Champions League.

    He is young and may not feel the same urge or desire as an older veteran to leave and play for a Champions League club or club poised to win their league title.

    At the same time though, Tottenham's failure to qualify for the Champions League next season may be the reason that some of these rumors may actually come to pass.  Clubs with more money and revenue may be able to make that offer that Bale and most players would be unable to refuse. 

    Tottenham seems to know that they will be getting enticing offers and have already indicated that Bale can test the waters and they are willing to entertain offers. 

    Here are five of the potential destinations for Bale should he leave White Hart Lane this summer.

Manchester City

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    The most recent rumors are linking Bale with Manchester CityMetro is reporting that City is a likely destination to nab the Spurs winger.

    As everyone knows, City has an owner that not only has plenty of money, but he's also willing to spend it on acquiring players. 

    All of the money spent has finally paid off as City has reached the top four and claimed their spot in the Champions League next season. 

    With a spot in the top four and plenty of money to spare, look for City to make a very enticing bid to Tottenham to acquire Bale. 

Real Madrid

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    The Bale to Madrid rumors have been circulating for a few months. 

    Despite improvements in the Champions League, Madrid still fell short of their lofty expectations of La Liga and Champions League titles each season. 

    Thus, despite finishing second in La Liga and making it to the semifinals in the Champions League, the season was a disappointment and the owners believe the team needs to rebuild. 

    As with all rebuilding processes at Madrid, this one will likely include a couple expensive player purchases.  Bale is a young, high profile player. 

    The prototypical player to be courted by Real.  If Real wants him enough, their ego won't let another club outbid them. 

    The question then is just how much Real wants him and if Bale is their main target this off season.  If he is, then he will be the newest Galactico in Madrid.

AC Milan

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    The Bale to AC Milan rumors were strong a couple weeks ago with Milan's owner Silvio Berlusconi announcing that he wanted to make a big transfer move for Milan this summer. 

    The Guardian speculated that Berlusconi was inferring that he wanted Milan to acquire Bale, or that Bale would be one that would fit that description. 

    Milan is coming off a dominant season in the Serie A.  Unfortunately, their Champions League campaign was short lives as they were eliminated in the Round of 16 by none other than Bale and the Spurs. 

    So while Milan has had an impressive season in Italy, most would probably agree that they need a few more pieces to be legitimate contenders in the Champions League. 

    One of those pieces would likely need to be a player like Bale that has the ability to drastically improve an entire team. 

    Milan has the money and their owner wants to make a splash this summer.  They will likely put their hat in the ring for the Bale sweepstakes. 

    Even if they lose out, expect some sort of big news out of the San Siro this summer—hopefully it's related to football acquisitions and not more escapades by Berlusconi. 

    Either way, at least it's entertaining. 


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    Chelsea was reportedly setting up an offer to Tottenham for both Bale and Rafael Van der Vaart.  Those are rather lofty aspirations by Chelsea. 

    However, like Manchester City, Chelsea has a wealthy owner with a proven track record of willingness to pay incredible sums of money to acquire a player or players he wants (see: Torres, Fernando). 

    Frankly, I'm not sure if there could be anything better this summer than Manchester City and Chelsea having an all out bidding war for Bale. 

    The egos involved with both owners would drive the price incredibly high.  No matter where Bale landed, Tottenham would likely be the winner.  They could charge a premium for Bale and both clubs would pay it if it meant winning the Bale war. 

    Here's to some entertaining summer theatrics and drama between the two owners.

Manchester United

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    It would have been nice to put Arsenal in this spot as they are the club in the top four that could probably use him more than the other three. 

    Plus, Arshavin is probably leaving and they are likely going to lose Fabregas at some point to Barcelona, so they will need some help in the midfield and at striker. 

    But it's highly unlikely that Arsenal would be willing to pay the amount required to get Bale.

    United has shown interest in Bale for quite some time.  However, it may be a long shot for them to acquire him because of City's interest. 

    United definitely have the prestige and are the reigning league champions, but if it came down to a bidding war between the two clubs, City would likely win.

    United definitely have the pieces and bargaining ability to make a legitimate run for Bale.  With their recent success, the question is if they still think they need Bale; and if they do, if he is worth the cost. 

    With City and other potentially high bidders in the mix, I wouldn't be surprised if United focuses their attention elsewhere. 

    But again, this is Manchester United.  I think history has proven that you can never count them out of any competition.